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Unit 4 Reflection


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Unit 4 Reflection

  1. 1. Systems of the language: Teaching VocabularyDannae Del Campo MéndezThe vocabulary system is present in the four skills of the language which itmakes it really important to the process of learning a second language. Teachers must tobe aware of the different ways in which vocabulary can be learned and which is the bestform for each group of students. One of the best ways to help students to learn newwords is to take them from authentic contexts so they can internalize the meaning ofeach specific word more easily. Nevertheless, in the English language exists not onlyisolated words but also collocations, idioms and chunks which are also important thatstudents know so we as future teachers must keep that in mind. Moreover, I also foundimportant to know the possible problems that teachers might have at the moment ofteaching vocabulary and I consider, with my previous experience as a student, that themost important is that teachers should not teach just isolate words but put them incontext so students do not forget the meaning of the word easily.Finally, vocabulary has to be consider as an essential matter and not only thegrammatical system and pronunciation so students can understand the meaning of whatthey are producing.