Analysis Of Rough Cut Music Video


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Analysis Of Rough Cut Music Video

  1. 1. Danny Frattasi
  2. 2. Genre CharacteristicsThe characteristics were quite typical of a pop/rock musicvideo. However, the first minute of the video is quite ironicwhere our characters are depicted as uncool “nerds”. Thereis then a transformation where the characters change intoclothes typical of the pop/rock genre. Props and actions areused to emphasise this such as drinking beer, partying andspending time on their hair and appearance.
  3. 3. Visuals/LyricsThe lyrics of the song and also the title reflect a party vibe. This is whatwe decided to show in our video as it was the most obvious theme forthe song. As I mentioned earlier, we started the music video with someirony as the visuals didn’t match up with the lyrics. This then changedas the party theme kicked in. The characters in the video began todrink, dance and seem to make jokes with each other; as to reflect thelyrics (“dont bring no vodka, or whisky, we got everything you need”),and (“because there ain’t no party like a party going on at my house”).
  4. 4. Visuals/MusicThe song is quite fast paced and so I believe that youwould expect to see lots of different shots and editingon the beat. However, after watching the rough cutvideo again, the shots are too long and there is notenough editing on the beat for a music video of thepop/rock genre. We can improve this by filming moreshots from different angles and in different locations.These would act as fillers where our original footageis too long. Professional music videos use thistechnique a lot so that the video is not boring for theviewer. I think that this is a key improvement for us toenhance the quality of our video.
  5. 5. Need To Sell ArtistOur music video focuses on our main character and performer, Dan.This is quite typical of a music video of a band because the singer ofthe band usually attracts most attention from the fans and is the mainselling point. Whenever there is lyrics, Dan is lip syncing and so Ifeel that the need to sell the artist in this video is of a good standard.
  6. 6. Intertextuality There is not a lot of intertextuality in our music video. There is a short clip of someone writing a Facebook status and there is also a glimpse of the boys playing Xbox at the beginning of the video, but this is not very clear and so viewers could probably not tell that this was happening.
  7. 7. Voyeurism Again, there is not a lot of voyeurism in our music video as our main performer, Dan, performs directly to the camera for the whole duration of the song. We could add some features of voyeurism but I believe that this would go against the theme and narrative of the video.
  8. 8. Use Of Microelements To portray our party theme, we had to use the microelements wisely. The costumes and location (mise-en-scene) where key in showing the narration of our house party. The lighting was extremely poor which reduced the quality of the vision in the outdoor shots. I had mixed feelings about the editing. Some fades added a more professional edge to the video but the length of shots and lack of editing on the beat was our downfall. The cinematography was also very standard and there was nothing really extravagant to make our footage even more interesting.
  9. 9. 5 Improvements More shots to break up the footage and make it more interesting, which would then enhance the visuals/music from Goodwin’s points Edit more on the beat to reflect the high tempo and genre of the song Show clearly the intertextuality of playing Xbox Film more footage as currently there is not enough to complete the whole music video Add more lighting to the filming outside and use the features on the camera to make the footage clearly visible
  10. 10. Additional Filming - Plan An extra night of filming would help us significantly to make our music video better. This is how we would use the time... Film the last minute of the music video – the morning after the house party. In Dan’s bed, with him reflecting on what happened. Shoot lots of little shots with different angles to add to the video to create a more interesting video Set up lighting and camera so that it is suitable for filming in the dark outside Film the outdoor scenes and experiment with the lighting so that if the footage is unclear, there will be lots of different shots with different lighting effects