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Facts & Stats About the Multilingual Web


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Learn about changing trends and language use on the web to allow you business to compete globally.

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Facts & Stats About the Multilingual Web

  1. 1. Global Web Strategy IdeasHow to profit from a global web strategy<br />Daniel Rajkumar & Laura Palmieri<br />
  2. 2. Page 2<br />Contents<br />Important Facts & Stats <br />Introducing Web-Translations<br />Success Stories: Wex Cameras, Aspinal, World Bank<br />Global Web Strategy<br />Making the most of Social Media<br />
  3. 3. Page 3<br />Current Web Content by Language<br />Last updated: March 2009<br />English dominance is fast declining<br />English + 9 languages above cover 84% of the world’s online population<br />
  4. 4. Page 4<br />Online 7 days a week<br />% of people online every day<br />Source: European Interactive Advertising Association<br />
  5. 5. Page 5<br />Average # of Online Purchases by Country<br />Don’t missout!<br />Average number of items bought online in last 6 months of the year<br />Source: European Interactive Advertising Association<br />
  6. 6. Page 6<br />Facts and Stats.<br />Did you know???<br />70% of the European Community cannot read English<br />87% of web users search the web primarily in their first language<br />Visitors are 4x more likely to buy when you present information in their language<br />Over 60% of Spanish users search the web in Spanish seeking new opportunities<br />* Source: European Interactive Advertising Association 2008<br />
  7. 7. Introduction to WT<br /> Award Winning Translation and Web Services<br /> 10 staff based out of West Yorkshire<br />Work with:<br />25,000 freelance linguists & developers<br />140 languages<br />
  8. 8. Services<br />We solve the problem of language management…<br />Professional Translation<br />1<br />Web Localisation and Usability Testing<br />2<br />Email Translation & Live Translation<br />3<br />Foreign Online Market Testing<br />4<br />Global Brand Name Research <br />5<br />Language Asset Management<br />6<br />International eMarketing (Blogging, SEO, PPC, email)<br />7<br />
  9. 9. Page 9<br />Portfolio<br />
  10. 10. Unique Strengths<br />Excellent project management<br />Global eMarketing skills<br />Experience and Internet knowledge<br />Innovation - Email Relay Translation<br />Good reputation<br />Strong management<br />
  11. 11. Multilingual eMarketingServices<br /><ul><li>Professional high-quality translation services
  12. 12. Strong use of technology
  13. 13. Full e-service provision; copyediting, localisation, testing, blogging
  14. 14. Focus: eTailers, Travel & Leisure, Medical, Finance
  15. 15. Strong relations with web agencies &freelancers</li></ul>Marketing Agencies<br />WPP<br />eMarketingServices<br />Saachi & Saachi<br />Software Companies<br />Jump Higher<br />Wordfast<br />Latitude<br />Stickyeyes<br />SDL Trados<br />Web Optimiser<br />Applied Language<br />Babel<br />In-house translators<br />Worldlingo<br />LionBridge<br />Kwintessential<br />Direct with Freelancers<br />Lingo 24<br />Auto Translation<br />Internal Staff<br />Translation Agencies<br />Market positioning on the value curve<br />Distributors or Agents<br />
  16. 16. Award Winning Team<br />
  17. 17. Case Studies<br />Increased Traffic &gt; Purchases &gt; Profit<br />Warehouse Express (€1.2m in first 6 months)<br />Increased revenue<br />PSA Parts (208% in 12 months)<br />Improved customer satisfaction<br />Totesport (French Email Relay Translation)<br />Working to tight deadlines, budgets & SLAs<br />Cadbury Schweppes (32 languages in 4 days)<br />World Bank (50,000 words, 1 language, 10 days)<br />
  18. 18. Page 14<br />Success Story: Warehouse Express<br />Record profits achieved online thanks to German website<br /><ul><li>Met WEX at Internet World
  19. 19. Knew there was potential for the business in Germany – Needed Help
  20. 20. Have experience of exporting to Europe
  21. 21. Brand Name research suggested to launch with ‘WEX Cameras’
  22. 22. Localise website into German
  23. 23. Email translation – responses by UK customer services
  24. 24. Now looking to other European markets</li></li></ul><li>Services Details<br />Page 15<br /><ul><li>How to localise a website
  25. 25. Creating a Global eMarketing Strategy
  26. 26. Testing and measuring your web strategy</li></li></ul><li>Page 16<br />How to Localise a Website…<br />Break your project down to into simple stages<br />Create an English Microsite<br /><ul><li>Do we need all the content?
  27. 27. Choose the top products</li></ul>Professional Translation<br /><ul><li>Proofedit English content to ensure a consistent style and tone
  28. 28. Use professional, native linguists familiar with industry terminology</li></ul>Test The User Experience<br /><ul><li>Adapt colours and images to build confidence
  29. 29. Encourage user interaction & feedback with simple forms</li></ul>eMarketing<br /><ul><li>Make sure you have the ability to measure performance
  30. 30. Create an eMarketing & SEO strategy</li></li></ul><li>Page 17<br />eMarketing Strategy<br />Your Marketing strategy needs to include:<br />BloggingOnline NewsSyndication<br />Research your KeywordsOptimise ContentGenerate inbound links<br />Online PR<br />SEO<br />Word of Mouse<br />Advertising<br />Social MediaUser Reviews<br />Pay-Per-ClickDisplay Ads – MPUsPaid Links<br />
  31. 31. Page 18<br />Testing and Measuring<br />eMarketing is mathematical, everything can be measured<br />Identifying the Most Profitable Language:<br /><ul><li>After 3 months you will have an idea of which markets will perform best
  32. 32. After 6 months you will have market information to confirm
  33. 33. Web traffic
  34. 34. Enquiries
  35. 35. Form submission
  36. 36. Orders
  37. 37. This information is key to help you decide which markets to commit to</li></li></ul><li>Page 19<br />Summary<br />Make the most of your global potential<br /><ul><li> Fantastic opportunity in growing industry
  38. 38. Web-Translations are award winning innovators
  39. 39. Unique Technologies and USP
  40. 40. Excellent opportunity for growth</li></li></ul><li>Page 20<br />“The single greatest barrier to business success is the one erected by culture.&quot;<br /> - Edward T. Hall and Mildred Reed Hall<br />&quot;Culture is a thin but very important veneer that you must be careful not to scratch. People from different cultures are basically the same and respond in the same way. However, make sure that you understand their basic customs and show an interest and willingness to learn the differences between your cultures.” <br />- Mike Wills<br />
  41. 41. Page 21<br />?<br />Any Questions?<br />?<br />?<br />Always happy to help.<br />
  42. 42. Page 22<br />
  43. 43. Page 23<br /><ul><li>Technologies
  44. 44. Language Asset Management
  45. 45. Email Translation
  46. 46. Live Translation</li></li></ul><li>Language Asset Management<br />LAM provides the editor <br />24/7 portal to submit content for translation<br />Workflow automation<br />LAM provides you <br />E-procurement resource to see who buys what<br />Secure file transfer and SOAP integration<br />LAM reduces admin<br />Billing is simplified<br />
  47. 47. Your Language Asset<br />Maintaining a translation memory <br />Will bring significant cost and time savings <br />Leverage previous translations<br />Improve consistency<br />Terminology management<br />Translators will use terminology tools to create bilingual glossaries<br />
  48. 48. Page 26<br /><ul><li>Demonstrate Language Asset Management System
  49. 49. eProcurement
  50. 50. API Documentation
  51. 51. Translation Memory
  52. 52. Translation Credit
  53. 53. Grouping of users
  54. 54. Reporting</li></li></ul><li>Other Technologies<br />Live Translation<br />Ideal for short text needing a quick turnaround<br />Email Translation<br />Ideal to create a global email support desk<br />Very useful for helping companies enter into new and emerging markets<br />