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Thomas cook

  2. 2. Who are the Thomas Cook group? Thomas Cook Group plc is a British online/offline travel company created on 19 June, 2007 by the merger of Thomas Cook AG and MyTravel Group plc. At flotation on the London Stock Exchange 52% of the shares in the new company were held by the German mail order and department store corporation Arcandor (former owners of Thomas Cook AG) and 48% owned by the shareholders of MyTravel. On 9 June 2009 Arcandor filed for bankruptcy.[3] The merger, which was backed by 99.9% of shareholders, took place through the formation of NewCo which effectively purchased MyTravel and Thomas Cook and was then listed on the London Stock Exchange under the name of Thomas Cook Group plc (LSE: TCG).[4] It is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index. It was announced on 8 October 2010 that Thomas Cook Group was to merge with The Co-operative Travel to create the UKs largest travel network.[5]
  3. 3. Thomas Cook - In the press Travel firm Thomas Cook fights for future Thomas-Cook-fights-future/story-14142626- detail/story.html Thomas Cook Bridge street ‘to close’ business/business- news/thomas_cook_s_bridge_street_branch_to_close_ 1_3342239 Thomas Cook closes shops as losses mount as-cook-close-shops-and-losses-mount/
  4. 4. Summary This report will focus on using common tools, which are placed for SEO for general marketing and competitor analysis. Thomas Cook has been a well known and respected airline over the last few years in Britain. They have served package holidays for many Britons and traditionally working classes.
  5. 5. What happened? No need for package holidays More intelligent marketing from competition Moving with the times / evolution String of ‘unhealthy’ PR events that negatively affected company profile. Talisman stepping down.
  6. 6. What can we do? Build a new space for the brand Get the maximum effect from existing channels Recover positions and affect change on competitors. *Arrest the decline and extent the Product Life Cycle*
  7. 7. How will we do it? Spend no money Using best practices Creativity campaigns PR *M&S recovery*
  8. 8. Who’s done it before? Starbucks  Expanding too quickly in the wrong market. Returning of former CEO to focus on core product and customer affinity. Marks and Spencer  Entering a different market for ‘luxury’ goods. Skoda  Re-initiation under a stable parent company - VW Apple  Combination of Next & Apple as well as new senior staffing to focus on innovation, consumer and aesthetic beauty.
  9. 9. Part 1 - SEO Competitive Rank Domain level metrics Google Insights For Search  Google Insights over the past year  What was important Keywords  Link building Social Media  Listen and respond
  10. 10. 1.1 - Competitive Rank
  11. 11. 1.1.1 – Competitive Rank Companies that have / are taken / taking market share from Thomas Cook holidays.
  12. 12. 1.2 - Domain Level Metrics – Competitors
  13. 13. 1.2.1 Domain Level Metrics – TC Regional
  14. 14. Part 2 – Tertiary Strategies Create extended niche(s) online for ‘last minute’ style branding. Community  Feedback channel for listening and understanding customers. Brand association  Diversify reputation by gaining affiliation with ‘sister’ companies
  15. 15. 2.1 - Outreach Integration with community. Use existing contacts to build brand advocates through intimacy Use existing customer email database  Paid surveys
  16. 16. 2.2 Thomas Cook Network  Examples of niche sites. Mile High Members Club Who’s been to ‘Disney Land’ for example, micro sites  Create an entire niche community from spin off micro sites. Benefits, each network is an adjunct to the brand, creating an extra depth of reach and awareness for the brand.
  17. 17. 2.3 - Example ImageBranded watermarkAll tagged on FacebookVirally sharedTransferable Media
  18. 18. 2.2 – Affiliations Partner with travel websites:  Trip Advisor  Expedia     Hostel World  Holiday Extras  Book Direct Rooms Integrate reviews from above sites Create social experience - Recommendations based on where people have been, what their interests are. Recommend dinners, sites, hotels and so on based on social information collected and collated from above sources.
  19. 19. 3 - Insights for search ‘ Thomas cook’
  20. 20. 3.1 - Google Insights, an explanationBAD PR!Industry influencing factors that could have been avoided.Chief exacutive resigning could have been turned around to‘Thomas Cook employs new, exciting CEO to take company into2012!”
  21. 21. 4 – Keywords - Summary Keyword Competition Global p/m URL1 holiday in majorca 0.87 90500 1 holiday deals in egypt 0.97 27100 1 egypt holiday resorts 0.86 880 1 egyptian holiday resorts 0.83 210 1 holiday to majorca 0.87 90500 2 manos holidays 0.86 9900 2 holiday to ayia napa 0.93 22200 3 holidays to lanzarote 0.94 60500 4 holiday in ayia napa 0.93 22200 4 holidays on the cheap 0.95 2740000 6 Keyword Competition Global p/m URL2 holidays on the cheap 0.95 2740000 6 holidays in greece 0.82 165000 7 holidays of greece 0.82 165000 19 holidays for tenerife 0.77 165000 - holidays at tenerife 0.77 165000 - holidays to greece 0.82 165000 - cheap all in holidays 0.97 135000 25 minute holiday deals 0.96 135000 - holiday in majorca 0.87 90500 1 holiday to majorca 0.87 90500 2
  22. 22. 4.1 – Keyword - Detail Table 1 – Keywords ranked by position in Google UK. Table 2 – Keywords ranked by global search volume.  The closer the number is to ‘1.0’ the harder the keyword is to rank for based on competition.  is ranking P1 for keywords with competition of 0.97.  Ability to rank for other keywords, just shift focus and apply best practices to these terms too.  Subtle on site changes and quality links can produce benefits of up 100,000 more visits p/m within 90 days.
  23. 23. 4.2 – International SEO Shows links to from a survey of 1,000 - International site getting majority of its links from English language speaking sites.URL TLD Subdomain www.spartacus .com www .com www .org www .com www www news .com www English
  24. 24. Social Media – Existing Emergency listen and react. Important channel for Adopt social sharing! media/  Not enough!
  25. 25. Social Media – Recommendations!/zappos  Personal support channel  Listen and respond   Create –  OR –  Remarket – Target users to upload holiday images and tag themselves in for Facebook  Sharing options for social media  Brand each uploaded image with a corner logo of Thomas Cook
  26. 26. Social Media - Listen Listen and react  Radian 6  Brandwatch  Ice Rocket
  27. 27. Conclusion It’s important to get the most out of exiting channels and live by ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ philosophy. Build brand awareness and tailor experiences through social media. Create affiliations with other brands to enhance experience. Shift or expand focus with keywords to win small battles in search results pages.