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Global beat issue 4 jan 2012


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drum cafe international internal news - significant events

Published in: Education, News & Politics
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Global beat issue 4 jan 2012

  1. 1.    ISSUE  4                        JANUARY  2012  Editor’s  Note  This   New   Year’s   edi.on   of   Global   Beat   bridges   the   last  quarter   of   2011   and   the   first   few   weeks   of   2012.     Inside  This  Issue  January   seems   to   have   come   and   gone   in   a   blink,   and    many  of  Drum  Café’s  global  offices  have  already  go8en   Editor’s  Note     1  off   to   a   thumping   start,   with   some   excep4onal   events,   News  from  around  the  globe     1-­‐4  expansion   into   new   territories   and   an   outstanding   Special  Feature:  ‘Drumstruck’         5-­‐6  award  for  innova+on  in  teambuilding.   More  global  news     7-­‐13   Tes$monials     14  Over   the   past   few   months   we   have   also   welcomed   a   Company  news  and  views  (internal)     15  whole   crew   of   new   staff   members   into   our   various   Community  Column     16  offices,  and  we  introduce  some  of  these  special  people  to  you  on  Page  15.   used   by   each   office   to   submit   to   producers   in   your  You   may   no)ce   that   this   issue   deviates   slightly   from   our   respec&ve   territories.   A   ‘Drumstruck’   tour   in   your   area  past   format.   We   received   a   few   deligh5ul   ar7cles   from   receives   a   massive   amount   of   PR   and   marke3ng  which  some  of  our  contributors  that  brought  with  them  a  real   can   be   leveraged   very   effec.vely   to   promote   your  sense  of  personality.  We  felt  that  it  would  be  fun  to  give   business.      these   writers   a   voice   and   allow   you   to   get   to   know   each  other   be(er.   The   writers   have   been   acknowledged   It   is   always   upli,ing   to   write   and   share   Drum   Café’s  where  complete  original  ar0cles  have  been  used.   global   news   –   and   I   hope   that   you   draw   as   much   inspiraon  from  reading  it.    Our   Special   Feature   this   quarter   is   also   a   li2le   bit  different,   as   it   focuses   on   a   global   Drum   Café   product,   Here’s   wishing   you   all   a   new   year   of   producvity,  instead   of   on   one   office.   The   fabulous   Broadway   energy,  crea*vity  and  collabora)on.  producon   ‘Drumstruck’   has   now   been   touring   the  world   for   almost   10   years,   and   Drum   Café   Joburg   has   Tammy  Lieberman  recently   put   together   a   promo0onal   pack   that   can   be   Editor      Drum  Café  performs  for  the  president  of  Taiwan  Drum  Café  Taiwan  got  off  to  a  roaring  start  this  year  when  they   performed   at   a   massive   event   for   Cathay   Insurance  at  the  famous  Taipei  Arena.      The  event,  which  was  a  celebra1on  of  the  company’s  50th  anniversary,   was   a,ended   by   the   President   of   Taiwan.  Drum   Café   opened   the   conference   with   a   drumming  performance   followed   by   an   interac0ve   session   with   the  audience   using   5   500   pairs   of   drums2cks.   The  performance  concluded  with  a  Mexican  wave.  Right:  Drum  Café  performs  at  the  famous  Taipei  Arena  in  front  of  the  President  of  Taiwan  
  2. 2. Page  2   Global  Beat  Drum  Café  wins  Indira  award  for  innova2on  in  teambuilding  Drum   Café   India   proudly   accepted   the   award   for  Innova&on   in   Teambuilding   and   Interac&ve   Learning   at  the   5th   Indira   Interna*onal   Innova*on   Summit   on   13  January   2012.   The   innova2on   summit   is   the   single  largest   gathering   of   innovators   from   different   fields   of  exper%se.   The   theme   for   this   5th   summit   was  ‘Imagina(on,  Crea(vity  and  Ingenuity:  Leading  a  Culture  of  Innova(on”.      According  to  Tony  Blanchard,  Global  Chairman  of  Indira,  “Your  [Drum  Café’s]  leadership  and  contribu;on  to  the  field  of  entrepreneurship  and  innova2on  is  well  known.  The   posi)on   that   you   occupy   in   the   fraternity   is  strategic   and   iconic.   As   a   thinker   and   a   doer   you   are   a  role  model  and  a  believer  in  change”.      Congratula*ons   to   Vinod   and   Aliya   Hasal   on   this  incredible   achievement.   See:   h!p://se-­‐­‐teams-­‐try-­‐drumming-­‐for-­‐team.html   for   an   amazing   review   of   the  performance  by  Drum  Café  at  the  Indira  Awards.    Top   and   far   right:   Drum   Café   India   performs   at   the  Indira  awards    Right:  Vinod  and  Aliya   Hasal  accept   the   Indira   award   for  Innova&on  in  Teambuilding  A  fantasy  of  fire  and  drums  In   October   2012,   Drum   Café   Germany   performed   with  ‘Firedancer’  in  their  largest  combined  event  to  date.  The  show  took  place  before  an  audience  of  2000  people  for  Meyer   Wer   (currently   building   the   ship   “Fantasy”   for  Disney).   It   included   a   combina4on   of   interac4ve  drumming,   a   human   beatbox,   the   firedancer   show   and  LunatX  fireworks.      The  key  message  of  the  event  remains  consistent:  inside  every  employee  is  a  li-le  flame  that  can  develop  into  a  huge   fire.   According   to   Ma+hias   Jackel,   “I   have   never  had   so   much   fire   around   me   in   my   whole   life.   It   was   a  very  intense  experience.  I  loved  it.”  
  3. 3. Page  3   Global  Beat  Keeping  it  Green    Wri$en  by  Tim  Furness   Between   November   and   December   2011,   the   City   Of   Durban   hosted   the   “Durban   Green   Fes=val”   to   coincide   with   COP17   and   the   influx   of   thousands   of   interna5onal   delegates.   For   Drum   Cafe   Durban   it   was   essen5ally   a   mini-­‐world-­‐ cup   event,   with   the   main   objec2ve   being   to   liven   up   the   beach   promenade   with   entertainers   and   interac4ve   drumming  sessions.     Over   a   14-­‐day   period   we   ran   3   drumming   sessions   a   day   with   100   drums   for   general   public   par9cipa9on.   The   drumming  sessions  were  a  huge  success,  and  I  couldn’t  help  but  feel  a  sense  of  nostalgia  at  the  first  rumble  of  drums   on  the  first  day.  We  were  back  at  the  beach...  and  the  people  were  lovin  it  !     There  were  very  few  signs  of  foreign  delegates,  apart  from  a  few  that  looked  like  they  may  have  been  lost,  and  our   drumming  sessions  were  warmly  embraced  by  the  regular  holiday-­‐makers  from  inland,  and  Durban  locals.       Our   roving   street   performers   included   Zulu   Dancers,   Gumboot   Dancers,   Indian   Dancers   and   a   Drumming   Troupe,   placed  at  various  entertainment  nodes  along  the  beachfront,  and  rota)ng  amongst  these  nodes.     It  was  a  delicate  balancing  act  keeping  to  the  client’s  rigid  schedule,  and  keeping  the  performers  in  a  state  of  mind   that   their   ac)vi)es   appeared   organic   and   free-­‐flowing.   It   took   a   couple   of   days   to   get   all   35   performers   into   their   daily  rou*ne,  but  with  a  bit  of  policing  from  me  on  my  bicycle,  and  some  mothering  from  my  assistant  Nikki,  the  rest   was  smooth  sailing.       For  Drum  Cafe  Durban  this  event  was  a  fantas4c  way  to  end  off  the  year.       Lfgt:  Greenpeace’s  Baobab  tree  under  construc5on  –  with  the   bicycles  powering  hundreds  of  li3le  lights  covering  the  tree     Above:  Drum  Café  Durban  performs  for  the  crowds  during  the   Durban  Green  Fes,val  
  4. 4. Page  4   Global  Beat  Drum  Café  New  York  lights  up  Cancun    2012  took  off  with  a  bang  for  Drum  Café  New  York,  with  a  1200-­‐pax    event   for   Qliktech   in   Cancun,   Mexico.   Although   Cancun   has   been  vic$m   to   hurricanes,   Mexican   drug   wars   and   disease,   it   is     "cache"  of  drums  in  Cancun  and  a  long-­‐standing  rela,onship  with  a  opera&onally   one   of   New   York’s   most   efficiently   run   territories,   with  a  local  logis)cs  company.    The   event   involved   a   team   of   8   drummers   who   ran   a   30-­‐minute  interac(ve  opening  session  with  an  exci(ng  crea(ve  element  –  wire  light  up  costumes with  projec,on  and  lasers  used  on  the  dancer  (see  the   beau(ful   bu+erfly   effect   in   the   image   below).   The   event  producer  was  ecsta-c  with  the  show,  commen-ng:  "Pavel  and  all  of  the  team  at  Drum  Café  were  a  huge  hit!     It  was  the  perfect  opening  piece  to  their  General  Session.    Kudos  to  Drum  Café  for  an  awesome,  inspiring  and  entertaining  performance!    They  were  truly  excep.onal  and  hit  the  mark  in  every  way."  Duel  in  the  pool     December  2011,  Drum  Café  GA  /  FLA  was  privileged  to  perform  at  In     Aqua*c   Centre   (the   venue   of   the   1996   Olympics!)   Drum   Café  the  opening  of  a  historic  Olympic-­‐qualifier  swim  meet  at  the  Georgia  Tech    welcomed   American   and   European   Olympic   swim   teams,   their  entourages,   guests   and   the   world’s   media   to   the   event.     The   Drum  Cafe   team   ignited   the   stadium   in   a   rousing,   passionate   opening  performance   with   two   shorter   pieces   of   drumming   following   the  opening   ceremonies   to   entertain   the   audience   during   the   live  television  coverage  by  NBC.    Alain   led   his   team   of   seven   master   musicians   and   dancers   in   an  experienal   exercise,   where   movement   and   music   created  unabashed   awe   among   those   in   a0endance,   and   drove   home   the  feeling   of   posi+ve   energy   for   all   present.   The   audience   welcomed  the   visi(ng   interna(onal   athletes   and   their   US   challengers   with   an  interac(ve,   energizing   percussive   ‘tribal   ta4oo’   led   by   Drum   Cafe  where   a   ‘duel   of   sound’   set   the   tone   for   the   spirit   of   compe55on   for  the  ‘duel  in  the  pool’.    The   raw   force,   energy,   sound   and   emo3on   of   3500   par3cipants  bea$ng   a   single   celebratory   rhythm   le2   everyone   energized,  connected,   emo*onally   charged,   and   feeling   the   power   of   making  music  as  “One  Tribe,  One  Team”  so  that  “the  games  could  begin.”  
  5. 5. Page  5   Global  Beat    Special  Feature:  Drumstruck  The   brainchild   of   the   Drum   Café’s   Warren   Lieberman  (co-­‐created   with   Kathy-­‐Jo   Ross),   Drumstruck  premiered   in   Johannesburg,   South   Africa   in   2002.   It  has   since   become   a   phenomenon,   touring   the   world  with   shows   in   New   York,   Japan,   Australia,   China,  Vietnam,  and  South  Africa.  The  show  was  billed  as  the  first   interac+ve   drum-­‐theatre   experience,   and   has   won  over   audiences   world-­‐wide   with   its   exhilara-ng  presenta(on  of  African  beats  and  explosive  energy.      Now   a   detailed   promo.onal   package   has   been   put  together   for   use   by   all   Drum   Café   offices.   From   past  experiences,   when   Drumstruck   visits   a   new   region,  there   is   a   direct   and   immediate   benefit   for   the   Drum  Café   office   located   in   that   territory   –   in   terms   of   PR,  marke&ng,   awareness   crea&on   and   subsequent   event  bookings.   This   Special   Feature   provides   a   brief  summary  of  some  of  the  informa/on  which  is  provided  in  the  promo+onal  material.      Drumstruck   made   its   debut   in   New   York   on   June   16th  2005   at   the   pres,gious   Dodger   stages,   situated   off  Broadway   and   ran   for   640   shows,   over   a   period   of  eighteen   months.   Drumstruck   became   one   of   the  longest   running   off-­‐Broadway   shows   to   be   staged   over  the   last   few   years.   The   produc3on’s   long   running  success  can  be  a)ributed  to  the  overwhelming  response  it   received   during   its   *me   in   New   York.   The   show   was  greeted  with  rave  reviews  and  standing  ova/ons.  While  the   New   York   Times   said   “the   beats   that   are   its   soul  resound  across  +me  and  cultures”,  Time  Out  New  York  described  the  show  as  “simply  exhilara4ng”.     Drumstruck   is   truly   a   crowd   pleaser   -­‐   it   is   a   show   that   transcends   age,   race,   language   and   gender.   Using   the     tried-­‐and-­‐trusted   principles   of   the   Drum   Cafes   drum   circle,  each  member  of  the  audience  is  given  an  African   drum,  a  drum  that  will  echo  with  rhythm  and  life  as  the   show   gets   underway.   The   shows   grow   and   change   organically   with   every   performance   and   belong   to   the   audience,   as   much   as   they   do   to   the   performers   on   stage.   Each   show   is   as   unique   as   each   different   audience,  and  in  all  they  experience  a  powerful  bonding   and  a  warm  sense  of  African  community.     Now   a   well-­‐established   feature   on   the   Japanese   entertainment   calendar,   the   2012   tour   has   already   star%ng   to   sell   out!!!   The   show   has   outperformed   Dream  Girls  and  Hairspray  in  Tokyo.      
  6. 6. Page  6   Global  Beat  DRUMSTRUCK’S  TOURING  HISTORY    2002  -­‐  Drumstruck  created,  first  shows  in  Johannesburg  at  The  Theatre  on  the  Square,  The  Market  Theatre  and  in  Pretoria  at  The  State  Theatre    2004  -­‐  Australia,  Sydney  season  at  The  Star  City  Casino    2004  -­‐  China,  tours  to  Beijing,  Shanghai,  Hong  Kong,  and  a  regional  tour  of  Hunan  province  2004    -­‐  Vietnam  tour  to  Ha  Noi  2005  to  2007  -­‐    New  York,  640  performances  at  The  Dodgers  Stages,  Off-­‐Broadway,  New  York  City  2008    -­‐  China,  Nanjing  Interna/onal  Theatre  fes/val  2008    -­‐  China  –  Performed  some  Drumstruck  elements  during  Beijing  Olympics  opening  ceremony  2008  –  Japan  –  2  weeks  in  Tokyo  at  Galaxy  Theatre  2009  –  Japan  –  2  weeks  in  Tokyo  –  3  weeks  touring  around  Japan.  2010  –  Members  of  Drumstruck  perform  with  Shakira,  K’Naan  at  FIFA  World  Cup  Concert  2010  –  Japan  –  2  weeks  Tokyo  –  3  weeks  touring    around  Japan.  2010  –  South  Africa  –  2  weeks  at  pres+gious  Nelson  Mandelas  Square  during  FIFA  world  Cup  2011  –  Japan    -­‐  1  week  Tokyo  –  4  weeks  touring  around  Japan.    2012    -­‐  Japan,  summer  tours,  season  at  The  Galaxy  Theatre  Tokyo  plus  a  regional  tour      Drumstruck  will  be  touring  Japan  from  the  22nd  of  July  to  the  3rd  of  September  2012.  Audience  profile:  Drumstruck  is  a  show  for  all  ages,  in  Japan  it  has  become  known   in   Japan   as   a   family   show,   Drumstruck   also  experiences   repeat   visits   by   audience   members   who  return   to   see   the   show   a   number   of   /mes   to   be   part   of  the  experience.      Length  of  Show  Drumstruck   runs   for   1   hour   and   20   minutes   with   no  interval.      Touring  Company  The   touring   company   comprises   14   people   including   the  Creator   and   Director   (who   stay   for   the   1st   week   of   tour),  the   Ligh(ng   Designer,   Manager   and   Produc(on  coordinator  and  a  cast  of  11  performers.    Promo%onal  Tour  To  assist  in  the  marke,ng  of  the  show,  3  performers  travel  to  the  tour  des)na)on  3  months  before  the  tour  and  are  featured   on   TV,   radio   and   print   in   a   coordinated   PR  campaign.      Freight  There   are   two   freight   loads   –   audience   drums   freighted  from  Bali  and  sold  at  the  end  of  the  run,  and    show  freight  (including   instruments,   props   and   costumes)   which   are   PLEASE  CONTACT  WARREN  LIEBERMAN  IF  YOU  freighted   from   Joburg.   In   order   to   minimize   costs,   some   WOULD  LIKE  TO  RECEIVE  A  FULL  PROMOTIONAL  backline  items  are  sourced  locally.   PACKAGE              
  7. 7. Page  7   Global  Beat  McKinsey  consultants  put  on  a  show  to  be  remembered  Drum   Café   Cape   Town   ran   a   complex   and   unusual   interac7ve   event   for   Mckinsey   &   Company…   The   event   was  planned  over  a  period  of  months  in  consulta3on  with  McKinsey  staff  in  the  USA,  Europe  and  Joburg.      When  the  day  arrived,  the  250  par2cipants  were  divided  into  6  groups,  each  with  a  different  theme.  These  included  Zulu,  Kwaito,  Gumboot  &  Kwela  dance,  a  singing  group  and  a  drumming  group.  Each  group  was  taken  to  a  different  wine  estate  around  the  Stellenbosch  /  Franschhoek  area  where  they  par&cipated  in  a  3-­‐hour  workshop  with  Drum  Café’s  teams  and  rehearsed  a  show  according  to  their  respec5ve  themes.    Later   they   all   arrived   at   Molenvliet   Wine   Estate   for   a   dinner   and   to   perform   what   they   had   learned   before   the   other  groups.  There  was  much  excitement  and  an,cipa,on  as  the  performers  donned  their  accessories  (which  had  been  made   in   Cape   Town)   and   the   show   was   on!   At   the   end   of   the   performance   Drum   Café   brought   the   whole   group  together  in  unison  through  an  drumming  session.  It  was  a  truly  special  event.    Drum  Café  con-nues  its  relief  and  rehabilita-on  efforts  in  Japan  Since  May  2011,  Drum  Café  Japan  has  visited  more  than  150  schools,  temporary   houses   and   community   centres,   spreading   joy   and  encouragement   to   thousands   in   the   devastated   areas   of   Japan.  Mariko   Hoshiyama   is   commi.ed   to   con3nuing   this   work   un3l   it   is   no  longer   needed.   Currently,   Drum   Café,   together   with   the   NGO   ‘Plan  Japan’  has  60  events  scheduled  over  an  80-­‐day  period  running  from  10  January  un*l  31  March.    The   photos   below   were   taken   during   a   session   at   a   temporary  housing   community   centre,   where   many   elderly   people   par5cipated.  One   of   the   par,cipants   commented:   "I   have   been   very   sad   and  crying   a   lot   since   11/March,   but   today   I   cry   because   of   I   was   very  happy.  I  never  thought  I  will  cry  again  in  good  way."    Drum  Café  has  succeeded  in  bringing  people  together  to  smile,  laugh  and   dance,   and   the   next   step   is   to   start   helping   to   rebuild  communies.    Right:   Drum   Café   performs   at   a   temporary   housing   community  centre  in  Japan.      
  8. 8. Page  8   Global  Beat  Winners  of  the  Knysna  Recycled  Band  Compe77on  Wri$en  by  Nidhi  Chaitow    The   Knysna   Tourism   /   Drum   Cafe   Recycled   Band   There   were   100   par+cipants   that   performed   on   the    Compe&&on,   which   was   hatched   as   a   community   day   and   a   crowd   of   approximately   250   gathered   to  building  concept  at  the  end  of  January  2011,  reached  its   watch,  which  reflected  a  true  “coming  together”  of  the  crescendo   on   Saturday   1   October   2011   in   an   event   various  communi,es  of  the  Greater  Knysna  Area.  which   formed   part   of   the   Naturally   Knysna   Preview    Fes$val.       Drum   Café   Knysna   also   performed   at   the   Media     Launch   for   the   Naturally   Knysna   Fes3val   (30  We   had   6   official   bands   that   entered,   each   completely   September  2011)  and  facilitated  audience  par5cipa5on  unique   and   individual   in   how   they   expressed   and   with   Croak   S,cks   –   made   from   alien   wa-le   s/cks   and  showcased   their   talents,   their   making   of   musical   recycled   200ml   cans   or   bamboo   off   cuts   mimicking   the  instruments,   and   the   way   in   which   they   embraced   the   sound  of  frogs.  This  launch  was  a2ended  by  the  Mayor  Guiding  Principles  of  ‘Naturally  Knysna’.     of  Knysna   AND THE WINNERS ARE: BEST  INSTRUMENT:   BEST  BAND:   ‘Green  Oaks   Won R2 000 sponsored by Drum Cafe ‘Upscale  and  the  Masi  Minstrels’   Won R10 000 sponsored by Drum Cafe BEST  CONCEPT:   ‘Li$le  Elephants  Percussion  Band   Won R2 000 sponsored by Drum Cafe EXTRA  PRIZES  (R500)     Best  celebra+on  of  our   connec%on  to  our  Eco-­‐system   ‘Rondevlei  Young  Singers’   Best  original  composi-on   ‘Sunbird  School  Band’  (above)     Best  Community  Spirit   ‘Rondevlei  Lente  Bokkies  (Right)  
  9. 9. Page  9   Global  Beat  Drumming…island  style    Wri$en  by  Sandro  Maselli  Warren   [Lieberman]   seems   to   have   picked   Mauri8us   as   his  hobby.  Whether   that’s   because   we   are   the   runt   of   the   li3er   or  whether  he  makes  all  the  guys  feel  special,  I  don’t  know....    Anyway,   Warren  volunteered   his   .me   and   flew   to  us.  Economy.  He  had  to  put  up  with  a  slightly  dodge  B&B  for  3  days.   (Our   guest   room   was   occupied.)   But   even   worse:   he   had  to  coach  completely  inexperienced  drummers.  So  Warren  the  Brave   faced   five   musicians   and   me   (a  musical   imbecile),   with  two  gigs  scheduled  during  his  stay.        The  first  gig  was  a  marke/ng  dinner  /  interac/ve  drum  session.  Massimo  from  Mamma  Mia  [restaurant]  put  up  the    food  and  beer  which  was  all-­‐Italian.  The  Phoenix  was  on  tap  and  flowed  liberally.  I  invited  all  the  influen9al  people  I  know  and  we  ended  up  entertaining  about  50  people  from  8  to  86  years  old.  I  had  a  good  four  leads  from  that  -­‐  and  on  an  island  like,  word  of  mouth  is  invaluable.    Our   second   event   took   place   at   Domain   la   Grave,   a   conference   venue   in   the   centre   of   the   island   for   a   company  called   Arup.   They   are   an   engineering   company   and   they   all   took   to   drumming   very   seriously.   If   it   weren’t   that  Warren  had  to  check  in  at  the  last  minute  for  a  flight,  they  would  have  carried  on  for  hours.  There  were  80  very  happy  people.  The  big  lesson  I  learnt  from  Warren  that  day  was  to  tolerate  drunk  customers,  as  it’s  their  day  and  not  yours…    It  was  wild,  both  gigs  worked  out  fantas4cally  and  Warren  made  us  feel  like  we  are  pros.  There  was  a  lot  of  sweat  but  no  tears,  just  relief.      A  small  problem,  however:  Warren  le3  behind  a  bit  of  a  fan  base  here  in  Mauri:us.  The  Mauri:an  women  s(ll  rave  about   him   like   he   is   another   "Zulu   Blanc".   Never   fear,   Tammy!   While   this   does   prove   that   Mauri@ans   are   a   bit  starved  of  interna-onal  ar-sts,  it  also  shows  just  how  ripe  and  ready  Mauri-us  is  for  a  Drum  Cafe.    A  celebra)on  of  painted  wolves  Drum  Café  Zimbabwe  entertained  over  200  guests  at  a  fundraising  /  awareness  event  for  Wild  Dogs  in  Zimbabwe  and   Southern   Africa.   The   event   was   set   in   the   pris6ne   Msasa   woodland,   and   included   an   art   exhibi6on,  presenta#ons   a   formal   dinner   and   an   auc#on.   Drum   Café   entertained   guests   during   cocktail   hour   with   a   mix   of  drums   and   marimbas.   From   the   auc2on   alone,   US$18   000   was   raised   to   go   towards   the   conserva2on   of   wild   dogs,  otherwise  known  as  ‘painted  wolves’.    
  10. 10. Page  10   Global  Beat  Collaboraon  between  offices  consolidates  Drum  Café  brand  in  the  USA  There  has  been  an  amazing  spirit  of  coopera3on  between  Drum  Café   offices   in   the   US   over   the   past   few   months,   which   has  enhanced   and   entrenched   the   Drum   Café   brand   in   the   region.  An   apt   example   was   an   event   run   by   Drum   Café   GA   /   FLA   in  Orlando  in  September  for  office  supplies  giant  ‘Staples’  through  a  referral  by  Drum  Café  New  York.  With  the  input  of  Aviva  Nash,  Alain   Eagles   and   the   DC   Southeast   team   ignited   an   incredible  session   for   2300   people   using   a   combina4on   of   ‘tools   of   their  trade’   (i.e.   office   supplies   such   as   paper   clip   canisters,   rulers   and  business   card   holders)   to   create   an   orchestrated   percussive  explosion.   It   was   feat   of   crea2vity,   teamwork,   energy   and  professionalism  and  was  delivered  to  a  rousing  standing  ova3on.    There  are  several  other  examples  of  collabora2on,  where  events  have   been   secured   through   ini1al   referrals   from   other   offices,  and  then  executed  with  combined  teams  and  pooled  resources  to   deliver   a   world-­‐class   product   with   maximum   value   for   the  client.  That’s  the  true  essence  of  a  global  brand!  Tourism  exposure  for  Drum  Café  Zimbabwe   Drum   Café   Zimbabwe   wowed   guests   at   the   World   Travel   and   Tourism   Fair   ‘Sanganai’   which   is   hosted   annually   by   the   Zimbabwe   Tourism   Authority.   The   fair   showcases   the   widest   variety   of   Africa’s   best   tourism   products   and   a,racts   interna/onal   visitors   and  media  from  across  the  world.       The  2011  chapter  was  held  at  the  world-­‐class   Harare   Interna)onal   Conference   Centre.   Drum   Café   ran   a   15-­‐minute   interac+ve   session   at   the   end   of   the   opening   ceremony   for   400   people   aer   the   guest   of   honors   speech.    Greek-­‐South  African  union  in  the  Bahamas  A  Greek  and  South  African  family  came  together  with  the  magic  of  Drum  Café  in  their  recent  wedding  rehearsal  dinner  in  Nassau,  Bahamas.  Drum  Café  GA  /  FLA  designed  a  customized  logo  and  printed  drums  with  it  to  enable  the   groom   to   give   his   family   and   friends   an   incredible   once-­‐in-­‐a-­‐life%me   gi)   and   experience.     This   event   has  sparked  a  very  commercial  rela*onship  –  the  families  are  a  prolific  force  in  the  restaurant,  hotel  and  event   business   and   Drum   Café   has   created   a   partnership   to   deliver   corporate   programs   through   their   extensive  network.  
  11. 11. Page  11   Global  Beat   Google  can’t  get  enough  of  Drum  Cafe    A"er   facilita,ng   two   amazing   events   for   Google   in   California,   Natalie  Spiro   of   Drum   Café   West   was   flown   to   Nairobi,   Kenya   to   launch   the    company’s   sub-­‐Saharan   division.   Although   the   super-­‐organised    Bronwyn   Dillon   of   Drum   Café   Joburg   assisted   to   arrange   a   shipment   of  50  drums  to  Kenya,  these  all  got  stuck  in  red  tape  at  Customs!  Drawing  on   all   her   crea*vity   and   social   skills,   Natalie   Spiro   magically   managed  to  source  replacement  drums  from  a  range  of  suppliers.    Needless   to   say,   the   event   went  off  without  a  hitch.   The  audience  was  incredibly   diverse,   including   par2cipants   from   the   massive   emerging  market   in   Africa   such   as   Senegal,   Cote   D’ivoire,   Cameroon,   Ghana,  Angola,  Nigeria,  Uganda,  Ethiopia,  Tanzania  and  Rwanda.      Natalie   had   a   wonderful   4-­‐day   experience   in   the   Masai-­‐Mara   before  returning  to  California,  and  extends  a  “HUGE  thank  you  to  Bronwyn  –  a  truly  amazing  lady”.    Drum  Café  India  rocks  45  000  at  Yashwant  stadium  in  Nagpur       On   13   November   2011,   Drum   Café   India   ran   an   electrifying   stadium   event   for   a   local   soccer   club,   where   they   performed   a   body  percussion  set  for  45  000  people  at  Yashwant  Stadium  in   Nagpur!   During   the   opening   ceremony,   Drum   Café,   along   with   50   local   drummers,   welcomed   all   the   par3cipa3ng   teams   onto   the  field.       About   200   team   owners   and   sponsors   brought   the   VIP   stand   to  life  as  they  drummed  along.  The  ceremony  concluded  with   a   massive   fireworks   display   –   an   apt   ending   to   an   explosive   evening.    Poten&al  new  market  in  Turkey  According   to   Bre-   Schlesinger,   “one   of   the   interes5ng   side   effects   of  the  crisis  in  Europe  is  that  Turkey  has  reared  its  head  as  a  very  viable  alternave  to  the  highly  priced  Euro  countries”.  Drum  Café  UK  recently  booked   two   large   events   in   Turkey,   during   which   they   used   local  Darbukas  –  thus  avoiding  the  expensive  shipping  costs  of  drums.      Research   has   shown   that   there   are   over   100   large   interna3onal  conferences  taking  place  in  Turkey  in  2012,  and  Drum  Café  UK  plans  to  capitalize  on  this  market  in  the  coming  year.  
  12. 12. Page  12   Global  Beat  Drum  and  Conversa.on  –  bringing  organisa*onal  development  into  drumming  events  Several   Drum   Café   offices   have   recently   been   successful   in   integra9ng  principles   of   organiza/onal   development   and   HR   prac/ces   into   their  drumming   products.   Larry   Lok   (Drum   Café   Taiwan)   had   great   success  with  an  advertorial  in  an  HR  magazine,  while  Natalie  Spiro  (DC  West)  is  working   with   organiza-onal   development   experts   to   explore  opportuni(es.    Drum   Café   Joburg   has   no1ced   a   significant   trend   where   corporate  budgets   have   shi-ed   from   marke3ng   into   the   HR   arena,   and   has  responded   to   this   change   with   the   development   of   a   new   product   based  on  the  principles  of  change  management.  The  product,  known  as  ‘Drum   Above:  Par$cipants  giving  each  other  and  Conversa+on’  has  evolved  through  extensive  collabora+on  between   feedback  on  their  individual  strengths  Warren   Lieberman   and   several   top   global   change   management    professionals.   According   to   Warren,   “our   message   is   shi8ing   Below:  Small  groups  iden3fying  the  fundamentally.   We   are   moving   away   from   the   by-­‐line   ‘building   teams   team’s  success  over  the  past  year  one  beat  at  a  (me’  to  a  new  focus  on  ‘  transforming  your  company  into  a  community’.  This  seems  to  be  resona3ng  with  people  deeply.”      Using   techniques   such   as   World   Café,   apprecia8ve   enquiry   and  community   building,   Drum   Café   Joburg   is   finding   that   this   new   product  not  only  separates  Drum  Café  from  all  other  drumming  companies,  but  that   it   also   has   the   poten,al   for   repeat   work   within   organiza.ons.   The  format  of  the  events  which  are  currently  being  run  by  Drum  Café  Joburg  are  depicted  in  the  diagram  below:  
  13. 13. Page  13   Global  Beat  Burger  King  event  gives  rise  to  new  opportuni0es    Drum   Café   GA   /   FLA   ran   a   3-­‐day   event   for   Burger   King   Corpora1on   in   Miami   last  September   where   they   showcased   3   different   styles   of   percussion   and   team-­‐building   programs,   including   drum   interac3ves,   clap   sets   and   drumming   with  dancers.  The  show  was  received  with  a  great  deal  of  enthusiasm  by  the  270  or  so  par$cipants,   all   of   whom   were   franchise   owners   in   the   region,   giving   rise   to   new  business  opportuni,es  …  always  a  good  thing!  First  year  program  goes  out  with  a  bang   Drum   Café   Texiana   (Texas   and   Louisiana)   got   hundreds   of   students   from   the   Texas   University   drumming   to   a   common   beat   as   they   learned   about   ideas   of   community   and   connectedness.   The   event   signified   the   end   of   Connec/ons,   a   six-­‐week   leadership   programme  for  first-­‐year  students.       Alumnus   Mack   McCarter   said   that   watching   his   vision   being  put  to  prac.ce  at  his  alma  mater  was  “the  most   exci%ng   thing   in   the   whole   world”   to   him   because   students   were   learning   ways   to   build   community   and   change   the   world.   He   said   events   like   the   Drum   Cafe   were  surreal  because  it  made  him  believe  in  the  power   of  students  to  posi,vely  impact  the  world.  “I  am  living   a  dream  right  now,”  he  said.  “It’s  wonderful.”        
  14. 14. Page  14   Global  Beat    Tes%monials   There  were  so  many  fabulous  client  tesmonials  over  the  past  few  months.  Here  are  some  of  our  rave  reviews:    Surucha  Mago,  Indira,  January  2012:  “One   of   the   most   spectacular   shows   I   have   ever   seen...the   energy   and   the   vibrance   radiated  from  the  performers,  who  charged  the  air  so  much  that  no  one  could  help  themselves  from  clapping   and   drumming!  Mesmerised?   Hypno5sed?   Awe-­‐struck?   No   word   is   really   apt   for  what  you  did  to  us!  INDIRA  loved  you!  (Drum  Café  India)    Zania  van  der  Merwe,  Remote  Metering  Solu5ons  It  was  awesome  –  I  think  the  guys  achieved  what  I  asked  them  to  achieve  a  100  5mes  over,  and  I  received  excellent  feedback  for  the  people  who  par5cipated!  (Drum  Café  Joburg)    Charlie  Ruff,  Freshman  at  Texas  Chris4an  University,  October  2011:  “It  was  awesome…  I  liked  how  he  [Dale  Monnin]  ed  in  building  community  and  important  life  lessons  to  just  having  a  good  1me  and  drumming.  It  was  really  interes1ng.”  (Drum  Café  Texiana)  Goh  Chwee  Poh,  Credit  Suisse,  September  2011:  “Credit  Suisse  stands  immensely  delighted  to  have  partnered  Drumcafe  in  its  teambuilding  event   …   To   prac-cally   all   the   par-cipants,   the   3-­‐hour   program   was   not   only   fun   and  entertaining,   but   also   educa1onal...  To   sum   it   all   up,   we   came   as   individuals,   we   le3   as   an  orchestra.   I   recall   the   ac-vity   requiring   us   to   ‘perform’   with   the   different   lengths   of   mul5-­‐coloured  hollow  rods  synchronising  in  melodious  unison  under  the  cues  of  the  facilitators.    What  a  superb  and  wonderfully  coordinated  ac5vity  through  much  collabora5ve  effort.    And  all  of  that  was  incredibly  done  through  music,  the  universal  language.  “  (Drum  Café  Taiwan)    Grant  Folkes,  CTM,  November  2011:  “We   all   enjoyed   it,   I   think   it   is   one   of   the   very   few   things   you   can   do   in   the   world   that  eliminates  race,  culture  and  age”  (Drum  Café  Durban)      BBYO,  Bal#more,  January  2012  "I   don’t   think   I   have   the   words   to   tell   you   how   amazing   the   Drum   Café   experience   was.   I  think  it  is  the  best  program  we  have  ever  done  at  a  Staff  Conference.  I  had  one  woman  come  and  tell  me  that  it  was  the  greatest  teambuilding  program  she  has  seen  anywhere  in  her  20  year   career.   Pavel   and   his   team   were   phenomenal!!     The   program   was   amazing,   the  facilitators  were  fantas.c  ..!!"  (Drum  Café  New  York)    Reese  Abbene-­‐Ingino,  Notre  Dame  High  School,  January  2012  I   cannot   express   the   deep   gra$tude   I   have   for   you   and   all   your   wonderful   drum   people.    They  were  the  consummate  professionals  and  delivered  an  excellent  program.    Today,  it  was  amazing   to   hear   the   diverse   members   of   staff   and   faculty   approach   myself   and   the   other  members   of   Ministry   gush   over   the   drum   experienced.     They   commented   on   how   they  would  never  forget  that  experience  and  how  life  changing  it  was.     You  were  so  gracious  to  work  with  us  to  deliver  a  message  that  was  coherent  and  inspiring.     Thank  you,  thank  you,  thank  you!  (Drum  Café  West)          
  15. 15. Page  15   Global  Beat  Company  News  and  Views  Internal  news  and  advice     New  Staff  members   This  year  we  welcome  a  number  of  new  and  talented  staff  members  into  the  Drum  Café  community:     Shinnosuke   Miura   has   joined   Drum   Café   Japan.   He   is   a   guitarist   who   is   expanding   his   talents   into   the   art   of   djembe  playing.     The   wonderful   and   vibrant   Mandy   Glass   has   joined   the   Joburg   office   staff,   and   has   brought   with   her   a   special   brand  of  energy  and  op-mism  that  you  will  all  come  to  recognize  over  the  next  few  months.  Mandy  has  already   had  amazing  client  feedback  and  everyone  in  the  Joburg  office  is  thrilled  to  have  her  on  board.     In  India,  Vinod  and  Aliya  Hasal’s  daughter  Vinodini,  who  is  16  years  old,  travelled  to  Delhi  on  her  first  gig  with  the   Drum  Café  Team  to  play  the  single  bass  at  the  2012  Auto  Show,  and  we  are  hoping  this  will  be  the  start  of  her   long-­‐term  involved  with  Drum  Café.     Nidhi  Chaitow  will  spend  2012  travelling  around  Europe,  Bali,  Russia  and  the  UK,  during  which  >me  she  will  be   wri$ng   a   book,   connec$ng   with   other   drum   and   rhythm   therapists   and   educators   and   taking   a   well   deserved   break.  Richelle  Kohn  will  be  running  and  managing  Drum  Café  Knysna  during  this  +me.     Florian  Moizahn  has  joined  Drum  Café  Germany  to  oversee  sales,  opera*ons  and  project  management.  Alexandra   Jackel   has   quit   her   job   at   the   Frankfurt   Book   Fair   and   is   now   working   20   hours   /   week   for   Drum   Café   with   a   focus   on   both   the   accoun+ng   and   marke+ng   func+ons.   Drum   Café   Germany   is   also   planning   to   develop   a   non-­‐profit   social  business  unit  for  the  educa1onal,  social  and  therapeu1c  market,  and  Alexandra  will  be  driving  this  division.   Rachel  Levinson  has  joined  Drum  Café  New  York  as  markeng  and  office  manager.  Rachel  has  a  background  in   adver&sing   and   has   wri)en,   produced   and   performed   in   an   acapella   group.   She   has   even   performed   a   bit   of   stand-­‐up  comedy.  Rachel  is  thrilled  to  be  part  of  the  Drum  Cafe  team.    Drum  Café  entrenches  its  presence  in  Florida,  USA     Drum  Café  GA  /  FLA  has  successfully  re-­‐ac#vated  its  presence  in  the  state  of  Florida  with  the  physical  reloca0on   of  Jo-­‐Ann,  Alain  and  Nayeli  to  Fort  Lauderdale  in  September  2011.  This  move  has  also  consolidated  the  office’s   business  processes  and  structure,  with  the  Atlanta  HQ  driving  sales,  marke:ng,  accoun:ng  and  logis:cs  planning   for  the  region.  GA  /  FLA  kicked  off  a  focused  marke9ng  drive  with  a  South  Florida  PR  agent  and  a  very  targeted   SEO  campaign  partner  focused  on  building  the  brand  and  helping  to  raise  in-­‐market  awareness  and  profile.  The   move  into  the  Florida  market  has  also  led  to  an  infusion  of  the  core  drum  interac,ve  program  with  ‘La,n’  flavours   and   rhythms   of   the   South   American   and   Caribbean   influence   which   make   south   Florida   such   an   a:rac;ve   des$na$on  for  clients  from  Europe  and  the  North  Eastern  USA.       A  fresh  start  in  Cape  Town     As  most  of  you  know,  Bre1  and  Sue  Schlesinger  and  their  children  le:  London  in  July  2011  and  have  since  spent   !me  travelling  in  Italy  and  Spain.  They  have  now  se8led  in  Cape  Town  where  they  are  ren!ng  a  house  in  Tokai.   Drum  Café  Cape  Town  has  moved  to  new  premises  in  Observatory  and  Bre:  will  be  working  together  with  Margie   and   Esme   to   invigorate   Drum   Café   Cape   Town.   See   pictures   of   the   Schlesinger’s   travels   in   ‘Personal   News’   on   page  16.        
  16. 16. Page  16   Global  Beat    Community  Column     BIRTHDAYS  We’ve   had   a   bit   of   a   lag   since   our   last   newsle6er   so   the   birthday   list   is   longer   than   usual.   We   would   like   to   wish   a  very  happy  birthday  to  our  Drum  Café  friends  who  celebrated  their  birthdays  between  October  2011  and  January  2012,  and  those  who  will  be  celebra4ng  their  birthdays  in  February:  OCTOBER   NOVEMBER   DECEMBER        21st  Nidhi  Chaitow  –  Knysna   1st:  Terri  Laing  –  London   1st:  Tessa  Meiser  –  DC  West     17th:  Tammy  Lieberman  -­‐  Joburg   3rd:  Warren  Lieberman  –  Joburg  JANUARY   18th:  Dan  Monnin  –  ‘Texiana’     26th  Shirley  Borochowsky  –  Joburg  1st:  Yancy  Vega  –  ‘Texiana’    5th:  Sarah  Tyson  -­‐  South  East   FEBRUARY  11th:  Shvetank  Hasal  -­‐  India    18th:  Tzachi  Rechter  -­‐  Israel   6th:  Pavel  Lempert  -­‐  North  East  22nd:  Cecile  Radus  -­‐  Joburg  Social   12th:  Stella  Lelaka  -­‐  Joburg  Social  26th:  Patrick  Tromp  -­‐  Netherlands   12th:  Esme  Silberman  –  Cape  Town  30th:  Corinne  Jedwood  Rechter  -­‐  Israel   23rd:  Nicu  Manta  -­‐  Romania   25th:  Julie  Proctor  -­‐  London  PERSONAL  NEWS   A  new  ‘li)le  drummer’  in  the  Drum  Café  family     We   wish   a   hearty   congratula+ons   and   mazeltov   to   Aviva   and   Larry   Nash   and   family   (Drum   Café   New   York)  on  the  birth  of  their  gorgeous  son  and  brother,   Judah,  born  on  29  December  2011.     The  nomadic  Schlesingers     Travelling   Italy   and   Spain   before   se5ling   in   Cape  Town  was  a  life-­‐changing  experience   for  Bre  and  Sue  Schlesinger.  According  to   Bre$,  “living  out  of  suitcases  for  8  months   has  been  a  revela+on  …  realizing  we  don’t   need   90%   of   the   stuff   that   we   have   accumulated   in   life   has   been   libera1ng.   We   have   dropped   a+achment   to   all   the   things   that   we   were   used   to…its   all   been   a   lesson   in   dropping   expecta0ons.   We   have   had   a   big   insight   into   how   you   can   get   used   to   living   with   very   li1le   rou2ne   and   it   makes  li)le  difference”.