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Dans media evaluation


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Dans media evaluation

  1. 1. This is a shot from our music video which is anover shoulder shot of Dan reading his phone.This is seen quite a lot in media productsnowadays. This is quite an important part of ourvideo as it starts the change in the characters soits important that its used effectively in thevideo.I think we have both used and developed thisaspect of media as it is seen a lot in modernmedia products. But I think the reason wedeveloped it was because our video was basedon more of a narrative and a this was key in thenarrative meaning a lot of emphasis was placedon this shot.For example, this is a shot from ‘Soulja Boy –Kiss me thru the phone’ which involves a shot ofthe main character looking at his phone.
  2. 2. This is another shot that uses conventions of realmedia. This clip involves the character circlingaround a room walking backwards with thecamera following him. We use this clip aboutthree times throughout the whole video. Thereason I think this is a common mediaconvention is because in a huge amount of musicvideos, it shows one particular scene multipletimes. The mise-en-scene remains the sameeach time. This is seen often in Music videos.
  3. 3. This is a close up shot of the main charactersinging. We tried to give the appearance that thecharacter was styling his hair in the mirror andsinging whilst he does this. I have not seen amusic video where this happens so I think itchallenges media conventions. This shot is usedduring the transformation process in our video.We used it to try and give the impression thatthe main character was becoming moreconfident.
  4. 4. This is a shot of all of the other characters doing there hair shot as a split screen. We previously showed each characterseparately doing there hair. So this shot was used to show the characters as a group. This is seen in modern musicvideos, and often has a purpose. So we decided to replicate this. The purpose of this shot is like the previous slide , wewanted to show that the characters had become more confident, because in the previous scenes where the charactersare geeks, they were very quiet/ shy but this scene shows there change in confidence.
  5. 5. This slide shows how we changed the characters costume in the video. This is seen often in a lot of music videos. Itshows diversity in the video and we hoped to have achieved that . For example below are two images of The Gamefrom ‘Martians vs Goblins’
  6. 6. This shot is at the end of our music video and it shows the characters passed out on a bed somewhere