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Visual Resume of a Product Manager at a Tech Startup


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An overview of what I did and achieved as a product manager at a tech startup, building local marketing software for small-to-medium sized businesses. Presented as a visual resume

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Visual Resume of a Product Manager at a Tech Startup

  1. 1. Visual Resume Of A Product Manager
  2. 2. Early 2013 I joined InnerBalloons, a tech startup in Leiden, as a Product Manager This was our office Leiden is a city in the Netherlands, confirming the stereotypical image of Holland = windmills
  3. 3. What did InnerBalloons do? We built local marketing software (SaaS) For Small-to-Medium sized businesses Making it easier for them to be found online My main task and responsibility Build and manage (new) digital products to bring in more revenue and help the company grow
  4. 4. I built the following products & tools, together with a team of developers CMS for Content Distribution A CMS for businesses to add content, which in turn is published on multiple online directories (e.g. Yellow Pages) and social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Foursquare). Online Review Monitor Collecting all online reviews about a business and showing the aggregated results in a single online report complete with analytics and graphs. SEO Check Similar to, this tool shows how a website can be optimised for search engines. Online Presence Scan Shows if a business can be found online on the biggest directories and social media sites.
  5. 5. CMS for Content Distribution 1. A business adds or updates its information and content in one place (our CMS) 2. Our CMS then pushes all the rich content to a network of sites
  6. 6. We tested on various individual items grouped in 4 main areas: 1. Technical 2. Content 3. SEO 4. Social integration SEO Check Example of a report Every report included a screenshot of the homepage
  7. 7. Online Review Monitor For a business we check all sites that could have reviews about a business (e.g. Yelp, Facebook, Google+, etc) We then collect all the reviews… … aggregate the results and show them in a single report Example of a report
  8. 8. Online Presence Scan We search all business directories and social media sites to see if a business can be found online And show the results in a report: 1. If the business has a presence on the site or not 2. And if indeed present, if the info is correct or not Example of a report
  9. 9. Daily tasks included (but not limited to): Product Development & Management Account Management Translating business requirements into functional requirements Managing developers (e.g. writing tickets) Creating test plans, and testing applications Defining and managing product roadmaps Researching techniques, e.g. capabilities of api’s, social media sites, etc. Making cost estimates and proposals Technical support for clients Writing manuals and how-to guides for colleagues as well as clients Day to day contact with clients
  10. 10. Late 2014 Yext, the largest player in the US in our industry, acquired InnerBalloons as part of their expansion plan for Europe. Read about the acquisition: Yext’s press release: DTG’s press release (Dutch):
  11. 11. “Danny was instrumental to InnerBalloons’ success and I can highly recommend him.” Robin Allenson, Owner & MD InnerBalloons Linkedin recommendation
  12. 12. Top Skills Leading a team Explaining Visual Storytelling Creating I’m a creative as well as an analytical thinker with a weird sense of humor. Trying new things, learning, and building something awesome gets me very enthusiastic. A fast learner who picks up skills quickly, and a drive to keep learning and help others learn. DANNY DEBI I create engaging content, motivated teams, and great software For more info and contact: