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SXSW 2012 report back


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Report back on sxsw interactive 2012 from Dan Pinch of Society (Cape Town based social media agency).

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SXSW 2012 report back

  1. SXSW – show and tell
  2. Key trends
  3. The Curation Trend: Pinterest Pinterest has around 11 million monthly users (and growing rapidly) it acts as a virtual scrapbook. Users create their own or follow others – popular subjects include design, fashion, home/décor and food. Could almost think of it as the visual version of Twitter combined with a virtual scrapbook. Acts as an example of how early adopters are not necessarily geeks – in this case mid-west housewives were ahead of the geeks.
  4. Brands on PintrestWhole Foods Market on Pinterest has over 11 thousand followers.. Its 20 boards include DeliciousArt, Whole Foods Foundation, Strength, We’re Used to Reusing, and Super HOT Kitchens.Suitable for brands with visually interesting and regularly changing products (fashion or food forexample) or producing visually interesting content through activities (a paint brand for example).
  5. Mobile first social networks: Instagram Iphone only app that has gained 27 million users in a year and half. Has a similar ongoing story telling and experience sharing to Facebook but its use of filters encourages an artistic / spontaneous take on the content it captures. It’s the Polaroid of digital photos. Tight integration with both Twitter and Facebook is making it the default way to share images on social networks.
  6. Brands on Instagram Instagram is suitable for brands producing compelling visual content related to either their product/business (e.g. behind the scenes view) or activities (e.g. events). Red Bull has 60,000+ followers.
  7. Ambient and location aware apps Probably the breakthrough trend was in ambient (runs in the background) location based social networking tools. Highlight and Glancee flag people with similar interests. Others are exploring indoor location services and ideas around geo-fencing and location triggered content.
  8. Ambient and location aware apps Brands will be using this technology to trigger messages based on where you are; both outside and inside. Offering discounts, value added content (e.g. travel guide), issuing warnings (traffic alerts), running games, music. Idea: what if you had an app that played music based on your location in a city and the musicians from that neighbourhood?
  9. Marketing trends / insights
  10. The new pattern of marketing Marketing strategy and creative needs to adapt to the demands of frequent contact through social channels. There needs to be adaptation of a central theme or riff to create ongoing content. Big burst campaign thinking does not work well in digital – there is needs for an always on approach. ATL Activations CRM PR Social Word o
  11. Storytelling and content There is a strong move away from “ads” and towards content and storytelling in digital marketing. Facebook for example are killing off traditional ads and forcing brands to get their content strategy right by promoting content rather than ads. This is the new template for social advertising. Transmedia storytelling spreads out that storytelling over multiple channels – not repeating the same content but adding new elements to the story in different mediums. One medium leads you onto the next.
  12. Using social media platforms as storytelling tools @bettydraper was set-up by a copywriter to explore Twitter as a storytelling device (it is unofficial). The Twitter Betty Draper live tweets during episodes and imagines activities outside of the TV show to give a sense of the daily life of the character. Special events included livetweeting the CLIO awards and an imagined Live Tweeting of a famous Beatles concert. This extends the story, runs daily and between seasons.
  13. Using social media platforms as storytelling tools Anthony Bourdain uses Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr to extend the content around No Reservations. They post content from the road while they film, invite suggestions on content for the show and occasionally live broadcast clips. They also use it for content the network feels is “risky”.
  14. Thankyouferrymuch