Different Movie Genres


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Different Movie Genres

  1. 1. Movie Genres Which I’m Thinking Of Using In My Final Task. Information From http://www.filmsite.org
  2. 2. Action In these film’s it usually includes physical stunts, activity on high energy and sometimes includes race scenes, destructive disasters, fight’s, escapes and non stop motion. Most action films also cross into the adventure genre.
  3. 3. Adventure Adventure films usually include exciting and gripping story lines, new experiences. Adventure films show more the struggles, explorations, conquest and situations that the character goes through while action focuses more on the violence.
  4. 4. Animated Animated films used individual drawings, paintings, or stop-fram cinematogrpahy. Animation genre category is not strictly defined and is instead rather a film technique that often contain genre-like elements.
  5. 5. Comedy Comedy films are light-weight dramas that focus on making the audience laugh more than anything. They do this by putting the main character in exaggerate situations, language, and personalities, usually end with a happy ending.
  6. 6. Crime and Gangster Developed around the actions of criminals, gangsters, bank robbers, underworld figures, ruthless murders stealing and violently murdering through their life. Often highlight the life of a crime fighter or a crime victim, or glorify rise and fall of certain criminals, gangs, bank robbing, murders and law breakers etc.
  7. 7. Documentary Are Non-fictional, factual work. Mostly narrative-based.
  8. 8. Drama Serious presentation and stories with life situations that show realistic characters in conflict with themselves, other’s and nature. It shows characters from their best to their worst. And this genre includes a large spectrum.
  9. 9. Fantasy Are based on some content of scientific truth, unlike sci-fi, where they take the audience to place where events are unlikely to occur in reality. Mythical or legendary times, they break the bounds of human possibility and physical laws. Often have an element of magic, myth, wonder, escapism and extroadinary that appeal to all ages, depending on films.
  10. 10. Horror Unsettling films used to made to trigger panic, cause dream, alarm and frighten the audience while trying to invoke their hidden worst fears, mostly in shockingly terrifying finale. The movies meant to captivate and entertain us at the same time focusing on the dark, strange, forbidden, alarming events on the dark side of life. They make us deal with our nightmares, alienation, vulnerability, revulsion terror of unknown, fear of death, loss of identity.
  11. 11. Musical/Dance Films that emphasize and showcase full-scale songs and dance routines in a significant and dramatic way. Or are centres on combinations of music that support the story line, with an escapist vision of reality, usually. This genre is considered the most escapist.
  12. 12. Romance Affairs of the heart, or love stories which focus on passion, the romance, emotion and the affections of the main characters and the progress of their love that takes them through their relationship. Usually makes the search for the “perfect other half” the focus of the story, often main characters face hazards, obstacles, physical illness, racial or social class status, sacrificial love etc. before finally achieving their “happily ever after”
  13. 13. Science-Fiction Scientific, comic-strip-like, visionary, imaginative, usually visualized through imaginative settings, expert film production design and advanced technology gadgets, As well as scientific development, fantastic special effects. Usually contain heroes, distant planets, impossible quests, improbable settings, grand places, dark villains.