Chapter 2 what makes a good team


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Chapter 2 what makes a good team

  1. 1. ME3101 / ME3102Mechanical Systems DesignChapter 2What makes a good team
  2. 2. What is a team?team/tēm/Noun: A group of coming togetherto accomplish somethingVerb: Come together as a team toachieve a common goal: "heteamed up with the band".Synonyms:squad - gang - group -crew - party - brigade
  3. 3. Benefits of teamworkGood teamwork requirescontribution from eachteam member and goodcommunications betweenteam members.When that happens,teamwork offers an entiresuite of benefits to the team
  4. 4. Benefits of teamwork1. More hands on deck: Most projects probably aren’t single dimensional. Having more people in a group accomplishes many things. • Firstly, many things can be done at the same time with proper allocation within the group! • Secondly, having people from different backgrounds brings to the team many viewpoints and opinions
  5. 5. 2. Support: Benefits of teamwork People, are ultimately social creatures. Thus, one of the best aspects of teamwork is that when people come together in a common objective and work together, they form bonds with each other and in turn, lends support to each other. This impacts, and motivates every individual to put in their best foot forward and contribute to the team, eventually leading to success!!
  6. 6. Benefits of teamwork 3. Making better decisions Another of the benefits of teams and good teamwork is that it ultimately results in better decision making. With more people on the same project, more ground can be covered, thus the team would be able to watch out for loopholes in their ideas and patch it up. Also, the more diverse the backgrounds of the members are, the better the team would be to able to offer differing viewpoints and cater to a larger crowd.
  7. 7. How to make a team work?
  8. 8. How to make a team work?The 11C’s of team work:•Clear Expectations: The expectations of each member should be stated beforeany work has begun. For example, does everyone agree to respond to any messageswithin 24hrs? Is it agreed that everyone should make an effort to be early for everymeeting?•Context: Members should understand why they came together to do this project.Ultimately, this project is an academic module and all should understand that theamount of effort you put in affects the team•Commitment: Is everyone committed to the team? Does everyone have thesame vision of the end result? Teams should find ways to encourage every teammember to commit to the project ideals. Motivate them!•Competence: A good team is comprised of people from diverse backgrounds,with the appropriate skill-sets and knowledge required to accomplish aims of theproject. If not, the team has to obtain access to the required resources.
  9. 9. How to make a team work?The 11C’s of team work, continued:•Charter: The team agrees on the vision and project and the strategy to reachit, deciding on the rules of engagement with each other. This is thencommunicated to every member.•Control: Are teammates empowered to make decisions and able to contributeeffectively to the project? Is there an authority figure in the team? Every teamhas its own culture, it would be best to be a working one!•Collaboration: Is there a group process that everyone adheres to? Is everyoneworking together cohesively? The team project relies heavily on effectivecommunications in between team members, make sure everyone gets along,•Communication: Is there a common platform of communicationsestablished? This establishes a tool whereby ideas can be communicated andfeedback to be delivered
  10. 10. OverviewGood teamwork isn’t hard. Just follow these few guidelines.