How to Spot a Liar


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Remember, it’s never one gesture that detects a lie, some of these gestures however can have multiple meanings such as doubt, uncertainty and
exaggeration, therefore make sure you detect multiple body language gestures.
The Body Language Cards

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How to Spot a Liar

  1. 1. How to Spot a Liare multiple body language gestures that spot a Liar: All  right  reserved  to  Body  Language  Cards      
  2. 2. Gesture #1 - Closed Hands Closed hands can be interpreted as a sign of closed-mindedness, submission or defensiveness, which are all states of mind that can be related to lies. Most people nd it hard to lie while their hands are open. All  right  reserved  to  Body  Language  Cards      
  3. 3. Gesture #2: Locked Ankles Locked ankles are interpreted as closed mindedness, submissive, or defensive which are all state of minds that can be related to lies. Always keep in mind; leg crossing should be read in context and in groups of other body language gestures. all  right  reserved  to  Body  Language  Cards      
  4. 4. Gesture #3: Create a Barrier A person who is dishonest may even use objects such as a bag or a cup to create a barrier between the two of you. all  right  reserved  to  Body  Language  Cards      
  5. 5. Gesture #4: Denying Eye Contact Denying eye contact is often a sign of discomfort. Usually people make eye contact for about half of the conversation, so if you notice their eyes constantly wavering, especially during a touchy subject, you may be dealing with a liar. all  right  reserved  to  Body  Language  Cards      
  6. 6. Gesture #5: Covering Mouth Covering mouth is usually a sign of discomfort and can be related to stress. When you notice someone suddenly covering their mouth or rubbing their chin, it’s usually a sign they are uncomfortable. all  right  reserved  to  Body  Language  Cards        
  7. 7. Gesture #6: Rubbing lower eyelid Rubbing lower eyelid is like saying: “Im not so sure about what has been said.” e deeper the nger rubs, the greater the discomfort and disbelief with what is being said or heard. all  right  reserved  to  Body  Language  Cards      
  8. 8. Gesture #7: Touching the Nose Research shows that, when a person is dishonest, they tend to touch their nose often. e theory behind touching the nose gesture is to mimic the person covering their mouth as if they are telling lies. all  right  reserved  to  Body  Language  Cards      
  9. 9. Remember, it’s never one gesture that detects a lie, some ofthese gestures however can have multiple meanings suchas doubt, uncertainty andexaggeration, therefore make sure you detect multiple bodylanguage gestures. e Body Language Cards all  right  reserved  to  Body  Language  Cards    
  10. 10. More Nonverbal Signals to detect a lie•  Speaking Slowly: When telling a lie the liar will usually make up events while talking.•  Change of Tones: e tone of voice changes when lying. Listen for higher or lower tone pitches than their normal speech during a particular point of the conversation.•  Speech Hesitation: A liar will hesitate while thinking of a lie to t the occasion.•  Blinking Rate Will Increase from the normal 10 blinks per minute to up to 60 blinks per minute. all  right  reserved  to  Body  Language  Cards      
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