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We wanted to make our environmental conference as green as possible, so we printed this infographic on plantable paper (recycled paper with seeds embedded in it). This single handout could be scanned with a smartphone or tablet to access additional information. Because it was plantable, we saw a very high level of interest in the materials, leaving visitors with a memorable promotional item.

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Plantable Infographics

  1. 1. Installation Management Command Europe Energy Symposium Installation Management Command Europe Energy Symposium Welcome! Access to secure, sustainable energy is vital to any community. Installation Management Command Europe is no different. With our critical mission of supporting senior commanders and providing quality of life for our Servicemembers and their families, energy and environment are a priority. As the Army’s home in Europe, our team has accepted the challenge of creating p g g an energy and environmental portfolio of the future – now. That is why I am pleased you have joined us today as we seek to expand our knowledge of how to best apply creativity, strategy, and technology in attaining sustainable energy practices practices. This IMCOM Europe Energy Symposium is about collaboration. By bringing together experts like you in the public and private sector in discussing renewable and alternative energy, IMCOM Europe seeks to become more informed as an organization. We are reviewing how energy is generated, delivered, and consumed while taking steps to generate renewable power on our installations. Today is about learning from each other how we can best secure a prudent, secure, and sustainable energy approach. i I look forward to hearing your expertise and thank you for joining us in this important discussion. Thank you, Kathleen Y. Marin Director, IMCOM-Europe 100% junk free This conference is a junk-free zone. We’ve made all of the IMCOM-E promotional materials electronic and placed schedules, info sheets, and more online and on screens here in the venue. If you have an internet-enabled device, you can access our materials below. It’s on the web Virtual Packet Event schedule,IMCOM-E energy initiatives, and much more (pdf) Or click Or click http://bit ly/RKUWYL ASA(IE&E) Bio Read Hon. Ms. Katherine Hammack’s biography and more Or click Or click http://bit ly/Sn3Ke0 IMCOM-E RD Bio Read Region Director Kathleen Marin’s biography and more Or click Or click http://bit ly/NOto9E Plant me Like a good idea, this recycled paper turns into something amazing. Plant it and watch it grow! #IMCOMEGREEN On Twitter
  2. 2. How we use energy District Heat 47% Electricity 31.6% By the numbers $8.7M 2011 investment in solar energy 106 Propane 0.4% Fuel Oil 9.8% New energy efficient homes built in Ansbach Natural Gas 11.2% 5 5,263,221 kWh consumed  each day in IMCOM‐E.  h d i IMCOM E Roughly enough for 5  Yankee Stadiums.  26,155 KW Sustainable energy credits purchased from host nation 988 KW Produced on IMCOM-E IMCOM E property = 1,000 barrels 605,000 Barrels of oil equivalent saved since 2003: More than enough to fill a Panamax tanker 32 43,888 barrels of oil equivalent saved in FY11 over previous year. Enough to fill up 32 747 jumbo jets 43,888 barrels