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e-Marketer's Webinar on Social Video - The Next Wave of Digital Advertising


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e-Marketer's Webinar on Social Video - The Next Wave of Digital Advertising

  1. 1. N O V E M B E R 1 5, 2 0 1 2 Social Video—The Next Wave in Digital Advertising Sponsored by:Paul Verna ©2011 eMarketer Inc.
  2. 2. Agenda  Social video at a glance: definitions and vital stats  Top venues for social video  Understanding sharing behavior  Top campaigns: What worked?  Social video demographics  Metrics and return on investment  Conclusions  Q&ATwitter – #eMwebinar ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  3. 3. Social Video at a Glance ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  4. 4. What is social video?  eMarketer defines social video as video advertising or content designed to be easily shared on venues such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, as well as through email lists and embed codes.  Unlike pre-rolls, social video ads are user-initiated and non-interruptive.  Social video ads are often longer than 15 or 30 seconds.  Social video represents a blurring of lines between advertising and branded entertainment.  Social video is trackable and measurable.Twitter – #eMwebinar ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  5. 5. What is social video? “Social video advertising is brands producing content with the purpose of getting it seen and shared by people who want to watch it, as opposed to producing ads where the goal is to interrupt people and push the message on them.” —Dan Greenberg, CEO of Sharethrough ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  6. 6. What is social video? “Social video is non-interruptive; it’s 100% opt-in. It could be any length and it’s got built-in tools to promote post-view activity, aka earned media or sharing.” —Mitchell Reichgut, CEO of JunGroup ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  7. 7. What is social video? “The concept is to blur the lines between advertising and entertainment, so every form of advertising becomes an advertorial that accomplishes the brand’s goal but has a realistic chance of exciting the consumer to share content.” —David Segura, CEO of Giant Media ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  8. 8. Native advertising: variation on a theme“With native advertising you’re buying mediathe same way you’d buy a display ad, it just happens that the ad is biggerand in the content well. Native media istrackable and targetable by the same metricsyou’d use for display ads.”—Dan Greenberg, CEO of Sharethrough ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  9. 9. Native advertising: variation on a theme ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  10. 10. Native advertising: pros and consPros:Advertisers and publishers aren’t locked into standardad units, including pre-roll lengthsAd-buying process is the same as with display adsNative ads are trackable and measurableCons:Some chafe at breaking down wall between ads andcontentMany mistake ads for contentMany consider this practice misleadingTwitter – #eMwebinar ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  11. 11. Native advertising can be misleading ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  12. 12. Worldwidesocial videoad viewsincreased inQ1 2012 on asequentialbasis, andeveryquarter in2012 on aYoY basis 78% sequential increase in Q1 2012 81% YoY increase in Q3 2012 ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  13. 13. Not all social videos are marketer-driven • ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ 495 million YouTube views • ‘Kony 2012’ view count: 93 million on YouTube, 16 million on Vimeo • Rebecca Black, ‘Friday’ 42 million YouTube viewsTwitter – #eMwebinar ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  14. 14. Top Venues for Social Video ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  15. 15. YouTube dominated US online video withover 150M unique viewers in Sept. 2012 ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  16. 16. YouTubealso led invideosviewed andaverage timeper viewer 13.1 billion clips in Sept. 2012 (17x over nearest competitor) 419.1 minutes per viewer (5x over nearest competitor) ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  17. 17. Top campaigns like Old Spice’s Muscle Music and Kony 2012 ran on VimeoTwitter – #eMwebinar ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  18. 18. P&G’s Old Spice used Vimeo because the channel delivered interactivity“We wanted to do something unique in terms ofthe content and the technology, and Vimeo wasthe only partner that could make the experiencepossible with the ability to embed the interactivecreation tool into other sites and social media.”—Mike Norton, director of communications for Old Spice ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  19. 19. Social games are a major distributionplatform for opt-in videos • Jun Group reaches 100 million users across 400 social games • In 2011, Social Vibe handled 500 opt-in engagement campaigns for over 200 brands on games by Zynga and others • appssavvy is experimenting with activity-based advertising in social gamesSources: New York Times, appssavvy ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  20. 20. A SocialVibe opt-inad inZynga’sCityVilleofferedusers virtualcurrency inexchange forcompleting avideo view ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  21. 21. Social video campaigns featuring JustinBieber and Lady Gaga launched on Viddy ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  22. 22. Understanding Sharing Behavior ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  23. 23. Facebook is the top sharing service forvideo ads on the Sharethrough network 72% of sharing activity happens through Facebook ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  24. 24. Large numbers of Facebook users aresharing video ads on the social network A July 2012 MediaBrix survey of 2,236 US internet users found that: 8% of Facebook users said they had shared a video advertisement for a brand on Facebook. 16% of Facebook app users said they had shared a video ad for a brand shown inside an app or game on Facebook.Source: MediaBrix ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  25. 25. After watching opt-in clips, viewers visitFacebook brand pages and company sites 28% click to 31% visit brand’s company site Facebook page ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  26. 26. Twitter users share content from YouTubemore than from other video sitesTwitter – #eMwebinar ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  27. 27. For product videos, many turn to socialvenues like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  28. 28. People trust their social networksmore than they trust marketers “Sharing can lend a campaign a measure of authenticity. If people come into a brand from a friend or read about it from press, versus just seeing it in an ad, that seems to be more impactful for consumers. It’s a form of endorsed media, versus traditional push media.” —Jennifer Long, brand director for Patrón Spirits ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  29. 29. Seeding content on social venues doesnot guarantee it will be shared “Just because you can put something on YouTube doesn’t mean people are going to be invested in it and pass it on. When they do pass it on, it becomes social currency. It becomes an expression of themselves.” —J Barbush, creative social media director, RPA ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  30. 30. Top Campaigns: What Worked? ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  31. 31. Top Video Campaigns, Q1 2012 ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  32. 32. Campaignsthat promotecontent priorto the SuperBowlgeneratealmost 600%more viewsthan thosethat do not In 2012, 20 advertisers waited until game day to launch campaigns Source: Visible Measures ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  33. 33. ‘Kony’ was the top-performing clip in Q1 • 30-minute documentary on Ugandan guerrilla leader Joseph Kony • Video’s popularity resulted from a robust social media effort by its creator, Invisible Children • Organization enlisted celebrities with massive social media followings (Oprah Winfrey, Justin Bieber, Ryan Seacrest, Kim Kardashian) • Video reached 100 million views faster than any other clip in historyTwitter – #eMwebinar ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  34. 34. ‘Kony 2012’took only 6days toreach the100M viewmilestone,outpacingLady Gaga,JustinBieber andthe viralsensation‘Charlie BitMy Finger’ ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  35. 35. Honda CRV – ‘Matthew’s Day Off’• Honda, its agency (RPA) and social media seeding company Giant Media launched their campaign with teasers featuring ‘Ferris Bueller’ star Matthew Broderick• Companies secured placements in 80+ influential blogs• Campaign garnered more than 79 million earned media impressions• Clip length varied from a 10-second teaser to a 1-minute TV spot to a 2½-minute extended versionTwitter – #eMwebinar ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  36. 36. 70% of the opt-in video views of Fortune500 ads were at least 1 minute long 37% were 33% were between over 2 minutes 1 and 2 minutes ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  37. 37. 30- to 60-second clips showed the highestengagement rates ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  38. 38. Social Video Demographics ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  39. 39. Youngerinternetusers aremost apt topost videoson sharingsites, somarketerstargetingthese groupsshouldincludesocial videoin their plans ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  40. 40. Marketers have successfully used socialvideo to target younger viewers“That younger demo is trickier to hit these days.There’s so much video snacking instead oftraditional advertising. We were looking for a wayto break through, and the only way was to haveinteresting content that folks seek out andshare with their friends.”—Tom Hume, director, marketing communications for Toshiba ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  41. 41. Humor + social video = young males“It can be tricky to keep young adult malesengaged for a long period of time, especiallyif the content isn’t humorous. There are aton of videos out there, both by brands andindividuals, so we’re trying to cut throughthe clutter with humor.”—Kevin Holmes, marketing manager forHot Pockets at Nestlé ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  42. 42. Hot Pockets lets the Dogg outHot Pockets used the top three creative approaches tosocial video: humor, celebrities and music. The companyenlisted rap icon Snoop Dogg to remake his 2004 hit“Drop It Like It’s Hot” into a jingle. ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  43. 43. Humor was the top creative approachfor social video ad campaigns in 2011 ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  44. 44. Social Video Metrics and ROI ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  45. 45. Marketers use hard and soft metrics to determine social video campaign ROI  Hard metrics include key indicators such as video views, a breakdown of venues where the clip ran, clicks to websites, visits to Facebook, store locator usage and coupon downloads.  Soft metrics include blog coverage and real-time feedback on social venues.  ROI assessments are complicated by confusion over definitions and unrealistic client expectations.  Some clients expect all campaigns to go viral, and some tech providers game the system by artificially inflating social views.Twitter – #eMwebinar ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  46. 46. Being realistic about viral“Some are benchmarking this industry to beingviral. They want to pay for half a million viewsbut receive 50 million. It goes without sayingthat that’s what we want, too, but this shouldbe driven by realistic statistics. Historically, forevery two paid video views you get from GiantMedia, you get one that’s earned.”—David Segura, CEO of Giant Media ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  47. 47. Metrics and ROI“We measure aggregate views as well asimpressions and earned media frommentions by influencers. We track thesentiment of that coverage and associatedonline comments and the engagement rate.Qualitatively, we track against themesmentioned in comments to determinewhether they are consistent withour communications goals.”—John Watts, senior manager of digitalmarketing at Honda ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  48. 48. JunGroup study highlights  Facebook engagement is on the decline. Consumers are forgoing heading to an advertiser’s Facebook page in favor of going directly to websites.  Made for the web isn’t always the way to go. Contrary to popular belief, the difference in engagement rates between repurposed TV commercials and ads specifically created for the web is negligible.  Shorter isn’t always better. Ad length doesn’t have as much of an impact on completion rates as is commonly thought. Seventy percent of all views came from ads over 1 minute in length, while ads over 2 minutes were still completed 87% of the time.Source: Jun Group ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  49. 49. Conclusions: Social Video  Social video represents an evolution in digital video advertising.  Social sharing has become an essential feature of online video.  Marketers analyze sharing behavior to determine the best strategies for their social video efforts.  Marketers use a combination of hard and soft metrics to measure the ROI of social video campaigns.Twitter – #eMwebinar ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
  50. 50. Multi-Channel Consumer InsightJames MasuokaTeradata AsterDirector, Solutions Marketing
  51. 51. Disruptive Change Today In Marketing• Proliferation of new digital channels continues • Forum, Pinterest, Social Video• Criticality to integrate cross- channel consumer insights - “40% of offline purchases started online” NRF Holiday 2011 research• Complexity of marketing mix demands data-driven decisions • Bringing the science of data to the art of marketing Multi-Channel Performance Measurements Are Not Optional Copyright © 2012 Teradata Corporation.
  52. 52. Big Data to Big ValueBig Analytics – “Path to Owning Your Data Again” Business Big Data Big Data Discovery Platform Discovery Platform Insight A Discovery Platform is the shortest path between Big Data and Business Insight Copyright © 2012 Teradata Corporation.
  53. 53. Those That Embrace the Disruption With theRight Tools Will Have Competitive Advantage Social Networking & Digital Marketing & Advertising & Relationship Analysis Attribution Analysis Media Analysis • Social networking graph • Cross-channel attribution • Digital media consumer analysis analysis micro-targeting • Influencer Marketing • Online & Offline cross- • Organic & paid search • Crowd-sourcing channel behavioral patterns optimization • Virality analysis • Advanced click-stream • Advertising impression, analysis saturation & conversion • Content targeting • Online targeting for analysis personalization/ recommendations Need for deep data analysis…on TB’s to PB’s of data… with minutes to seconds response times Copyright © 2012 Teradata Corporation.
  54. 54. Q&A Session Learn more about mobile marketing with an eMarketer corporate subscription Social Video—TheNext Wave in Digital More than 120 eMarketer reports are Advertising published each year. The following are a few recent ones you may be interested in:  Best Practices for Content Marketing: Engaging Consumers Across Multiple Digital Platforms  Social TV: Marketers Tune in to Deeper Integration  The Changing Digital Landscape: Key Trends Paul Verna Marketers Need to Know  Digital Video and TV Advertising: 16 ForcesYou will receive an email that will Help or Hinder Integration tomorrow with a link to view the deck and  Brand Advocates: Scaling Social Media webinar recording. Word-of-Mouth Sponsored by: To learn more: Teradata Aster 800-405-0844 or ©2012 eMarketer Inc.