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Dscs clinical trial services flyer


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Dscs clinical trial services flyer

Published in: Healthcare
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Dscs clinical trial services flyer

  1. 1. Services provided by DSCS Help sites acquire studies Monthly (often weekly) QA onsite/remote monitoring by a DSCS CRA Intralinks VIA access/Virtual workspace and HIPAA compliant cloud storage Complete feasibility questionnaires Negotiate budget and contracts Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) Complete source documents Staff training (GCP, NIH, IATA) Locate Principal and Sub Investigators Initial SOPs and continued development Unlimited phone consultations with your own private, dedicated consultant Buyer’s initials ________
  2. 2. To whom it may concern: DSCS Sweat Equity & Investments (“DSCS”) is a pharmaceutical marketing firm which has relationships with some of the largest, most reputable pharmaceutical companies in the industry. DSCS principals have over 25 years of experience in the clinical trials space, originally getting their start with startup clinical research sites, and continue to own and operate them to this day. DSCS’s mission is to market each respective physician/site to the pharmaceutical companies for trials that match its therapeutic area and patient population. Because of its relationships in the space, DSCS is able to negotiate top dollar for each trial and provides this service to each of our site clients, at no additional cost! Please note that not all sites will qualify for all trials, so DSCS will provide a brief survey, when you initially sign up as a client, which will help determine information regarding physician site demographics and most importantly its patient population. Based upon that information DSCS is able to match each site with applicable trials. Highlights include: • 25+ years of Management Team Experience • Average of $1200.00+ revenue per patient, per visit • Creates new patient pull-through • No hidden costs or fees: $1,000/month flat fee (no contract required!) • DSCS helps Site with all regulatory and operating documents • Site remains payee for the contract and budget, DSCS merely assists in the process (we are not study brokers) Upon review of the DSCS materials, please let us know when you can get on a brief introductory call to discuss further. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you. Regards, DSCS Sweat Equity & Investments
  3. 3. Clinical Trial Process Flow 1) Welcome Letter: Upon receipt of first monthly $1,000 payment from Site, DSCS will provide Site with a Welcome Letter to explain the onboarding process including GCP training links, IATA training links, equipment and office layout recommendations, SOP assistance and more. 2) Initial Site Survey: DSCS will provide Site/Client or call Site to obtain initial site information such as PI name, CV, address, site demographics, key staff, etc. DSCS will complete Site feasibility surveys at no additional cost to Site. If Site prefers to handle surveys themselves, DSCS will be available for guidance throughout the process. 3) Weekly Follow Up: DSCS will begin applying for studies for Site on a continuous basis when appropriate. DSCS will provide Site with weekly follow up as to how many inquiries were sent out, as well as how many feasibility surveys were completed. 4) Site Selection Visit: 1 week prior to scheduled SSV, Site is encouraged to contact DSCS for guidance in regards to how to handle the SSV. 5) Contract and Budget Negotiation: Once Site has been selected for study, DSCS will negotiate contract and budget for Site to the best of our ability utilizing our proven and refined strategy. Site is welcome to learn the negotiation process, or simply delegate it completely to DSCS. Site remain the payee in either case as we are not a study broker. 6) Startup Regulatory: DSCS will assist Site in how to complete the startup regulatory packet for their specific studies. 7) Source Document Creation: Creating source documents is a time consuming task for even the most experienced Sites. At no additional cost, DSCS will assist Site in creating source documents for any study they obtain, whether through our business development initiatives or not. 8) Repetition: DSCS continuously reaches out to Sponsors and CRO's on your behalf in hopes of obtaining new studies. This is a habit that should not be neglected.