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What Part Of The Sales Funnel Is Your Content & Content Marketing - SEO Focus


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This is my presentation from the content marketing event presented by Forwardww on July 9th 2014. The presentation had a focus on SEO and impact that SEO has on the sales funnel when creating content and creating a series of content marketing assets.
I categorise content marketing into 3 buckets,
1. brand led content marketing,
2. Content Marketing to help SEO,
3. Optimised Content Marketing (SEO content marketing).
I provide some great content marketing companies and examples including the likes of TED, LinkedIn, Netflix & even paddy power, Oreo, innocent & Cadburys and beverage giants, coca cola and red bull.
I question where you think your content should be placed in the sales funnel, which large marketing discipline sits where in the sales funnel: SEO, social media, email, direct and TV, radio and generic digital.
I also touch on looking at 4x "Behavioural Economics", including Anchoring Bias (SEO), Von Restorff Effect (Stand out Content Marketing), Goal Gradient Effect (Product led or optimised content marketing) and Bandwagon Effect (beats headphones, iPhones, holidays & cars).

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What Part Of The Sales Funnel Is Your Content & Content Marketing - SEO Focus

  1. 1. @dannydenhardDanny Denhard What part of the sales funnel is your content Danny Denhard // Founder & Lead Consultant @ // // @dannydenhard
  2. 2. Content Marketing is more than: E-book Flow chart Instagram video Vine video Infographic Quiz Spot the difference Interactive White paper Video Widget Podcast App Mobile app Web app Social app Image Social image Game @dannydenhardDanny Denhard YouTube & Vimeo video
  3. 3. A little about me • Worked in professional SEO for 11 years, 6 years in Social Media and Content Marketing • Freelance consultant and trainer covering: SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing & Content Strategy • Worked across some of the UK’s and Europe’s top brands including RetailmeNot, eBay, TUI Group, Zoopla & Tesco. @dannydenhardDanny Denhard
  4. 4. My Content Marketing Believes My theories on content: " • Content Marketing is just good (or “Re-mark-able”) marketing • Great content works • Create content for “your” people • You have to understand local TV to understand content • Culture matters - understand how culture matters locally • Would your content pass the mum test? • Can you explain your content in one tweet? Over 140 characters and its too long @dannydenhardDanny Denhard
  5. 5. We are all fighting for…. @dannydenhardDanny Denhard
  6. 6. What is content used for? Awareness Advertising Branding Marketing Sales Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 User sign ups Re-purchase @dannydenhardDanny Denhard
  7. 7. There are 3 types of Content Marketing 1. Brand Led Content Marketing 
 2. Content Marketing to help SEO
 3. Optimised Content Marketing @dannydenhardDanny Denhard
  8. 8. 1. Brand led Content Marketing @dannydenhardDanny Denhard
  9. 9. Coca Cola
  10. 10. Red Bull
  11. 11. Great Content Marketing Companies Potentially…Food and Beverage brands do it best ! • Oreo / Kraft • Innocent • Cadburys @dannydenhardDanny Denhard
  12. 12. Content & Media Companies
 Who Leverage Content As Sales Aid • TED - conference • LinkedIn - paid services • Netflix - monthly subscriptions • Paddy Power - Increasing number of bets and awareness @dannydenhardDanny Denhard
  13. 13. Innovative Brands Sports brands doing it well • Nike • Adidas • Warrior • TV battle on online and offline - BT Sports vs. Sky Sports @dannydenhardDanny Denhard
  14. 14. These types of activities pull the consumer to the brand site - often means pushing consumers to top of sales funnel @dannydenhardDanny Denhard
  15. 15. 2. Content Marketing to help SEO @dannydenhardDanny Denhard
  16. 16. Airbnb
  17. 17. Google
  18. 18. Probably the best content marketing company ATM - 
  19. 19. Great Examples of Recent Content • BBC World Cup - • World Cup of everything - • Matchstory / PA - • Lego Movie - • GoPro - • WSJ billion club - @dannydenhardDanny Denhard
  20. 20. This all pushes consumers & press to talk about and link to the campaign site(s) - this is still low in the sales funnels @dannydenhardDanny Denhard
  21. 21. 3. Optimised Content Marketing @dannydenhardDanny Denhard
  22. 22. SEO is more than just the department with expensive tools and funny abbreviations" ! SEO (if done right) is now about making the user satisfied! @dannydenhardDanny Denhard
  23. 23. So people only think of SEO as… Traffic Rankings Links Clicks Robotic text @dannydenhardDanny Denhard
  24. 24. But Optimised Content Marketing is.. Leads Product drivers Awareness drivers Sales Content Strategy @dannydenhardDanny Denhard
  25. 25. So things I know (& worked on) optimised content marketing has sold @dannydenhardDanny Denhard
  26. 26. Afternoon Tea’s
  27. 27. St Lucia Holidays
  28. 28. Mobile phones…even rubbish ones
  29. 29. SEO influences purchases 
 Pushes consumers to the end of the sales funnel @dannydenhardDanny Denhard
  30. 30. Introducing The Content Funnel & Channels Direct SEO Social Media Email @dannydenhardDanny Denhard TV, Radio & Digital
  31. 31. Know where & how content is the driver in the consumer purchase process Personalisation Common Holy Grail 35% of users Important to note @dannydenhardDanny Denhard
  32. 32. Where does your business & content sits in the funnel? Hint: We all compete here Pretty sure you will naturally fit here @dannydenhardDanny Denhard
  33. 33. Do you know where your business & content sits in my funnel? Always undervalued & under targeted Influence Holy Grail for us all Very difficult to influence The ideal education part Mass brawl @dannydenhardDanny Denhard
  34. 34. Where to push your content efforts @dannydenhardDanny Denhard Push SEO 
 content Push brand content Push product 
  35. 35. Take Away’s from ‘Behavioural Economics’ • Anchoring Bias - We tend to rely too heavily on the first piece of information seen 
 = SEO: Ranking as #1 in search engines • Von Restorff Effect - items that stand out from their peers are more memorable 
 = Stand out Content Marketing • Goal Gradient Effect - We purchase faster if the task is started for us
 = Product led or optimised content marketing (on the right pages) • Bandwagon Effect - We all follow friends and co workers if told about a product, service or a movement
 = Beats headphones, iPhones, holidays & cars @dannydenhardDanny Denhard
  36. 36. Lastly, Thank You! @dannydenhardDanny Denhard
  37. 37. Contact Details • Danny Denhard • Email: • LinkedIn: • Social: @dannydenhard / +dannydenhard @dannydenhardDanny Denhard