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Rate your environment

  1. 1. Mobile Web AppRATE YOURENVIRONMENTGroup 1--- Satu Ilta, Anna Kalme, Dan Qin Nov, 29th, 2012
  2. 2. Table of Contents CONFIDENTIAL 2012-11-28 2 / 161 Feature & design introduction 32 Information Architecture 43 Feature Overview 5 3.1 Rate page 5 3.2 Results page 6 3.3 My review history 74 Blueprint Specification 8 4.1 Send review with photo and comments 8 4.2 View the rating results - usecase 1 11 4.3 View the rating results - usecase 2 125 Visual style 13 5.1 Guidelines 13 5.2 Application views 146 Questions to be discussed15 Group 1 Blueprint spec
  3. 3. 1 Feature design introduction CONFIDENTIAL 2012-11-28 3 / 16The application is designed to cultivate interest towards environmental protection by providing a tool through which you can give feedback of thestate of your local environment. The application is a location based feedback survey tool, that you can use to rate the state of the environment within0,5 km range of your current location.Ideal user groups• Locals wanting to make an impact on their environment• Local organizations involved in environmental issues More specifically: - 25–35 year-old person interested in making an impact on the state of the environment - Influencers in local organizations involved in environmental issues Users believe their opinions are heard and acted upon Organizations get valuable information on where to invest resources• Environmentally aware tourists - Neutral viewpoint, and potentially really active users - Many potential promoters (airlines, travel agencies etc. that want to position themselves as environmentally responsible)User motivation – why use the app?To make a positive impact on the state of the local environment • Providing local influencers the information on which they can act uponTo direct public attention to environmental issues• Sharing knowledge of what the best, and worst rated areas are.For fun information• Comparing environmental ratings accross the globe Group 1 Blueprint spec
  4. 4. 2 Information Architecture CONFIDENTIAL 2012-11-28 4 / 16 Welcome/Load page My review history Rate current location View results Add photo or comment View details Group 1 Blueprint spec
  5. 5. 3 Feature Overview CONFIDENTIAL 2012-11-28 5 / 163.1 Rate pageRATE DIAL• Rating is done by rolling a dial on top of a gradient color scale. The brighter the color, the better the state of the environment, represented my a smiley that’s expression is changing while rolling.• After sending a review, you can upload a photo or write a comment to back up your review.• After sending your review, you will be redirected to the page where you can choose to either add a photo, add a review or view the detailed results of the location you have rated. Group 1 Blueprint spec
  6. 6. 6 / 163.2 Results page CONFIDENTIAL 2012-11-28Global map view• When zooming in, you will see more details in colors, as well as the reviews, comments and photos added to the selected location.• The photos and comments can be viewed by clicking a symbol, that will appear on places with reviews when zoomed close enough.• The closer you zoom, the more detailed information you will see.• User can search for a location by address, or city and country name. Group 1 Blueprint spec
  7. 7. CONFIDENTIAL 2012-11-28 7 / 163.3 My review historyMy review history• User can see old ratings (s)he has made• This is an optional view, that can be created as an extra feature, but not required for the application to work• Will require the use to login (using facebook credentials, or by creating a new username)• Creating login details / logging in with facebook could also enable more features when the app is furter developed in the future. For example sharing your rating in other services, Group 1 Blueprint spec
  8. 8. CONFIDENTIAL 2012-11-28 8 / 164 Blueprint Specification4.1 Send review with photo and comments Group 1 Blueprint spec
  9. 9. CONFIDENTIAL 2012-11-28 9 / 16 Group 1 Blueprint spec
  10. 10. CONFIDENTIAL 2012-11-28 10 / 16 Group 1 Blueprint spec
  11. 11. CONFIDENTIAL 2012-11-28 11 / 164.2 View the rating results - usecase 1 Group 1 Blueprint spec
  12. 12. CONFIDENTIAL 2012-11-28 12 / 164.3 View the rating results - usecase 2 Group 1 Blueprint spec
  13. 13. CONFIDENTIAL 2012-11-28 13 / 165 Visual style5.1 GuidelinesFonts Smileys• The application uses Helvetica Neue typeface: • 11 smileys that are clearly separatable from each other Button texts: Helvetica Neue Condensed Bold, All Caps, 8pt Headings: Helvetica Neue Bold 9pt Paragraph text: Helvetica Neue Medium 8ptColor Scheme Logo• The app uses two different color schemes for displaying rating results: • The local environment logo is yellow to black for regular users, and green to grey for environmental a simplifyed glass globe with a experts ratings. yellow papercut human-figure. The glass globe symbolizes local environment and its fragility and at the same time it resembles the globe. The big-headed papercut figure reminds a child or innocence, naivity. Group 1 Blueprint spec
  14. 14. CONFIDENTIAL 2012-11-28 14 / 165.2 Application viewsThe most important views of the app visualizedTo be replaced with colored versions welcome Rating tool Exploring results view details defines the visual the main purpose seeing interesting data why has a place been identity of the app of the app from around the world reviewed aGroup 1 Blueprint spec certain way
  15. 15. CONFIDENTIAL 2012-11-28 15 / 166 Questions to be discussedHow to show detailed results on the map?• How to indicate to the user what location you have chosen to view, if you cannot display information based on named areas? E.g. “Chosen location” vs. “Helsinki, Finland”• What is the most user friendly way to move from the map view to viewing detailed results? So when will the clickable symbols appear, and from which range will reviews be displayed from?Color schemes?• Are we going to separate the expert data from common user data by using different color schemes? If so, how does the user understand the idea?Logging in?• To view “my review history”, the user has to be log in. Also, (s)he has to be logged in for the ratings to appear here. At which point is the user offered the opportunity to log in? Group 1 Blueprint spec
  16. 16. The end...THANKS!Group 1--- Satu Ilta, Anna Kalme, Dan Qin Nov, 29th, 2012