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SAP - Public Sector - Overview


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SAP Public Sector

Designed to help all levels of government maximize public value, SAP for Public Sector solutions enable governments to optimize limited resources in public administration while delivering responsive front-office services. Our solutions support business processes across a wide range of government functions, from accounting and procurement to case management and social services.

SAP solutions help governments leverage their finite time, money, and personnel resources to fulfill mandated program and service requirements on a timely basis. Where two or more agencies share responsibility for a common outcome, these solutions can integrate information, processes, and technology to support the active collaboration that delivers financial returns, as well as social and political results, to internal and external government stakeholders.

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SAP - Public Sector - Overview

  1. 1. SAP Public Sector – PortfolioDesigned to help all levels of government maximize public value, SAP for Public Sectorsolutions enable governments to optimize limited resources in public administration whiledelivering responsive front-office services. Our solutions support business processes across awide range of government functions, from accounting and procurement to case management andsocial services.SAP solutions help governments leverage their finite time, money, and personnel resources tofulfill mandated program and service requirements on a timely basis. Where two or moreagencies share responsibility for a common outcome, these solutions can integrate information,processes, and technology to support the active collaboration that delivers financial returns, aswell as social and political results, to internal and external government stakeholders.SAP Public Sector – Business ProcessesSAP Solutions Support The Following Key Public Sector Business Processes  Shared Services  Human Capital Management  Government Procurement  Public Sector Accounting  Social Services  Social Security  Government Programs  Tax and Revenue Management  Public Security  Organizational Management  Organizational SupportSAP Public Sector - Solutions- SAP Business Suite- SAP Customer Relationship Management Software- SAP ERP Software- SAP Product Lifecycle Management- SAP Supply Chain Management- SAP Supplier Relationship Management ☛1-866-609-1066 ☛ SAP Public Sector ☛
  2. 2. SAP Public Sector - Business Processes - Social Services and Social SecurityProduct OverviewSAP for Public SectorThe Business Process of Social Services and Social SecurityWith SAP for Public Sector solutions, you can perform a variety of processes to effectivelydeliver social services, including:  Case management – SAP solutions enable you to apply common processes and functions through all service offerings, from inception to completion, to ensure that each service offering meets clients needs and conforms to policies.  Financial management – With SAP for Public Sector, you can receive relevant, reliable, and timely financial information that allows you to deliver cost-effective social services by monitoring expenditures and operations. Your organization can strengthen internal controls by instituting business rules, data standards, and accounting policies for liability calculations, collections, payment instructions, allocations, and reconciliations.  Administration management – SAP solutions can help you manage and monitor operations, develop the workforce, and track performance, as well as eliminate redundant processes and technologies, ensure customer privacy, increase data and system security, and reduce operating costs.  Outreach – With SAP for Public Sector, you can identify, contact, and communicate with clients to raise awareness of your organization and its services, programs, and products.  Relationship management – With SAP for Public Sector, you can capture new information and validate and reuse existing information to make informed decisions about the best way to meet the needs of clients and service providers. You can match service offerings to client needs and then process the appropriate offering, either internally or externally.  Strengthen Internal Controls  Reduce Social Service Costs  More Effective Monitoring of Expenditures  More Effective Monitoring of Operations  Strengthened Internal Controls  More Effective Management of Operations  Eliminate Redundant Processes  Eliminate Redundant Technologies  Increase Data and System Security ☛1-866-609-1066 ☛ SAP Public Sector ☛
  3. 3. SAP Public Sector - Business Processes - Government ProgramsProduct OverviewSAP for Public SectorThe Business Process of Government ProgramsSAP for Public Sector supports processes for the delivery of programs and services, including:  Constituent services – SAP for Public Sector enables you to increase efficiency and make processes more transparent to meet the expectations of all constituents. With support for service delivery, you can interact with citizens through multiple channels, including telephone, mail, fax, and the Internet. The solutions also support self-service registration that allows citizens to access online services. Plus, you can provide billing functionality that allows constituents to access online presentment and payment capabilities, periodic billing, and automatic reminders for renewals.  Grants management (grantor) – With SAP for Public Sector solutions, you can support the design and execution of programs that provide financial assistance to individuals or organizations. ☛1-866-609-1066 ☛ SAP Public Sector ☛
  4. 4. SAP Public Sector - Business Processes - Human Capital ManagementProduct OverviewSAP for Public SectorThe Business Process of Human Capital ManagementSAP for Public Sector helps governments meet the demands of todays knowledge-basedeconomy by maximizing the potential and productivity of employees and by aligning employeeprocesses and information with overall priorities and strategies.SAP for Public Sector supports processes for human capital management, including:Employee resource management – With SAP for Public Sector, you can deploy the rightpeople to strategic initiatives quickly and efficiently. Employees can build relationships andmanage collaborative processes. Plus, you can support workers throughout the employee lifecycle, streamline HR processes, make workforce-related decisions quickly using real-timeinformation, and align strategies with team and individual goals.Position plan management – SAP solutions allow you to conduct the full range of employeemanagement tasks using HR budgeting rules, including those governing budgeting,reclassification, and assignments. You can manage organizational and budget structuresseparately, simplifying the task of creating position plans and schedules that are attached to abudget.Human capital management is enabled with SAP applications such as SAP ERP and SAPCustomer Relationship Management (SAP CRM). To find out how these applications can helpyou improve your human capital management, please contact one of the SAP Public SectorSpecialists listed on this company page.  Maximizing Employee Potential  Maximizing Employee Productivity  Aligning Employee Processes  Aligning Overall Priorities & Strategies  Effectively Execute Strategic Initiatives  Simplify Task Planning & Scheduling ☛1-866-609-1066 ☛ SAP Public Sector ☛
  5. 5. SAP SUPPLIER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENTProduct OverviewSOFTWARE FOR FULLY INTEGRATED SOURCE-TO-PAYMany businesses are seeking to increase bottom-line cost savings delivered by sourcing andprocurement functions. By focusing on procurement operations as profit centers, forward-looking companies are strengthening supplier relationships and making procurement a morestrategic partner in the organization.The SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM) application automates, simplifies, andaccelerates procure-to-pay processes for goods and services. With SAP SRM, you can reduceprocurement costs, build collaborative supplier relationships, better manage supply bases, andimprove your bottom line with innovative offerings and a faster time to market.Part of the SAP Business Suite family of business applications, SAP SRM delivers an integratedoffering for automating goods and services procure-to-pay processes and extending the valuedelivered by SAP Business Suite. To see exactly how SAP SRM can add value to your company,view the SAP Business Maps.Procurement Business Process OutsourcingMore and more, organizations opting for business process outsourcing (BPO) are turning toproviders whose services are powered by SAP applications. Learn how you can generatesustainable business value and dramatically lower costs and BPO risk with BPO-specific processsolutions.  Generate Sustainable Business Value  Strengthen Supplier Relationships  Accelerate Procure-to-Pay Processes  Increase Bottom-Line Cost Savings  Make Procurement a More Strategic Partner  Reduce Procurement Costs  Better Manage Supply Bases ☛1-866-609-1066 ☛ SAP Public Sector ☛
  6. 6. SAP - Organization Management and SupportProduct OverviewSAP for Public SectorThe Business Process of Organization Management and SupportSAP for Public Sector supports all core activities in analytics, financials, human capitalmanagement, and corporate services, including:  Analytics – SAP for Public Sector enables you to evaluate your performance and analyze operations, workforce, and financials.  Financials – With SAP for Public Sector, you can gain deeper financial insight and tighten control of your finances while automating financial and management accounting and financial supply chain management.  Corporate services – SAP solutions allow you to optimize both centralized and decentralized services for managing real estate; environment, health, and safety; and travel management.  Operations support – With SAP for Public Sector, you can monitor the delivery of services by managing all required data throughout the entire services delivery life cycle. You can manage physical assets and vehicle fleets to provide optimal availability and compliance with maintenance programs.  Effective Evaluation & Analysis of Operations  Effective Evaluation & Analysis of Workforce  Effective Evaluation & Analysis of Financials  Deeper Financial Insight  Tightened Control of Finances  Automated Financial Accounting  Automated Management Accounting  Automated Supply Chain Management  Manage Vehicle Fleets  Monitoring Delivery of Services ☛1-866-609-1066 ☛ SAP Public Sector ☛
  7. 7. ERP Software from SRPProduct OverviewA FOUNDATION TO EXECUTE YOUR BUSINESS STRATEGYRUN BETTER Using SAP ERPCenterpoint Energy, electricity and natural gas distributor in the southern United States,transformed operations, improved financial controls, and met customer needs using SAP ERP.A sound foundation is necessary to compete and win in the global marketplace. The SAP ERPapplication supports the essential functions of your business processes and operations efficientlyand are tailored to specific needs of your industry.SAP ERP, an application included in SAP Business Suite software, delivers these solutions:  SAP ERP Financials  SAP ERP Human Capital Management  SAP ERP Operations  SAP ERP Corporate ServicesFor current customers, SAP enhancement packages now offer you the benefit of improving andextending your SAP ERP software without the cost of major upgrades. For example, you canleverage SAP Master Data Governance – delivered via an SAP enhancement package – to helpgovern financial master data used in consolidation and operational chart of accounts.  Improved Business Processes  Increased Operational Efficiency  Scalable  More Effectively Manage Risk  Improved Confidence In Financial Reporting  Develop Business Plans + Track Performance  Streamline & Integrate Workforce Processes  Improved Internal Content Delivery  Optimize Supply Chain Efficiency ☛1-866-609-1066 ☛ SAP Public Sector ☛
  8. 8. SAP PRODUCT LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT (PLM)Product OverviewSOFTWARE THAT PROVIDES THE SINGLE SOURCE OF TRUTH FOR ALLPRODUCT-RELATED INFORMATIONTo survive in an ever-changing global environment, creating and delivering innovative andmarket differentiating products and services is what distinguishes your company from thecompetition. The SAP Product Lifecycle Management (SAP PLM) application provides you witha 360-degree-support for all product-related processes - from the first product idea, throughmanufacturing to product service. With our PLM software, you can:  Create and deliver innovative products that fulfill or create market demand  Optimize your product developing processes and systems to speed products to market ensuring compliance to industry, quality and regulatory standards  Become more agile than your competitors and able to react and take advantage of market and competitive opportunities across your business networksSAP PLM is part of the SAP Business Suite, which gives organizations the unique ability toperform their essential business processes with modular software that is designed to work withother SAP and non-SAP software. Organizations and departments in all sectors can deploy SAPBusiness Suite software to address specific business challenges on their own timelines andwithout costly upgrades.  Increased Market Opportunities  Reduced Time To Market / Profits  Improved Innovation  Optimize Product Development Processes  Ensure Regulatory Compliance  Become More Agile ☛1-866-609-1066 ☛ SAP Public Sector ☛
  9. 9. SAP Public Sector - Business Processes for Government ProcurementProduct OverviewSAP for Public SectorWith SAP for Public Sector, organizations can support a wide variety of public sectorprocurement practices, from simple requisitions to complex acquisition processes, whileleveraging standard functionality related to procurement catalogs and automated sourcing.SAP for Public Sector supports both ad hoc and strategic procurement processes, including:  Public tendering – With SAP for Public Sector, you can procure and contract for goods and services through an efficient and compliant bidding process, so you can reduce paperwork, improve regulatory and electronic communications compliance, increase the efficiency of the acquisition process, and reduce operating costs.  Contract management and administration – With SAP solutions, you can manage the entire contract management process – from negotiating contracts, reaching an agreement on terms and conditions in compliance with regulations and statutes, centrally managing and updating contracts, and making the final version available to operational purchasers.  Operational procurement – SAP solutions enable you to manage complex, highly- regulated solicitation processes that comply with legal requirements. With advanced automated sourcing, you can create legally compliant documents within a secure infrastructure that integrates records management and procurement processes to fulfill audit requirements.Government procurement is enabled with SAP applications such as SAP ERP, SAP SupplierRelationship Management (SAP SRM), and the SAP Procurement for Public Sector package. Tofind out how these applications can help you improve your government procurement, pleasecontact one of our SAP Public Sector Specialists listed on this company page.  Reduce Paperwork  Improve Regulatory Compliance  Improve Electronic Communication Compliance  Increase Efficiency of Acquisition Process  Reduce Operating Costs ☛1-866-609-1066 ☛ SAP Public Sector ☛
  10. 10. SAP Business SuiteProduct OverviewMORE insight and action in every area of your enterprise The challenges you face today are significant and expansive. In every area of your enterpriseyou seek opportunities to lower costs, improve efficiency, and gain a competitive advantage.Leaders in all industries succeed in addressing these priorities simultaneously.With the proper enterprise software in place, your ability to compete in todays businessenvironment improves significantly. SAP Business Suite software enables you to achieve processexcellence across all lines of business of your enterprise. You can coordinate the benefits of SAPsoftware around groups of processes or value scenarios. These value scenarios are provenbusiness practices and end-to-end processes focusing on strategic outcomes – co-innovated withour customers – to develop the best-run businesses of the world.SAP Business Suite is more flexible, cost-effective, and focused on your business outcomes thanalternative solutions on the market. You can implement SAP solutions in a modular fashion,focusing only on what you need. As your business needs evolve, you can manage futureimprovements to the software without expensive upgrades – reducing costs and accelerating yourability to take action and execute strategy.  Lower Costs  Improve Efficiency  Competitive Advantage  Achieve Process Excellence  End-To-End Process Improvement  Flexible  Cost Effective  Accelerated Strategy Execution ☛1-866-609-1066 ☛ SAP Public Sector ☛
  11. 11. SAP Public Sector - Business Processes - Tax and Revenue ManagementProduct OverviewSAP for Public Sector supports tax and revenue management processes, including:  Tax and revenue management – SAP for Public Sector provides a single view of the taxpayer and supports multiple revenue types, which helps increase revenue collections and taxpayer compliance. The solution enables public tax and revenue administration, registration and account maintenance, tax return filing and remittance processing, correspondence, and contact management, as well as billing, auditing, and compliance.  Taxpayer identification and returns processing – With SAP solutions, you can reduce processing costs while providing taxpayers with multiple ways to register, including phone, e-mail, and the Web, as well as services for filing and account maintenance.  Receivables and payables management – With SAP for Public Sector, you can support a variety of processes, including posting documents, creating incoming and outgoing payments, distributing revenues, handling doubtful and bad debts, and enabling electronic bill presentment and payment.  Collections management – With SAP for Public Sector, you can process payments using a variety of payment methods, including manual processing of payments that cannot be assigned or settled automatically, and automate collections to manage the high data volumes that manual methods cannot handle.  Case management – SAP solutions can help you manage a variety of case types, such as bankruptcy cases and audit cases, using a centralized information repository for managing events that are triggered from multiple sources and channels.  Revenue accounting – You can perform various activities related to revenue accounting, including periodic closings, reconciliations, and generating financial statements, such as balance sheets and income statements.  Financial customer care – You can conduct all financial-related communications with customers through multiple communication channels.  Increase Revenue Collection  Increase Taxpayer Compliance  Reduce Processing Costs  Multiple Taxpayer Registration Options  Electronic Bill Presentment  Electronic Bill Payment  Automate Collections  Centralized Information Repository ☛1-866-609-1066 ☛ SAP Public Sector ☛
  12. 12. SAP CRMProduct OverviewCustomer Relationship Management (CRM) Software From SAP Balancing Todays Needs With Future ImperativesMore than ever, in todays challenging business environment, best-run companies are stayingfocused on their most valuable assets – their customers. Companies seek to retain their bestcustomers and maximize the effectiveness of every customer interaction – whether its sales,service, or marketing.Unlike other CRM software, the SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM)application, part of the SAP Business Suite, not only helps you address your short-termimperatives – to reduce cost and increase your decision-making ability – but can also help yourcompany achieve differentiated capabilities in order to compete effectively over the long termSAP has helped best-run companies in more than 26 industries to achieve excellence in allaspects of customer relationship management.Key Service Benefits of SAP Customer Relationship ManagementSAP CRM enables you to:  Improve first-contact resolution with on-the-spot information and resources needed to resolve issues  Increase customer retention by providing service employees with the information and tools they need to prevent churn  Boost field utilization through optimized resources and easy access to information  Drive revenues by offering relevant services and products based on customer insights  Reduce returns by enabling customers to solve their problems and by proactively resolving known product defects  Provide a consistent user experience across all interaction channels, including voice, text messaging, Web contacts, and e-mail  Enhance Customer Satisfaction  Increased Customer Loyalty  Increased Customer Effectiveness  Reduce the Cost of Service  Improve Decision Making Ability ☛1-866-609-1066 ☛ SAP Public Sector ☛
  13. 13. SAP Business Processes - Public Sector AccountingProduct OverviewThe Business Process Of Public Sector Accounting & Budget FormulationDesigned by former public sector budget officers to meet the unique budgeting requirements ofgovernment and education organizations, public sector budget formulation software from SAPprovides end-to-end support and is easily adaptable to different budget approaches, processes,and outputs.Watch the Webcast "Trends in Performance Budgeting for Government – A Virtual Panel" tolearn about industry challenges, trends, and opportunities for addressing the pressingrequirements of performance budgeting. Government officials share ideas and experiences onbest practices for managing budget and performance.Public sector budget formulation software from SAP addresses your key financial challenges by:  Providing a single point of entry and review for all budget requests with automation of key budget outputs  Enabling more flexibility to perform a wide variety of budgeting functions in one application  Improving data consistency to support timely decisions  Enhancing visibility with audit trails on all budget requests and revisions  Giving budget personnel greater control of financial data and processesSAP for Public Sector solutions support a variety of accounting and budget formulationprocesses through:  Data consistency – Reduce data discrepancies by providing a single point of entry and review.  Budget formulation – Choose the particular budgeting approach and processes that fit the particular needs of your organization.  User configuration – Enable your staff to configure unique forms and workflow tools for their work styles to increase productivity.  Personnel cost forecasting – Examine and plan personnel expenditures at a highly granular level.  Automated budget book publishing – Prepare budget documents that incorporate budgets, text descriptions, graphics, tables of content, pagination, and formatting.  Providing a single point of entry  Improving data consistency  Enabling more flexibility  Enhancing visibility  Giving budget personnel greater control ☛1-866-609-1066 ☛ SAP Public Sector ☛
  14. 14. SAP Public Sector - Business Processes - Public SecurityProduct OverviewThe Business Process of Public SecurityWith SAP for Public Sector, you can collect and share information and ensure that resources areavailable to support critical activities in detecting, preventing, responding to, and recoveringfrom natural or manmade disasters.SAP for Public Sector supports public security processes, including:  Border security – SAP solutions can enable you to maintain optimal control of border security while enhancing the appropriate flow of people and goods across borders. With identity management software, officials can identify threats to carriers and their passengers and crew; collect, collate, and analyze information about those threats; and deploy resources, equipment, and effective countermeasures after threats are identified.  Incident and emergency management – With SAP for Public Sector, you can establish preparedness procedures that help improve decision making through greater situational awareness. You can collaborate in real time to plan and prepare quickly for incidents, handle the incidents, and manage their aftermath:  Pre-incident – Prepare for incidents and develop emergency plans for planned events and unplanned crises.  Incident – Execute operational incident plans during an incident or crisis.  Post-incident – Audit operations, close incidents, and document lessons learned to improve subsequent operational plans.  Intelligence and information sharing – SAP solutions enable you to gather and share intelligence with stakeholders, so you can easily synchronize information to provide actionable intelligence in real time for better decision making.  Public safety – With SAP solutions, you can combine administrative, financial, logistics, and core operating information into a single, up-to-date view to help improve administrative activities and enable police, fire, and emergency medical service personnel to better support the day-to-day needs of the community.  Improved Disaster Recovery Communications  Improved Border Security  Greater Situational Awareness  Improved Decision Making  Faster & More Effective Response ☛1-866-609-1066 ☛ SAP Public Sector ☛
  15. 15. SAP - SCM Supply Chain ManagementProduct OverviewPlanning, Execution, And Collaboration Across The Responsive Supply Network You face enormous pressure to reduce costs while increasing innovation and improvingcustomer service and responsiveness. SAP Supply Chain Management enables collaboration,planning, execution, and coordination of the entire supply network, empowering you to adaptyour supply chain processes to an ever-changing competitive environment.SAP SCM is part of the SAP Business Suite, which gives organizations the unique ability toperform their essential business processes with modular software that is designed to work withother SAP and non-SAP software. Organizations and departments in all sectors can deploy SAPBusiness Suite software to address specific business challenges on their own timelines andwithout costly upgrades.SAP SCM can help transform a linear, sequential supply chain into a responsive supply network– in which communities of customer-centric, demand-driven companies share knowledge,intelligently adapt to changing market conditions, and proactively respond to shorter, lesspredictable life cycles. SAP SCM provides broad functionality for enabling responsive supplynetworks and integrates seamlessly with both SAP and non-SAP software. The application:  Delivers planning and execution functions that are integrated by design  Supports best practices and provides preconfigured software for enabling collaborative business, accelerating implementation, and reducing costs  Is recognized by key industry analysts as the market-leading SCM application  Easily Adapt Supply Chain Processes  Quickly Respond To Business Challenges  Respond To Shorter Life Cycles  Increase Demand Accuracy  Lower Inventory Levels  Increase Inventory Turns  Increase Productivity and Profitability  Reduce Cost of Goods  Improve Warehouse Efficiency  Enhance Supply Chain Visibility ☛1-866-609-1066 ☛ SAP Public Sector ☛