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Dan Reyes Presentation- State Farm


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Dan Reyes Presentation- State Farm

  1. 1. Lead generation campaign visiting Super Liga soccer games nationwide. Local State Farm agents were onsite while consumers participated in the interactive elements.
  2. 2. Fan Fest 2010 at the All Star Game in Anaheim, CA. Consumers signed up for achance to tour the Latino Legends Museumand obtain a replica ball used for the Home Run Derby.
  3. 3. Fiesta del Jonron provided the opportunity for consumers to tour the Latino Legends Museum in partnership with MLB. The branded truck displayedXbox MLB games on 4 monitors when lifted. This was a 7 month nationwide Latino based campaign
  4. 4. “Go To Bat” is a 10 week online charitable campaign that online users can signup to play for their favorite charity via an online batting game. Each week State Farm gives $18,000 grants to the charity with the most votes.