Formalist film theory presentation


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Formalist film theory presentation

  1. 1. FORMALISTFILMTHEORYBy Thomas McWatters, MelissaLim, Dan Wargo, Gus Camaraza,Rocco Rygiel
  2. 2. ORIGIN This theory says that Film is indeed art and not reproduction of reality. Unlike realist theorists, formalist film theorists believe that the art of cinema is possible precisely because a movie is unlike everyday life…
  3. 3. ORIGIN CONT. Formalist film makers shape and mold the images we see on the screen the way a sculptor shapes and molds clay. Their approach to film emphasizes their ability to create story and emotion through manipulation.
  5. 5. IDEOLOGICAL FORMALISM •Focus on how socio-economic pressures create particular style •How it communicates ideas, emotions, themes Two Examples related to Formalism: •Classical Hollywood cinema •Film Noir
  6. 6. CLASSICAL HOLLYWOOD CINEMA •Distinct style – create closed world on screen •Make experience as pleasant as possible; Audience gets involved
  7. 7. INSTITUTIONAL MODE OF REPRESENTATION•Dominant mode of film construction•Production, production, production!•Audience imaginatively involved in film – identify withwhat’s on camera •3D space created; Presented with clear pieces of info •Characters psychologically developed and distinguished – close-ups, acting •Narrative driven by character psychology•Continuity editing, three-point lighting, “mood” music
  8. 8. FILM NOIRFounded by Nino Frank in 1946Categorized as “Melodramas”Moved toward “Crime” genreShot in Urban EnvironmentsThe main character is “flawed” or “morally questionable”
  9. 9. POPULAR MOVIES1941- The Maltese Falcon1944- Double Indemnity1946- The Big Sleep2000- Memento2005- Sin City
  10. 10. FORMALIST THEORY/AUTEURCreated to redeem the art of film.By arguing that films had authors, films could be considered works of art like  Paintings  Literature  Music
  11. 11. FORMALIST THEORY CONTINUEDThis theory would give the Director the bulk of the credit and not the screenwriter.Directors are now at the same level of importance as novelist, composers & painters.They get recognition for their craft.Film is said to lye somewhere between theatre and literature.