World Golfs Franchise Listing Summary Rev 1


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Looking For Executives That Want To Get Paid to Play Golf!

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World Golfs Franchise Listing Summary Rev 1

  1. 1. World Golfs – It’s Not About Golf…It’s All About Business! A Premier Business Networking Franchise for Entrepreneurial and Corporate Decision Makers. Are you ready to take your business to a new level? • An exclusive business networking organization limited to business owners and decision makers. • Organized golf events at premier golf clubs that brings members together on a monthly basis. • Meeting the right type of business contacts in a relaxed and productive atmosphere • Corporate membership requires monthly attendance by one or more key decision makers. • Expand your networking circle through the monthly golf outings, executive speednetworking events and the World Golfs Gala Dinner. • Franchisees build their local network through regional chapter organized events and World Golfs national events • World Golfs turnkey networking system lets you quickly build your network of business relationships. As a World Golfs franchisee, you have the opportunity to grow your center of influence, and develop relationships in a casual atmosphere where decision makers get to know each other as people first. Any business executive knows the key to growing a business or getting things done is by knowing “the right people”. World Golfs provides a unique networking system for developing relationships, connecting with new resources and getting to know “the right people” Are you looking for a better way to build your network of decision makers? Reaching the right decision makers today is a challenge, especially with all the time constraints. Yet reaching the right type of business connections is critical for all businesses. One on one meetings, a private golf outing and meal meetings are limited in how often and how many qualified decision makers you can meet. World Golfs provides a networking system that will expand your circle of influence to a scale not possible through these traditional forms of networking. More important, World Golfs regularly scheduled events are key to the success of your networking membership.
  2. 2. Do you enjoy networking with key decision makers in a relaxed and productive environment? Spending five hours on a golf course gives members an opportunity to get to know one another. World Golfs organized events insures quality time away from the office environment through introductions and relationship building activities with the other executives in their regional area. By introducing your members to the right people, they will refer their clients and associates to your local chapter and other regional chapters in the World Golfs franchise network. What are the requirements to be a World Golfs Franchisee? A successful franchisee will have a network of business connections, friends and decision makers. It requires an understanding of the value of networking and the ability to communicate the value of the World Golfs networking system to potential members. The successful franchisee is a leader, someone who is personable, detail oriented, and dedicated. Running a World Golf’s franchise is not a full time job, but it does require an initial commitment of time to build the franchise membership. However, unlike many networking organization, each World Golf’s networking franchise is limited to 100 members. .World Golfs Franchises Franchises are now being offered in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania areas. World Golfs currently has over 70 corporate memberships between New Jersey and New York. Each regional chapter under World Golfs organizes 7 golf outings and 2 non golf events each year. The golf outings are scheduled at top semi private clubs within the franchises geographic area. Chapter Members are required to participate at these monthly outings and are encouraged to bring guests. Every year, World Golfs organizes a Gala Networking Event and members from all franchise chapters are invited to attend. All members are entitled to bring a guest a no charge to all non-golf events. Support You will run your network, but you will not be alone. As a World Golf’s franchisee you will receive everything you need to support and build your franchise business network: In Person training and coaching • Monthly tune up meetings with an expert consultant • Marketing collateral and sales materials • Access to a customer relations management (CRM) software system • Customized World Golfs chapter website • Membership application processing and review • Membership payment and processing • World Golfs ”Where Executives Connect” 201-497-6217
  3. 3. Golf Course negotiation and scheduling • Email accounts and initial supply of business cards • Income and Flexibility - So You Can Build Your Network of Decision Makers! As a World Golfs Franchisee, you have an opportunity to expand your circle of influence, reach new decision makers and earn income from your business network. You can operate this business from your home, office or anywhere you have a phone and email. You also have the ability to work full or part time and create your own schedule, maximizing time for business, your family and the activities most important to you. Low Fees, Low costs, No Inventory Your investment of $50,000 pays for the initial franchise fee plus our training and support. No additional start up capital is needed except for your ongoing office support, transportation and marketing expenses. This business has no large capital expenses, no employees, no inventory or start up hassles. World Golfs ”Where Executives Connect” 201-497-6217