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Mdb Presentation


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New Album Release

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Mdb Presentation

  1. 1. DANASO “Flutes”
  2. 2. DANASO’S STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESS STRENGTHS WEAKNESS ★Colombian and Middle ★She has a lot of Eastern Background, which competition in South makes her music interesting America, because Tropical and catchy. Pop is the main genre of ★Experience in the music music there. industry. ★She has to build ★She is already known all awareness with people all around South America and around the world. the Middle East. ★She is already sign to a major label and distributor (Sony)
  3. 3. Pre-Release
  4. 4. “Flutes” • It will only be distributed Digitally. • Online------------ $9.99 • USB --------------- $20.00 • Or Included on an iPod Shuffle, along with some other similar artists. $35.00
  5. 5. DISTRIBUTION OF THE ALBUM ✦ Apple Stores ✦Pandora ✦ SanDisk
  6. 6. Distribution Supply Chain 30% Apple Stores 10% 60% 30% Sony Sony DANASO Pandora Consumer Music Distribution 20% SanDisk
  7. 7. Strategic Partnership
  8. 8. Recommendations for Future Releases
  9. 9. THANK YOU!!!