2010 Portfolio


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A 2010 glimpse at my portfolio using social media in public service.

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2010 Portfolio

  1. 1. Dan ThompsonPortfolio 2010
  2. 2. Boston, Massachusetts 2010-2011Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) (left) with Dan Thompsonat the Russell Senate Building in Washington, D.C. in May2010 during a Sigma Iota Rho meeting.Dan Thompson, of Charleston, South Carolina, isthe chief of public affairs for U.S. Army GarrisonYongsan in Seoul, South Korea. He has more than12 years of award-winning overseas federal Fort Meade, Marylandservice experience marked by efficiency and 2010increased productivity. He is relationship-focusedand believes strongly in mentorship. He holds aBachelors of Arts in International Relations withhonors and is completing a Master of Arts inInternational Relations at the Fletcher School ofLaw and Diplomacy. He has traveled and served inmore than 25 countries and enjoys hiking, biking,sailing, flying and volunteering. He is married andspeaks fluent German. College Park, Maryland 2010 London, England Fellow (2009-present) Charles Town, West Virginia 2006-2009 Manassas, Virginia President (2009-present) Yongsan, South Korea Hamburg, Germany Community Events Coordinator 2007 (2009-present) Many additional education details available in resume
  3. 3. Wiesbaden, Germany 2009  For coordinating the 60th Anniversary of the Berlin Airlift Celebration and creating a major media research project 3rd Place  Innovation in Social Media Hanau, Germany 2006  For radically changing the garrison’s print media and 1st Place  Innovation in Social Media shifting to electronic media at a significant costs savings 3rd Place  Feature Story 1st Place  Innovation in Social Media Friedberg, Germany 1st Place  Print News Article 2001-2004  For excellence in combat and peacetime service 1st Place  Print News Feature as an M1A1 armor crewman, 1st Place  Stand Alone Photo operations specialist and UAV pilot Led USAG Yongsan journalists to nearly sweep awards in 2009. Friedberg, Germany 1998-2003  For excellence in operations management and service as a combat arms Soldier and German interpreter Baghdad, Kut, Najaf 2003-2004  For more than 14 1st Place  Place uninterrupted months of combat service with 2nd ACR and 1st 2nd Place  Place Armored Division 3rd Place  Place 2nd Place  Place B&W 3rd Place  Place B&WOther honors include many certificates ofachievement, the Combat Order of the Spur, Combat Multiple other honorable mention awardsAction Badge, and lesser ribbons related to service.
  4. 4. To view a selection of media created by Dan Thompson, please click the text (best viewed in Internet Explorer, not Firefox) Seoul, South Korea Seoul, South Korea 2009  Brought attention abandoned 2009  A series seeking to raise Servicemember graves, which awareness of the natural environment created surge in community support Seoul, South Korea Seoul, South Korea 2010  Highlighted the use of social 2010  Highlighted growing interest in media in the Yongsan Garrison for Yongsan’s award-winning new media emergency messaging Hanau, Germany Panmunjom, South Korea 2006  A story where I explore my 2009  A story covering a memorial own post-deployment challenges ceremony for the victims of the 1976 after returning from Iraq axe murders of two Army officers Seoul, South Korea Worldwide 2009  A motivational video 2007-2010  A small selection of produced for the Garrison photos taken from around the world Click here to see Yongsan Social Video efforts *Focus is on brief, low-budget videos with quick turnaround Panmunjom, South Korea and low cost. This has been a successful approach. More 2009  Small sample of DMZ photos videos are available upon request (produced for families of with North Korea fallen Soldiers and not publically releasable). Seoul, South Korea 2009  A photo montage of Soldiers caring for abandoned veterans graves Seoul, South Korea 2010  A photo montage of students with distinguished visitorsAward-winning Click text to access the speech
  5. 5. A selection of works either published or collaborated on by Dan Thompson Seoul, South Korea (2010) Examines how USAG Yongsan is leveraging New Media with outstanding results Wiesbaden, Germany (2009) One of the U.S. Army’s most comprehensive QOL studies at the time of publication that led to tangible changes in Garrison operations. Iraq (2005) War diary written in Iraq and later published as a 530-page book. Sold out in 2006 both online and at a German retailer (956.704 Tho). The book will be released on Amazon.com in 2011. Baghdad, Iraq (2010) Contributed film and research (noted in the credits) which was featured in the new documentary about slain UN Baghdad Chief Sergio de Mello. The film was highlighted at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival and recently featured on HBO in July 2010. Baghdad, Iraq (2007) Iraq war video journal was incorporated into the Normandy Films production and broadcast nationwide in the U.S. in December 2007 on The History Channel (AAE-108240).Award-winning
  6. 6. Created one of the most successful Facebook operations in IMCOM worldwide with more than 5,350 fans and growing. Won 1st place in Social Media in IMCOM in 2010. Created a custom Facebook app for G20 and on the official Garrison Yongsan website 2010Created FMWR’s first Web 2.0 site, which was highlighted by FMWR as a best practice 2008 Website for book that was used by film directors for research and authors. 2005-2010 Seoul, South KoreaAward-winning 2010
  7. 7. Seoul, South Korea 2010 Wiesbaden, Germany 2008 Wiesbaden, Germany 2009Wiesbaden, Germany 2008