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Msc presentation Danny Wilson


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Sport Science Testing for Boxing

Published in: Sports
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Msc presentation Danny Wilson

  1. 1. Physiological Testing Battery for Amateur Boxing Danny Wilson MSc BSc ASCC Alan Ruddock Csci 2014
  2. 2. Sport and Exercise Science The scientific study of factors that influence our ability to perform exercise or physical activity
  3. 3. Physiology of Sport and Exercise The scientific study of how the body responds and adapts to exercise To adapt practice to a specific sport, a sport scientist has to perform a Needs Analysis.
  4. 4. Needs Analysis Boxing Example
  5. 5. Physical Characteristics can be Monitored and Assessed by Physiological Testing... MSc Project Title: Physiological Testing Battery for Amateur Boxing
  6. 6. The Importance of Physiological Testing Identify strengths and areas for improvement Assist Talent ID and selection Evaluate and prescribe training interventions
  7. 7. Appropriate Tests.. Repeated Sprint Test Yo Yo Intermittent Recovery
  8. 8. Appropriate Tests.. Medicine Ball Vertical Jumps Throw
  9. 9. Appropriate Tests.. Body Fat Percentage Anthropometric Assessments
  10. 10. Appropriate Tests.. 10-m Sprint Push Up Test
  11. 11. Main Findings – Juniors vs Seniors • 0.7-0.9 ICC means that the testing battery had moderate to excellent test-retest reliability scores (0.7 to 0.9) • Large differences (0.8) between seniors and juniors during press ups, MB throws and Yo-Yo. • Moderate differences (0.2) between seniors and juniors following vertical jump height and sprint times. This means.. That the between senior and junior boxers show that the tests are valid for physical performance in boxing
  12. 12. Main Findings – Age vs. Competitive Experience • Majority of the tests correlated with age • Only MB backhand throw distance and Yo-Yo final level strongly correlated with both age and competitive experience • There were only small correlations between competitive experience and impulse, acceleration and upper body strength. This means.. Traditional Boxing Training Methods only Develop Endurance and Punching Force. Acceleration and Impulse is only developed by maturation
  13. 13. Main Findings – Punch Force Predictors • Large correlations were found for MB backhand throw distance with vertical • When scaled to body mass, relative lean mass of the trunk was the main contributor to MB backhand throwing distance, in turn, estimated pound for pound punching force. This means.. Developing core musculature and strength is important for pound for pound punching force. Furthermore, the higher you jump the harder you can punch
  14. 14. Training Resistance / Olympic lifting Three Dimensional Movement Recommendations High Intensity Punch Specific Interval Training
  15. 15. What’s Next?
  16. 16. Future Research • Future research should extend study by recruitment of elite amateur and professional boxers. • Finding appropriate technology to incorporate punch force • Defining an appropriate assessment for anaerobic performance. This means.. Developing core musculature and strength is important for Boxing. Furthermore, the higher you jump the harder you can punch
  17. 17. Influencing the Next Generation of Boxing
  18. 18. THANK YOU