Wind Power Transmission & Distribution Summit 2010


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Wind Power Transmission & Distribution Summit 2010

  1. 1. 2nd Annual Wind Power Transmission & Distribution Conference May 20-21, Manchester, UK Proposed Agenda. All speakers invited unless confirmed DAY 1 WINDS OF CHANGE – GOVERNMENT STRATEGY FOR THE WIND POWER T+D MARKET 2010 AND BEYOND *What will the Wind Power T+D Market look like under each of the Main Political Parties and what impact will that have on your business? -Key insights into Lib Dem, Labour and Conservative policy in Offshore Transmission Ownership (OFTO) -Hear about each party’s overarching policy in Wind Farm Transmission & Distribution, Round 3 and Grid Infrastructure Development -Understand how each will meet 2020 targets, in a reasonable, governable and economically viable fashion -What investments and guarantees are each of the Parties making in wind farm T+D infrastructure development going forward? Labour: Ed Milliband Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Lib-Dem: Simon Hughes Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change. Conservative: Charles Hendry, Shadow Minister for Energy OFFSHORE TRANSMISSION OWNERSHIP – THE OFTO REGIME WHAT WILL THE ENDURING DOCUMENT LOOK LIKE AND WHAT ARE THE IMPLICATIONS FOR THE MARKET? *Unpicking the Complexities of OFTO. How To Make it Work Across All Stakeholders? -The Enduring Transmission Regime and the Nature of OFTO in 2010 and Beyond. -Understand How the Relationship Between Developer-OFTO-Regulator Can Be Optimised in the best interests of the Wind Farm and all parties -Understand how a Developer can best derisk the project when he does not have full ownership and overview of the project. How to balance incentivisation of OFTO with the derisking of the Developer? -An appraisal of the relationship between OFTO and Developer and how it can best play out when there is no contractual link between them. Speaker: Duarte Figueira, Head, Office for Renewable Energy Deployment, DECC Or Lorraine Hamid, Head of Future Networks, DECC *Developer Response to the OFTO Regime: What is the Holy Grail ForThe Developer, And Is That Possible Within The Proposed Paradigm? -What guarantees can be given to developers to Progress offshore transmission design and consent on behalf of a future OFTO? -Assess the risk of stranded work where the OFTO has a different idea for a modus operandi -Evaluate the ideal paradigm of operation of OFTO from the point of view of the developer. -Clarifying potential ideas for modifying and improving the Regime in a way that would benefit the developer and all parties Speaker: John Gaffney, Head of Electrical Systems, RWE NPower *Understanding Your Key Project Partner - Putting a Face to a Name - > Who Are The OFTOs and What Is Driving Them? -Appraising 2 leading OFTOs -Understanding their background and what they will bring to the table -Clarifying what investments they are making to ramp up engineering expertise in remote offshore transmission systems in a tough and unchartered marine environment -Evaluating how are they going to make Wind Farm T+D work operationally and economically? Speakers: Chris Veal from Transmission Capital and Iain Cameron from Frontier Power.
  2. 2. *Panel Discussion: A Brave New World: How do we attain Utopia for all stakeholders in Offshore Transmission Against an Unforgiving Economic Backdrop. Developer-OFTO-Regulator Debate !! NEW!! -A 45 minute Panel Debate between the main players with questions from the floor -An exciting opportunity to join the debate and potentially influence policy for the Enduring Transmission Regime -Make your Opinion Count and Be Heard. Panellists: David Hodkinson, Head of UK Development, Vattenfall or Goran Dandanell Chris Veale, MD, Transmission Capital Bob Hull, Head of Offshore Policy OFGEM Duarte Figuiera, DECC National Grid, Mathew Rose, Offshore BD LUNCH *Assessing Offshore Transmission in Europe: what are the equivalents to OFTO in Europe and would they more favourable for UK market? -Understanding how our European neighbours do it differently and how this model could benefit UK market -Assessing how transmission is charged across Europe (in many countries it is not) and its correlation with renewable energy incentivisation. Can UK learn from this? -Looking forward to the European SuperGrid 2015: What does UK and Europe need to do now to make the SuperGrid viable? -Understanding the EC incentives for remote offshore wind farms in UK and how this can be reconciled with current punitive transmission charges given to remote offshore developers in Scotland Speaker (individual or panel): EC Speaker, EC negotiator Mario Monti EWEA President: Christian Kjaer Airtricity Chris Veal Director Ireland Eamonn Ryan Irish Minister for Communications & Energy Or Potential: Ger/Danish/NL govt speakers. ROUND 3 CONNECTION STRATEGIES *Developer Panel Discussion: Assessing the Right Connection Strategy for your UK Wind Farm – HOW TO MAKE THE OFTO & LICENSING SYSTEM WORK -Evaluating how best to connect your Wind Farm to the Shore and to the Grid. -Navigating the OFTO and Licensing Process for Your Round 3 Connection for a Successful Project -When to Trigger the OFTO Process: Early or Late, Thin or Thick OFTO? John Gaffney, Head of Electrical Systems, RWE Alan Thomson, Head of Renewables, Centrica Chris Sherrington, Project Director, EON …. EVALUATING THE CRITICAL LESSONS LEARNED FROM ROUND 1 AND 2 GRID CONNECTIONS *Panel Discussion: The 3 perspectives: Contractor, Developer, Regulator. -Understanding the key pain points in projects from Rounds 1 and 2 and what can be learned for the future? -Appraising the factors that led to all Round 1 & 2 projects being over time and over budget so that Round 3 targets can be successfully and economically transacted. Bringing Rounds 1 & 2 Project To Life: Key Case Studies. ABB Case Study: ABB 400-megawatt (MW) Borkum-2 park, Germany (Peter Jones, ABB: Lessons Learned Using HVDC *Areva Case Study: An Early Wind Farm – Lessons Learned Barrow 90 mw / Robin Rigg 180MW – what were the key T+D issues, how were they resolved and how does that influence developer and operator strategy going forward? Richard Cooke, Areva.
  3. 3. Siemens Case Study: Greater Gabbard Phil Manley Snr Project Developer or Thanel Anwer Amara-Korba – world’s 1st interconnected offshore substation: 2 platforms interconnected by a cable UK GRID – A CRITICAL ASSESSMENT OF THE NETWORK TO HANDLE ROUND 3 WIND FARMS -Appraising Honestly the Capacity of the Infrastructure to cope with significant new infeeds of Energy? -Understand Where The Bottlenecks Are in the Grid and What Options The Are To Reinforce The Grid Technically so that your wind farm can be connected speedily and successfully -Assessing The Investment Available to Develop New Wires and Connections to Meet Government Targets for Renewable Energy -Understanding Clearly How the Transmission Access Process Can be Quickened to expedite connections to the Grid to avoid your asset being stranded. Andy Hirons, Technical Director, National Grid TRANSMISSION ACCESS REVIEW and TRANSMISSION CHARGING Identifying the Key Results of T.A.R and How it Will Affect Your Generating Asset -Understanding what policy-makers can do to Unlock the Bureaucracy to Permit Wider Grid Access -Uncovering what can be done to speed up access to transmission systems to avoid wind farms laying idle and not generating revenue -Assessing the Limitations on transmission capacity and the need to wait for new assets to be built prior to connections being allowed to go ahead. -Defining the Results of the “Connect & Manage” Approach David Hunt, Senior Manager - Electricity Transmission Policy, Ofgem 7901 7429,or Bob Hull 7901 7000 And Duarte Figuira DECC DAY 2 – THE WIDER OFFSHORE SUPPLY CHAIN THE HUMAN RESOURCE CRISIS Analyzing what can be done to address the severe lack of available expertise to run remote large-scale offshore wind projects profitably -where is the expertise coming from to staff the highly technical and uniquely challenging environment? -what university degrees or technical training courses are available to generate the appropriate levels of qualified engineers? -how to avoid projects being understaffed and projects running overtime and the consequent punitive penalty clauses. -avoiding extortionate costs of using ships and deepwater vessels out of preallocated rental time John Scott, former technical director OFGEM. Or Sue Guest, Strategy Manager, EU Skills *A critical overview of Courses and Accreditation available to deepen the pool of available talent needed to run Round 3 wind farms and connection mechanisms -Meeting the challenge of a fishing in a shallow pool of professional engineers -How to avoid engineers being poached by competitors and other industries due to skill shortage in the industry -Determing the technical skill sets needed for the offshore marine and wind power T+D engineer -Assessing what are the numbers needed for Round 3 projects and what more can be done to ramp up numbers Speaker: IET Power Academy Bill Fenton or Nick Winser, Chairman, Power Academy Or Peter Lunn HR Director Siemens SUPPLY CHAIN AND TECHNOLOGY LIMITATIONS: *Outlining what new and more powerful technology is available to optimise efficacy of large- scale offshore wind farm networks
  4. 4. -Understanding what technology is available could be improved to save significantly on new transmission and connection lines -Reviewing future improvements to switch gears and higher voltage cables to optimise projects and run them more economically. -Evaluating new HVDC technology and SCADA Speakers (potentially sponsored) ABB Peter Jones, AREVA Richard Cooke, Siemens, Schneider, GE Megan Arnold (ex BWEA) etc 3M *Assessing Limitations on future cable supply – what is being done by the submarine cable manufacturers to deliver future orders of 100kms of cable for Round 3 projects? -How to avoid the nightmare scenario of not having enough factories to supply sufficient cabling to meet 2020 renewable targets? -Assessing the problem faced by manufacturers who will not create new factories unless they have fixed orders? -Evaluating the commitments needed from government and industry to build new capability? (Cable presenter – sponsored) *Cross-Industry Perspective and Expertise. AN EXCLUSIVE PRESENTATION FROM AN OIL AND GAS COMPANY ABOUT HOW BEST TO CONDUCT A ECONOMICALLY AND OPERATIONALLY SUCCESSFUL PROJECT IN AN EXTREME OFFSHORE MARINE AND SUBMARINE ENVIRONMENT -Outlining key advice that can be given to OFTOs and Developers who do not currently have the level and detail of experience needed to be successful in a comparatively more challenging environment? -Understanding the hazards of an offshore environment and how to overcome them? -Assessing the design and operational challenges? -How best to conduct a large-scale offshore project on time and within budget to hit 2020 targets and deliver on the project profitably? Speaker Wood Group