Why pi for apps v0.9


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Why pi for apps v0.9

  1. 1. Pocket Innovation Apps Production
  2. 2. Choose Pocket Innovation because... Technical ability is important... But the ability to understand your business needs and the creativity to spot exploitable opportunities in the mobile app marketplace are key. What makes the user download it ? What makes them use it regularly? What are your key objectives ? Data, revenue, added value ? What else should you asking yourself ? How do mobile users behave, what drives their purchasing or registration? How best to market the App ? Between now and your release date how will the market place change?
  3. 3. Pocket Innovation provide not only reliable  technical ability but also proven business, UI and  creative ability you can rely on.
  4. 4. Why do you need an app A mobile optimised web page is not interchangable with an app Web Page in Mobile Browser: App: Unclear Clear No flow Easy and focused navigational flow Clumsy payment engine for mobile Easy payment engine leads to impulse sales No use of mobile functionality Uniquely Mobile Functionality
  5. 5. Example: Rightmove actually lock the iPhone out of  browsing their website through Safari...Why? What they  don’t want the  user to  experience Links directly to App store
  6. 6. So...why do you need an app Revenue Customer Acquisition Lead the Competition Impulse and Mobile Purchase Ease of Use  Uniquely Mobile Platform Capabilities B2B & B2C Communications and Tools Let’s discuss your unique needs info@pocket-innovation.com
  7. 7. Example of revenue strategy : Network DVD The network app drives impulse purchasing, as the user can set up or use an existing account. This makes buying easy and impulsive during browsing – such as on the bus on the way home, or while waiting for a friend to arrive. At the very moment that the client ‘wants’ something, they simply have to reach into their pocket to buy it. The Network app can use both Apples ‘in app purchasing’ and it’s own in app payment engine. This not only raises the profit margin but makes the sale of physical goods viable.
  8. 8. The App optimised search  Contain everything in  the presentable  dimensions of the  device. Keep user navigation  clear, constant,  immediately available  and flowing in  direction of the  acquisition. Keep the user  experience enjoyable  and attractive to use  when needed or  simply killing time.
  9. 9. Example of free extension of service app – PT Player Pocket PT Player extends the usability of Pocket PT by presenting the user with an up to the minute representation of their individual workout and the ability to send feedback to their personal trainer directly after a workout or meal. Creating a live dialogue between PT and client. a Unique Selling Point in online training. The App also enables specific instruction such as sets and reps to be communicated to each individual user according their individual account, yet using stock video instruction.
  10. 10. Example of content based app – Exercises with Pocket PT. Your content can be sold through app stores either with an upfront download price, in app purchasing or a combination of both. For example The TRX basic Workout might be free, but customer could then be invited to purchase a celebrity PT’s workout plan or more advanced exercises with an ‘in app purchase’ Content or features can also be used to acquire customers. One example is with unlockable content or features that require the user to register or make an in app purchase to gain access. This might be used to acquire customer details so that your business can send them a catalogue or communicate special offers to them via a ‘push’ message feature.
  11. 11. Convenient & Unique Properties of a Mobile App Alter or save search Directly places a call or settings sends a message Constant navigation items Mobile optimised tools such as geo-location
  12. 12. Summary: What PI offer Technical ability Commercially competitive rates Insight Creativity Flexability Contact: jamie@pocket-innovation.com Call: 0207 617 7880 See: www.pocket-innovation.com Further examples of insight and production upon request