Procedure For Parades Example


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Example procedure for parades. Part of the Brighton Air Cadets NCO training course.

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Procedure For Parades Example

  1. 1. Procedure for Forming a Squadron Parade 226 (Brighton) Sqn Forming Up 1. Cadets lined up in flights, in height order. Flight JNCOs for Squad: No 1 Flight, MARKER Tallest on the right, shortest on the left, in single rank - SIZE No 1 Flight - NUMBER Odd Numbers, two paces step forward - MARCH Number One stand fast, ranks, right and left - TURN No 1 Flight, Form squad, Quick - MARCH (Adjust flights position if necessary) No 1 Flight, Right - DRESS Eyes - FRONT No 1 Flight, Stand at - EASE Stand - EASY Flight JNCOs turn about to await SNCO. On hearing the SNCO approaching, they call their flights to attention (No 1 flight first, ideally): No 1 Flight, Flight - SHUN 2. Designated SNCO Marches on 6 paces front and centre of the squadron. He proves the squadron: Squadron, stand at - EASE Squadron, squadron - SHUN Flight NCOʼs take - POST Flight JNCOʼs march around and fall in to the squad. The SNCO will now adjust the squadrons position or dressing if he feels it is necessary. He will then fall in the other SNCOʼs. Fall in the Supernumerary NCOʼs The NCOʼs march on to their parade positions. When they are in place the SNCO will give Squadron stand at - EASE Stand - EASY 3. At this point, procedure will vary depending on the type of parade. If it is a first parade or muster parade and no inspection is taking place, the SNCO will ask the Duty NCO to give their briefing and then fall the squadron out. If an inspection is taking place, go to paragraph 4. If a final parade is taking place, the SNCO will await the SNCO(ATC) or Officer.
  2. 2. Inspections 4. The SNCO will prepare the squadron for inspection: “Carry out a buddy buddy check” Squadron, Squadron - SHUN Open order - MARCH Right - DRESS He will then check the dressings, posture and uniform, ensuring there is room for the inspecting officer and give Eyes - FRONT 5. If the Cadet SNCO is inspecting, he will proceed with the inspection on his own. If the SNCO Discip or a Warrant Officer is inspecting he will position himself 3 paces in front of the right marker and await the NCO/WO. 7. If an Officer is inspecting, and there is an SNCO(ATC) or WO present, the SNCO will stand the parade at ease and await their arrival. They will then take post at the back when ordered.