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Question 7


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media coursework

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Question 7

  1. 1. Intro • When I started out creating my prelim task of creating a school magazine cover and contents page. I didn't really know how to use Photoshop at this stage as I had no real experience of using this piece of software. Since then I have come a long way to be able to produce a detailed and well crafted music magazine cover contents page and featured page for my own music magazine.
  2. 2. My first cover • When I first started I had no clue what kind of colour scheme I should use or how to even keep to it this is shown as I used a variety of bright colours which made the magazine look extremely unprofessional and childish. I used a single picture to take up the whole of the page, I did this because before starting my prelim task I had seen many different music and sport magazines that did exactly this. I knew that this was a popular thing to do in the magazine world as it looks stylish and shows exactly what their magazine was about. Unfortunately I was unable to implement there success as I did not know how to do such a thing. I choose the iconic image of school life to be on my front cover. I used splash to make my magazine stand out from the rest with bright and bold colours as the fill colour this did make the magazine stand out but without a good colour scheme to follow this made the magazine look childish and unprofessional
  3. 3. How I improved • I realized that my prelim task was a very poor effort as it had no direction and for the most of the magazine I did not follow forms or conventions to make the magazine look . Neither did I make the magazine look unique as I was a beginner to Photoshop and did not have a firm grasp of things I could do on Photoshop weather it be editing an image or where to put things so I decided to look at other successful magazines such as Q Kerrang and Mojo. I even did I copy of GQs magazine on Chris Evans to allow me to get the hang of Photoshop and the skills needed to produce a classy magazine
  4. 4. My music magazine RnR From this process I have learnt how to add different fonts from the internet that I needed to create my niche rock magazine. This font was a crucial part of my full product as it is all over my work from the title to the cover line’s. I also learnt how to make a professional looking contents page by making the list of artists in one neat column. I did this by using the rulers that Photoshop provides. I kept to a lot of conventions one of the major ones of them was putting a screen shot of the cover page onto the cover page. I felt that this helped my magazine to have a quality feel to it. I have learnt that by following a colour scheme throughout my three pages of my music magazine I am able to give a feel of a quality magazine. A colour scheme also gives a sense of the genre I have chosen
  5. 5. Furthermore • I have learnt how to take great photos that are in perfect focus with different angles and environments in order for it to fit my magazines feel and genre. I have learnt how air brush peoples imperfections on Photoshop I needed this in order to get rid of spots or blemishes and even make the artist appear slimmer getting rid of a double chin on one occasion. This helped to make my music magazine look professional as you would not see a unedited photo on a professional magazine such as Q. To add to this I also learnt how to use strobe lights properly and effectively in order to create professional looking shots as well as making it suit the magazine s style and genre. Particularly here with this shadow effect created by the soft box and angle of the strobe light. I learnt how to create effective splash creating shapes on Photoshop and layering them together with contrasting colours to make it stand out from the rest of the page and attract my audience too the content of the text. Old New
  6. 6. Sum up • I have learnt whilst producing my media product that conventions and forms, by following these conventions you are able to distinguish what kind of magazine you are looking at, it also helps to make the magazine to look professional. • Without following these conventions a music magazine does not look like of a high quality I have learnt this from my prelim task. This is why I choose too follow many conventions for the rock genre I believe with great success by developing these forms and conventions in order to fit my magazine.