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  1. 1. Planets Two Largest Ice Sheets Losing Ice FastIn Antarctica and Greenland the measurements of ice sheet have change in an alarmingway. Solid ice has melting due to the climate change produced by the global warmingcausing people’s concern, especially in those areas.During the last decade these two ice sheets are melting with a devastating speed causinga considerable sea-level rise which has triggered a widespread confusion. There isinformation about global warming in almost all media around the world. However,people do not make much to improve this situation. On the other hand, scientists havedeveloped different methods which have demonstrated that this issue is happening andit is increasing since 1999. As one of the scientists said: "It brought everyone together.",“Its comparing apples to apples." Thus, these scientists have published 29 differentestimates of how much ice sheets have contributed to this big issue. Moreover, it is solittle what we have to do to stop global warming that it is a shame for us if we do notcollaborate to the cause. It is worth remembering how easy is to unplug your electronicdevices, to chose to buy devices which do not spend a big amount of energy, to turn offyour lights when you are not using them, to switch off your computer instead of living itin the suspension mode, etc…I am sure that most of the people do not know these specific results and that is why theyare not aware of the magnitude of this fact. I strongly believe that if the governmentwould show more interest in this problem, it will be easier to provoke awareness amongthe people. I really hope this situation changes, many species of animals would stopbecoming extinct; many places would be saved from disappearing under the sea and themost important is that these solutions are not for us but for the future generations, forour future children, our family. Name: Dannae Del Campo Méndez.