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Question 4 5


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media coursework

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Question 4 5

  1. 1. Who are my target audience? For my rock magazine
  2. 2. My target audience Jonny would be the kind of guy to buy my rock magazine. He is 23 and in a relationship he works as a business executive in an international company in surrey. He likes to go to small venues to watch niche and up and coming bands but has also watched many big rock bands like foo fighters at festivals like Glastonbury.
  3. 3. His Favorite Bands/Artists Jonny was brought up listening to bands such as the police due to them being his dads favourite band. His rock hero is Freddy Mercury due to his love for his music. He also listens to: The Beatles, The Who, Queen, Pink Floyd and The Clash. He has recently bought the Coldplay as well as The Guns and Roses album.
  4. 4. How have I attracted them visually By having the artist (Courtney Black) on my front cover looking straight into the camera with her tongue out it appeals to my target audience as it shows straight away that this is a rock magazine this added to by having the hand in a classic rock position carried out throughout the industry and well known for the genre. By having the artist look into the camera it creates the effect of having eye contact with the audience this makes her look full of attitude which many rock fans clearly resonate with being attracted to bands such
  5. 5. To Add To This: I have attracted my target audience by having the names of the artists featuring in my magazine going down the side of the cover this will be seen by people such as Jonny and my target audience and will make them want to read my magazine as it has many big name artist they will like. I have attracted my target audience by having the whole of magazine in a dark colours such as grey, black and red these colours are typically associated with the rock world, unlike bright colours like blue or pink. It also gives it a house style which will give an immediate good impression as it looks professional. People wont buy a tacky looking magazine. I have put a pull quote on the front cover this would attract the reader as it may relate to them and makes the artist seem interesting if not the article I hope this will make my target audience want to read about what Courtney Black (main artist) has to say. And therefore attracting my target audience making them buy the magazine.
  6. 6. I have attracted my target audience further by including a chance to win tickets to a huge rock bands live performance. By putting it in splash it stands out from the rest therefore attracting my target audience further especially if they see such a thing in a store this would make them more tempted to buy my magazine than any others. I have attracted my target audience by having an iconic slogan at the bottom of my magazine. I believe my target audience will like this as the rock genre is all about being crazy and rebellious and by stating we are the biggest magazine they will want to find out why as well as knowing they're going to get a great magazine.
  7. 7. To Add To This 2: The photos chosen on my contents page will attract my target audience with mystery in one an urban environment in another and guitars in another. These are all very iconic for the rock genre and my target audience will love them. I have attracted my target audience by having an editors letter that was creative and out of the ordinary it gave a taste of the style of the magazine and I feel like because it was different many would love it as the rock genre is all about this crazy and weird approach to everything.
  8. 8. Tone I have addressed my target audience in a generally chatty and joking tone for example in the article where I introduced the interview with “If you’ve been living under a rock for the past 5 years and in a cave for the two before that” this would appeal to my target audience more than a formal tone as the majority of rock magazines do such a thing. I think this will make the magazine look cooler and this clearly works as magazines such as Kerrang use an informal tone by talking to you as if you where their mate, they create this affect by apologizing to the band when they say something negative about their music. Kerrang are one of the most successful magazines in the world, by using a similar informal tone in my music magazine I hope to replicate there successes