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Chapter 8 elements of a good report


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Chapter 8 elements of a good report

  1. 1. ME3101 / ME3102Mechanical Systems DesignChapter 8Elements of a Good Report
  2. 2. Elements of a Good Report A good report have to be: •Readable •Clearly organized in a logical manner •Sequential •Formal
  3. 3. Elements of a Good ReportA general outline for contents shouldinclude the following:•Title Page•Table of Contents•Introduction•Outline of design requirements•Objectives•Identification of constraints/Considerations•Proposed designs•Final selected design•Possible improvements?•Conclusion
  4. 4. Outline of Design RequirementsThe outline of design requirements shouldaccomplish:•The performance standards required of thenew product•Or the problems related with the existingproduct that requires improvement•Rough outline of its physical dimensionsand applications
  5. 5. Outline of Design Requirements The objectives of the project should be: •Specific •Measurable •Attainable •Realistic •TimelyFor example:•The product will be able to accelerate to a speed of 10m/s within 1m•The product is designed to withstand stresses up to 50MPa•The product will be easily assembled/dissembled
  6. 6. Identification of Constraints/Considerations Other than technical specifications, take into consideration the following: •Ergonomics •Aesthetics •Cost limitations? •Environment of product application •Lifespan of product/Reliability •End user ability to operate
  7. 7. Proposed DesignsInclude the variations of designs you have come up with, to illustrate yourteam’s design process.Making comparisons between the different designs, explain on how youhave arrived at your final design and why is it best for its application?
  8. 8. Final DesignThe final product design should be well described in the report,containing details such as:•Mechanical Properties•Thermal Properties•Electrical Properties•Costs•Raw Materials Required•Etc.
  9. 9. Final DesignAlso, include a detaileddrawing of the productfrom different viewswithin the report.This is meant to help youcommunicate yourproduct design to thereader.
  10. 10. CitationsA formal mode of citation is required ifinformation is obtained from 3rd partysources.For example:…arcing is caused by the electrical breakdownof the air when its dielectric strength isexceeded (breakdown voltage of air is26kV/cm at 1 atm) [25].Under References..[25] M. A. Laughton & D. F.Warne (2003),Electrical engineers reference book, Newnes,Chap. 7.3
  11. 11. CitationsAnother example..[3] Jones, J., 2000, Contact Mechanics,Cambridge University Press, Cambridge,UK, Chap. 6.