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  • Here at NMS, we approach the production of an infographic holistically. It needs to look good, but more importantly it needs to meet an ultimate goal; to produce good quality links, promote your business as a thought leader or push your brand. We keep our team in-house. This way, everyone can work closely with each other and make sure there are no gaps in our service. A bit part of our service is promotions and outreach. Through years of content sharing prior to NMS, we have existing relationships with a large number of publishers and bloggers in different areas, allowing us to seed our infographics effectively.
  • People Magazine picked up the infographic on mashable -,,20302940_20627446,00.html(Which got another 322 tweets and 643 facebook likes) is ranked at 162 highest trafficked website in the United States (alexa) Even ABCNews in the US “imitated” the story (Sadly without a link)“Imitation is the highest form of flattery” 
  • Infographics and Content Marketing

    1. 1. Infographics andContent Marketing Brought to you by
    2. 2. About NMSWhat is our background?Our team is made up of experts fromvarious fields. DesignMy content marketingexperiences: SEO  SEO for a media agency  Freelancer in the content marketing field building Research Outreach successful linkbait and affiliate sites. Team Experiences
    3. 3. Why Choose Infographics?A successful infographic:Is one of the most shareable forms Established asof online content today. thought leader BrandAllows you to present high-end Exposureconcepts and research in a simpleand accessible way. Good Quality LinksCan produce good quality links,promote your business and brand to Successfulthe world, and allow you to become a Infographicthought leader.
    4. 4. Why Choose NMS? • Design Holistic Approach • Research • Promotions • Effective In-house communication Team • Project management • Utilising existing Established relationships Outreach Service •Effective relationship building
    5. 5. Meet The TeamDanny Ashton Business Manager An economics graduate, with experience in the SEO industry since 2006. A self-confessed internet geek.Ian Irving Production Manager A history graduate and ex-teacher. A true book worm and design nerd.Jonathan Addy Senior Copywriter Writer and part time stand up comedian in his spare time.Andrea Smart Head of Promotions An graduate with an MA in Marketing. Has US PR experience and is a social media addict.
    6. 6. Meet The TeamIn-house Designers Finance and Project Management
    7. 7. How We Work Results Client Feedback Promotion & Outreach Client Feedback Client Design Feedback Research IdeasClientBrief
    8. 8. What We’ve Done Evolution of the Car: Model T to EV: Car Loan 4u Infographic Aims: • To illustrate Carloan4u as thought leader in automotive market • High quality editorial links from major sites Results: 47 Referring Domains 102 Backlinks to the client’s page 56 Referring domains 210 Backlinks Social Results for the page: 1.3K Twitter Shares High Authority Site Coverage: • •Yahoo news •
    9. 9. What We’ve Done Content Marketing: Whats Your Plan of Attack? Infographic Aim: Illustrate Panda and Penguin Google algorithm changes to SEO strategy Build Quaturo and Neomam as SEO thought leaders Results: 26 Referring Domains 66 Backlinks to the infographic page (More links pointed to the homepage) High Authority Site Coverage:
    10. 10. What We’ve Done Self- Promotion ‘Gangham Style’ Infographic Aim: Ride on the wave of a viral sensation Gain exposure and social coverage Results: Placement through contact: infographic/ 41 Referring domains 1,077 External Backlinks Social Results: Facebook likes: 2.2k, Tweets: 2.9k, Google+: 165 Pinterest: 350 pins, Linkedin shares: 184 Stumbleupon: 3.2k
    11. 11. Testimonials“ Neomam have consistently delivered great infographics that really stand out and have achieved exceptional results across a wide range of sectors. Neomam have a great mix of skills and have been excellent ” Kevin Gibbons in terms of reacting to feedback, so working with them in CEO Quaturo many ways has felt like were working with an extension“ of our team. I have known Danny Ashton for over 5 years, this is a guy who gets it. If I needed someone to create content that gets links at the right price, this is the man I would call. He has been a service provider for my agency for some years now, and was one of the original members Lyndon Antcliff Cornwall SEO of Linkbait Coaching. His agency continues to be at the cutting edge of content marketing.
    12. 12. View our website at for full versions of our infographics.