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Chapter 0 introduction

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Chapter 0 introduction

  1. 1. ME3101 / ME3102Mechanical Systems DesignIntroduction
  2. 2. What is ME3101/ME3102?
  3. 3. What is ME3101/ME3102?• A group based project that is focused on the design of a complete mechanical design project, with emphasis on the design process, analysis and drawings.• Other elements such as market survey etc. might be incorporated to simulate a real industry design environment. Students are required to submit a report, drawings and perform a presentation at the end of the course.
  4. 4. Why ME 3101 / ME3102?
  5. 5. Why ME 3101 / ME3102?• Hands on experience for students to be involved in real industry tied projects• Experience the process of a design project from initial conception to product prototyping• Good chance for students to establish connections with future industry contacts ▫ Past students who have performed well in this project obtained good testimonials from industry partners and some even secured internships/contacts!
  6. 6. What skills do I need to tap on?
  7. 7. What skills do I need to tap on? • In depth understanding of the process in product development • Additional knowledge in fields such as manufacturing and assemblies • Knowledge of what makes a good product
  8. 8. What skills do I need to tap on?• Soft skills such as ▫ Teamwork ▫ Communication skills ▫ Conflict Resolution Techniques• Report writing skills• Presentation skills
  9. 9. Starting to worry?
  10. 10. Fret not!• The website is there to provide you with essential module information• A course pack has been prepared to arm you with the basic knowledge to get you started!
  11. 11. Course-pack information• Chapter 1: ▫ 6 Step Design Process• Chapter 2: ▫ What makes a good team?• Chapter 3: ▫ Practice good communication• Chapter 4: ▫ Conflict Resolution Techniques• Chapter 5: ▫ Basic design for manufacturing• Chapter 6: ▫ Basic design for assembly• Chapter 7: ▫ Presentation Skills• Chapter 8: ▫ Elements of a good report

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