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Post ero

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Post ero

  1. 1. Libera associazione di idee Raccontare Regalo Ricette Abilità Persona Scoperta Pirati Indovinare Isola Comune Viaggio Manette Archeologia Valore Memorie Favole Immaginazione Segni Curiosità Uncino Mappe Angolo
  2. 2. Matching our ideas In this step we focused our keywords: memory history paths knowledge research map discovery
  3. 3. Elevator pitchAfter a long brainstorming we found outwhat our service is PostEro:- for those who a story to hand down- who wants to save their memories- is an anthropological and social service- it hands down personal memories- its competitor is "Roma sparita"- unlike it this is user centered
  4. 4. PersonasWe pointed out our ideal user:Ugo, about 70 years old, widower with sonsand nephews. He is able to use a pc.
  5. 5. User Journey
  6. 6. Whats the difference with Memoro? ...
  7. 7. ... Desperation
  8. 8. Pitch revisionAfter a long analysis of the site ""we focused the main differences with ourservice so we modified our pitch.Memoro is a site with contents strictlyredational while our service is exclusively usercentered. The user tell what he wantssatisfying his need to hand down his ownhistory to posterity.
  9. 9. PostEro.comPostero is a web platform for creation and/or insertion of video, audio, text, visual contents to saveand hand down to posterity.Contents are organized by a timeline that simplify the creation and insertion in a temporal contextproviding some historical, social reference points.For istance, the timeline marks out the most important historical events and technological changes.All users has a personal page with all uploaded content and the possibility to edit it.Contents can be uploaded or created directly on the platform.It also provides an application for the creation of an istant-book with the possibility to print it down.