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PR and the power of earned media for brands


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Presentation by Dan Pinch (creative director of Atmosphere) at the Integrated Marketing Conference Cape Town

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PR and the power of earned media for brands

  1. 1. PR and the power of earned media for brands October 2010
  2. 2. Advertising = telling everyone you’re great
  3. 3. PR = getting other people to say you’re great
  4. 4. Earned media = doing something to prove how great you are, that people want to share
  5. 5. On average people pay attention to editorial content six times more than its surrounding advertising (Ogilvy & Mather, 70s) Word of mouth marketing is ten times more effective than TV or print advertising (Euro RSCG)
  6. 6. The more earned media you have the less you have to spend on traditional advertising 15% of US tech media coverage US Ad spend in 2009 $376 million 3% of US tech media coverage US Ad spend in 2009 $1.2 billion
  7. 7. PR 1.0 (petit fours and press releases) + +
  8. 8. PR 1.0: found in newspapers
  9. 9. PR 2.0: an idea that starts a public conversation
  10. 10. PR 2.0: consumed and interacted with everywhere
  11. 11. Integration makes ideas work harder The idea Print/TV ad introducing the idea Earned media coverage on the idea via trad media and online Radio, outdoor and online ads extend the idea and give it scale Media release explains the idea Idea explained via Facebook and Twitter and shared by online noise makers Facebook ads increase the amount of people sharing the idea
  12. 12. Proof it works…
  13. 13. Start with ideas not ads (and we need new creative teams, not these guys)
  14. 14. If you want to be an interesting brand do interesting things!
  15. 15. The world’s first Ephemeral Museum Pampero Rum, Portugal
  16. 16. Forever Young, The Swedish Postal Service, Sweden
  17. 17. Photo Workshop, Levi’s, United States
  18. 18. The ATL campaign in the US that set the tone for the campaign
  19. 19. Pop-up space used for collaborations and workshops involving the public.
  20. 20. Vintage cameras for hire
  21. 21. Studio area
  22. 22. Print area
  23. 23. Save Your Future, Sanlam, South Africa
  24. 24. Some final thoughts
  25. 25. Integration – if it doesn’t hurt you’re not doing it right
  26. 26. Start with an idea, don’t leap into channels
  27. 27. Tap into public conversations
  28. 28. Surprise people (arb works)
  29. 29. Commit to good ideas and be single minded about driving them across the marketing mix
  30. 30. Tell stories – short snacks of content over a long time period
  31. 31. Find the human truth in campaign ideas – people connect with people
  32. 32. Create multiple touch points and lead consumers on a journey between them
  33. 33. Measure everything
  34. 34. Take risks, be prepared to make mistakes
  35. 35. @danpinch