Visual Resume Market Research Danny Debi


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A visual resume of Danny Debi for online market research

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Visual Resume Market Research Danny Debi

  1. Visual Resume of Danny Debi
  2. Advised clients on questionnaire design ranging from simple to complex questionnaires • Multiple routings • Multiple target groups • Quotas based on several variables • Various loops • Conjoints • Dynamic elements • Interactive elements • Multiple languages • Various multimedia • Various randomizations• Straight forward routing• No or minimal media• One target group• Quotas based on few variables
  3. Increased efficiencythrough workflowautomation in SPSSwith the use of syntaxand scripts.
  4. As a market researcher themain goal in my opinion isto create INSIGHTS thatlead to ACTION. PHILIPS I trained the Global Market Intelligence team of Philips on how to use Visual Storytelling to create insights so that the Management Team of Philips can make better decisions.
  5. As Operations Manager for Europe I set up aR&D team for survey programming tocreate innovative programming solutions togenerate new business. The R&D team made Gamification possible. By building a survey in the form of a quiz we managed to attract a new client who spend 80k on their first project and more than 300k in their first year!
  6. Build and managed the first router (iScreen) within SSI together with a colleague which increased sampling capacity with more than 1 million active respondents in Europe. DYNAMIXPart of the global team that build the Dynamixplatform. As a process and system expert myrole was that of consultant ensuring the newsystem would work intuitive for end users.
  7. Started as a Project manager I was part of the team that helpedBloomerce grow from one office in Rotterdam to multiple officesacross Europe and Asia.
  8. Given training across Europe and Indiato market research professionals onmarket research, projectmanagement, client service, dataprocessing and survey programming.
  9. “He showed passion, interest andan enormous amount of creativity. ” Kees de Jong, CEO SSI
  10. +316 2878 0321