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Music video purposes work sheet Ed Sheeran


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Music video purposes work sheet Ed Sheeran

  1. 1. Comment on the following aspects in relation to PURPOSES and BENIFITS forartist/band and target audience Provide an Provide any research evidence you can find that supports explanations explanation of benefits for artist, record label and audience in relation to benefits (promotion, extension of income & outlets, synergy opportunitie s and strategies used by producers to benefit label and artist)Promotiona The artist (Ed Ed Sheeran merchandise:l Sheeran) promotes through a number of media products to gain a larger target audience and increase his publicity.The media products he uses to promote themselves are , social networking sites, magazines, an official website and merchandise. This helps increase his target audience and
  2. 2. promote himself helping him sell his music etc. This can also be done to promote the artist more to the female side of his audience who see him as a "crush" figure.Extension of The artist useincome social networking sites (facebook, twitter) to let his target audience know what the he is currently up to and to provide infomation about his tour and song releases etc.The artist also uses his own official website to reach his fanbase.Extension of The artist (Ed Sheeran) gains alotof publicity and income from linking his videos on youtube to his social networking
  3. 3. site such as twitter or facebook. The public may view one of his videos and go on the link to one of his networking pages. From their they can find out all the nessersary infomation about him which could lead them into becoming part of his audience, which may increase his income etc. The number of views show that the youtube videos help to increase his target audience.Synergy The artist uses synergy e in a number of different ways. e.g For example, the band uses YouTube to help promote himselves and to advertise his music. By promoting
  4. 4. himself in this way he gains a larger public audience and more publicity.Producers producersstrategies would use youtube as a main strategie for the artist as his audience increases due to people watching his videos and following the links to his network pages. This inturn increases his income, publicity among other things.