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Dante workshop ljubljana_9_best_practise_bohinj_park_hotel


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Dante workshop ljubljana_9_best_practise_bohinj_park_hotel

  1. 1. 2864  Bohinj  ECO  Resort   Bringing  sustainable  development   to  the  mountain  area  of  Bohinj     Anže  Čokl  director  
  2. 2.  
  3. 3.  
  4. 4. What  would  a  closer  look  at  our  society  reveal?  
  5. 5. Society  based  on  Oil  
  6. 6. Society  based  on  Oil  World  popula*on  growth   Oil  consump*on   Source:    
  7. 7. Why  is  energy  efficiency  so  important?  Peak  oil  is  the  point  in  Ime  when  the  maximum  rate  of  global  petroleum  extracIon  is  reached,  aLer  which  the  rate  of  producIon  enters  terminal  decline.   Source:    
  8. 8. Where  to  start?   •  If  we  are  to  conserve   the  planet  as  we  know   it,  and  with  the  current   world  populaIon,  we   need  to  reduce  CO2   emissions  by  a  factor  5.   •  Change  of  mindset  –   values!   •  Resource-­‐based   economy  (The  Venus   Project)  
  9. 9.  Las  Vegas  in  1906   Bohinj  in  1906  
  10. 10.  Las  Vegas  in  2004   Bohinj  in  2004  
  11. 11. Public  and  professional  recogniIon   VALUE FOR MONEY AWARDS WINNER 2012 BEST-VALUE NON-UK SPA
  12. 12. What  you  do  is  who  you  are!  How  I  developed  my  personal  values.   Washing the salad Rinsing the dishes Personal Hygiene Boat Washing
  13. 13. Why  ECO  Hotel?   Higher   Energy  investment   efficiency   costs   Energy  saving   building   Expensive   equipment   Energy  saving   systems   Complex   project   Energy  saving   personnel  
  14. 14. Why  ECO  Hotel?   Ecology   Less  impact  on  nature   People  prefer   €   “green”  Consumer   Lower   Lower  preference   expenses   expenses  
  15. 15. Our  energy  sources   Water   Cogenera*on   well   Heat   Potable   Aquapark   pumps   water  HeaIng   Cooling   Electric   HeaIng   energy   energy  Flushing   Swimming   Heat  pumps   Grid  export   pools   Sewer  
  16. 16. LED  lightning  
  17. 17. Building   Bulb  type   Bulb  count  &  power   Consump*on  p.a.  ECO  Hotel   LED   100  at  2W   1.752  kWh/year  Standard  Hotel   Halogen   100  at  50W   43.800  kWh/year  LED  lightning  figures  
  18. 18. Heat  Pumps  
  19. 19. Befer  efficiency  due  to  less  transfers  
  20. 20. Less  impact  on  nature   Lower  heat   Lower  gas   energy   emissions   consupIon  Lower  electric   Lower  water   energy   consumpIon  consumpIon   Less   impact   on  nature  
  21. 21. Expenses   Money  saved  due   to  energy  savings  50%   Wages   Energy   36%   Other   14%   Expenses  
  22. 22. The  5R  Principles   ReduceReplace Recover 5R Recycle Reuse
  23. 23. Is  ECO  a  decisive  factor?   Before  arrival   Check-­‐out   5%   15%   20%   50%   80%   30%  No  interest,  not  decisive   People  dont  noIce  Interested,  not  decisive   People  find  it  interesIng  Interested,  decisive   Thrilled,  want  to  know  more  
  24. 24. ECO  labeling   TargeIng  Branding   DisIncIveness   1st  ECO   Hotel  in   Slovenia  
  25. 25. ECO  labeling  Most  commonly  ECO  labeled   Labels  Source:  
  26. 26. Green  Globe   •  As  a  Green  Globe  Member   you  enjoy  high  visibility  in   the  market  and   demonstrate  a  commitment   to  the  environment,   sustainable  operaIons  and   management.     •  The  Green  Globe   Membership  will  guide  you   along  the  direct  path  to   befer  environmental   performance  and  improved   Corporate  Social   Responsibility  
  27. 27. CerIficaIon  Categories  •  Air  Quality  •  Cleaning  •  CommunicaIon  •  Community  •  Corporate  Social  Responsibility  •  ConservaIon  •  Cultural  •  EducaIon  •  Emissions  •  Energy  •  Facility  •  Hazard  •  Policy  •  Purchasing  •  Recycle  •  Reduce  •  Reuse  •  Waste  •  Water    
  28. 28. Our  sustainability  acIons   Charity,   donaIon   (sports,  clubs,   schools,   events)   EducaIon     Green   transport     e.g.:  public   (EV,  Train,   presentaIon Bus)   s  lectures   workshops   Seasonal   PromoIng   fruits,  Fair-­‐ natural   Trade,  local   heritage  (TNP)   employees   SupporIng   local   community   (free  visits  for   locals)  
  29. 29. Our  ECO  mascot  •   water  as  a  natural  source  •   water  for  health  •   water  as  Lake  Bohinj  •   water  we  use  for  energy  purposes  •   water  drop  as  natural  form  always  unique  
  30. 30. 2864  Bohinj   RenovaIon  of   Winter   cultural  and   Bike  Park  historical  heritage   Summer   Sledding   Snow  Park  
  31. 31. Bike  park  2864  
  32. 32. •  A  part  of  the  infamous  Italian  alpine  forIficaIon  wall   •  A  hut  where  history  joins  future  
  33. 33. •  85  %    Autonomous  Building  
  34. 34. Connected   Biggest  Sustainable   Ski  Resort   2864  Bohinj   Technologically   Advanced   Panoramic  
  35. 35. Anže  Čokl  THANK  YOU