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Unit 2 Reflection


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Unit 2 Reflection

  1. 1. Language teaching approachesDannae Del Campo MéndezThere are several approaches which teachers can used to develop a class. One ofthem is the total physical response approach which is based on teaching language usingbody movements in order to react verbal input. When studying this approach, Idiscovered how useful this method can be on students with a kinesthetic learning style.Moreover, it decreases students’ stress because they speak only when they feel ready todo it so the affective factor is not an issue to this approach and at the same time itfacilitates their long term retention of what they learn during the class. Although thisapproach develops listening, reading and speaking skills it does not develop writingwhich is also important so it can be used in children who do not know how to write yet.We, as future teacher to be, have to be conscious that this approach is mostly used inchildren because adolescents and adults feel embarrassed to imitate the movements andrequests the teacher gives to them.Finally, it is important for future teachers to know their students require so theycan find the perfect approach to cover their needs in a proficient way.