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The World Works Better


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The World Works Better when...

We all want the world to work better, but what can we do to help that happen?

As children and as adults, we often feel the desire to improve our lives and the world we live in... but we don't always know how to turn those desires into actions. Sometimes, we don't even know how to express the changes we'd like to create.

This children's nonfiction book, with space-themed illustrations and simple statements about what makes the world work better, provides many simple starting-points for conversation and for action -- opening up topics such as:

Teach your children the story that we all implicitly understand, but all too often forget: the story of all the things they already know about how to make our world work better:

Each page in this book finishes a sentence about what makes the world work better, but the end of each sentence is the beginning of a journey... because the story isn't inside this book. The story is inside YOU.

So use this book to spark ideas and inspire meaningful conversations with yourself, with your children, or even with your team at work.

And keep it as a reminder that all the adventure, discovery and limitless potential of childhood are yours to enjoy -- at any age.

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  • Great piece of work! Conversation starter and thoughtful observations to make the world work better!
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