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A linked data visualisation for government structure


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Slides from my demo at the Open Government Data Camp 2010 - 19th November @ UCL.

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A linked data visualisation for government structure

  1. 1. A visualisation for government structure powered by Linked Data served through a Linked Data API @danpaulsmith
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Where can I get the data? Answer: From a SPARQL endpoint (portal to get linked data) Massive bonus: A Linked Data API
  4. 4. What data do I want for my visualisation? • Departments • Units within a department • Posts within a unit on-standards-directorate/post
  5. 5. I want departments + their units + the unit posts + the posts that report to those posts! • _view= minimal • _properties= unit.label • _pageSize= 100 • _view=minimal&_properties=unit.label,,
  6. 6. Reformatting for my own use
  7. 7.