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Narrative part 1

  1. 1. LAGUNA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITYVISION, MISSION, COLLEGE GOALS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PROGRAMVISION The University shall be known as a premier university in CALABARZONoffering academic programs and related services designed to respond to therequirements/needs of the Philippines and the global economy particularly Asiancountries.MISSION AND MAIN THRUSTS The University shall primarily provide advance education, professional,technological and vocational instruction in agriculture, fishery, forestry, science,engineering, industrial technologies, teacher education, medicine, law, arts andsciences, information technology and other related fields. It shall also undertakeresearch and extension services, and provide a progressive leadership in its areaof specialization.COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES GOALS In pursuit of the University Vision/Mission, the College of Arts andSciences is committed to develop students with well-rounded personality flexibleenough to adjust in the changing needs of time for global competitiveness whichare related to research, extension and production; equip them with knowledgeand skills in Computer Education and other related fields in arts and sciences.THE OBJECTIVES OF THE IT PROGRAMGeneral The Associate in Information Technology leading to Bachelor of Science inInformation Technology program of the Laguna State Polytechnic University aimsto develop the students intellectual, emotional and skills competencies providedwith the advanced and detailed knowledge of the design, implementation, andmanagement issues involved in the application of IT as well as to prepare him tobecome more responsive regarding to the local, national and global demandsaffecting the IT industry. The theories acquired through various academicexercises coupled with on-the-job training activities are expected to increase thenumber of globally competitive experts in the field of IT environment.
  2. 2. Specific The specific objectives of the program are aligned to the four-foldfunctions of the University – Instruction, Research & Development, Extensionand Production:A. Instruction 1. To provide theoretical and technical skills through instruction, seminars and workshops; 2. To expose students to globally competitive graduates with desirable work values and attitudes; 3. To develop locally and globally competitive graduates with desirable work values and attitudes; 4. To initiate creative and innovative professional enhancement among instructors and students through skills training, on-the-job training and training and industry.B. Research and Development 1. Strengthen competencies of both instructors and students in the field of research that will serve as a basis for technological problem-solving; 2. Conduct information technology survey, interviews and feasibility studies to meet the demands of the changing world through information technologies and processes; 3. Produce IT researchers and researches to serve as a self-generating critical mass of human resources for research and development in information technology area.C. Extension 1. Forge critical linkages with local and foreign partners to support the activities of the department; 2. Conduct outreach programs such as basic and advance computer literacy programs, and the like; 3. Create training plans and information technology packages to supply the need of the community; 4. Provide assistance for project development.D. Production 1. Produce information systems and technologies that can be used as an income generating project of the college; 2. Construct improvised and innovative teaching materials, tools and equipment.
  3. 3. Republic of the Philippines LAGUNA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY Siniloan Host Campus Siniloan LagunaA NARRATIVE REPORT ON ON-THE-JOB TRAINING UNDERTAKEN AT MUNICIPALITY OF MABITAC MABITAC, LAGUNA A Report Submitted to the Faculty of the COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES LAGUNA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY Siniloan (Host) Campus Siniloan, Laguna In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Diploma in ASSOCIATE IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY MA.DANNA P. IÑIGO 2010
  4. 4. APPROVAL SHEET This narrative report attached hereto entitled “A NARRATIVE REPORTON ON-THE-JOB TRAINING UNDERTAKEN AT LAND MUNICIPALITY OFMABITAC, MABITAC, LAGUNA” prepared and submitted by MS. MA.DANNAP. IǸIGO in partial fulfillment of the requirements for graduation for the diplomain ASSOCIATE IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, is hereby endorse forapproval. FOR-IAN V. SANDOVAL I.T. Practicum Coordinator/ OIC Dean, College of Arts and Sciences ____________________ Date Accepted and approved in partial fulfillment of the requirements for thedegree in ASSOCIATE IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (AIT). ARCHIEVAL M. JAIN OIC Dean, College of Arts and Sciences ____________________ Date
  5. 5. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The author would like to express her gratitude to the persons whorendered their helped to complete this narrative report. To Mr. For-Ian V. Sandoval her adviser and OJT Coordinator for thesupport and guidance during her training. To Hon. Gerardo C. Fader the Mayor of Mabitac,Laguna, for givinghis concerned and for the love to student to take their OJT in there Municipality. To the staff of Municipality of Mabitac who helped to adjust duringher training. Especially to Mr.Norberto Tubaǹa, Head Officer of HumanResources Management office (HRMO) and Mrs. Josefa Untalan, Headof Treasury Office who guide and gave her chance to work in their department. To her classmates and friends who always there givesupport and advice. And for the memories that you have shared. To her family, especially to my father Diosdado and her motherJhana for their everlasting love, guidance, concern, encouragementand financial assistance . And to her all relatives who concerned for hersafetiness. And finally to our God for giving her strength, support, careand blessings everyday. That helped her to face and protect the trailsand challenges in her life. THE TRAINEE
  6. 6. DEDICATION The author dedicates her piece of work to our Almighty God who alwaysguides and protects her. Especially to her loving family that always here for her.
  7. 7. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH The author, MS. MA. DANNA P. IǸIGO was born at Brgy. San AntonioMabitac, Laguna, on October 27, 1992. She is the oldest daughter ofMr.Diosdado B. Iǹigo and Mrs. Jhana P. Iǹigo. She is proud that her fatheroccupation is only a farmer and her mother occupation is Barangay NutritionScholar (BNS) of Mabitac, Laguna. And she has one sister Lovely P. Iǹigo andone brother Jazz Manny P. Iǹigo. Who are on there secondary education now. The author finished her elementary education at San Antonio Elementary,San Antonio Mabitac, and Laguna. And finished her high school education atMabitac National High School, Mabitac, Laguna. The author finished theAssociate in Information Technology at Laguna State Polytechnic UniversitySchool. The author believes that she will finish this course because she has aninspiration and that is her family, who are very supportive, helping and sacrificingfor her to have successful career. The author is also thankful to God, our Creator,because he gave her wonderful and good parents.
  8. 8. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The narratives of this report that flow from On Job Training at Municipalityof Mabitac have come to present executive summary. The first part of my narrative show about Municipality of Mabitac. Thereare many Organizations in the Municipality of Mabitac; one of them is my areasof On-Job-Training (OJT) the Municipal Treasury Office (MTO). MunicipalTreasury Office is composes of division headed by Assistance Secretaries andUnder Secretaries who are primarily responsible for policy formulation andoverall management of the treasurer department. It is the people of Mabitac dothere business like paying there business permit and tax of there lot and houses.They keep good employees, and they are able to respond to conflicts betweenemployee and management. They are the responsible for giving the allowancesof all employees of the Municipality. A treasury division also trained or arrangefor the training of its staff to encourage worker honesty, productivity, efficiency,and satisfaction, and to promote the overall success of the business. Finally,MTO created worker’s compensation plans and benefits packages foremployees. MTO is the department in the Municipality of Mabitac who teach all ofthe barangay treasurer and Brgy. Captain to compute and budget the moneythey use and will be use in their barangay. .The On-Job-Training management are manipulated by LSPU and theMunicipality of Mabitac. They manage to ensure OJT trainee at municipal to dotheir work in specific course. It also ensures trainee learned on the task give orduties. The Municipality of Mabitac divided the OJT trainees in different office towork and trained as a good employee. One office has been given differentassignment and tasks to work according to our ability and course. The On-the-jobTrainings were the one enrolled subjects of Bachelor of Science in ComputerScience third year student of Laguna State Polytechnic University during secondsemester of School year 2010-2011.
  9. 9. The inclusive dates of training for On-the-job Trainings were November15, 2010 to January 13,2011. It is compose of 248 hours or 32 working days notexcluding Saturdays and Sunday and also holidays. In the narrative report show my weekly agenda and daily routine. Myweekly Agenda are rotate sometimes and every Monday flag ceremony. Also mydaily task repeated to improve my skill but there’s a time my tasks accomplishwas never been done and is a one in a lifetime experiences. For the self- Assessment my narrative show all achievement, the skillsenhance like in typing skill and strong leadership to teach anyone who wants tolearn basic program of computer in Cyberskuwela program of Mabitac, the newtechnology and equipment like Xerox machine. Make an On-Job-training best if you saw not only the good things but yourfaults and you find the solution to be a better you. Narrative reports review myfault, when I encounter new problem and task in work with my solution to theproblem to be a good trainee. The last part of my narrative was the appendixes and my On-Job-TrainingPictures to prove my on-job-training. And giving the certificate to prove that weare taken an OJT in there Municipality.
  10. 10. TABLE OF CONTENTS Page No.Vision, Mission, College Goals and i Objectives of the Information Technology ProgramTitle Page iiApproval Sheet iiiDedication ivBibliographical Sketch vExecutive Summary viTable of Contents viiCHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1-2 Historical Background of the Company 3 Vision/Mission/Objectives of the Company 4 Organizational Chart of the Company 5 Department/Division/Section 6 Personnel In-Charge and Designation 6 Inclusive Dates of Training 7 2 IN-PLANT TRAINING PROGRAM 8 Timetable 9-10 Areas of Training 11 Function and Duties of Employees 11 List of References in the Company Library 12 3 DAILY ROUTINARY ACTIVITIES 13-18 Daily Routines 4 SELF-ASSESSMENT 19 Achievements a. Skills and Current Technology Learned/Enforced b. Equipment, Machinery, Testing Apparatus, etc. Handled c. Strong Points Versus Weak Points d. Best Experience on the Job e. Evidence of Background Preparation Faults 20 a. Causes
  11. 11. b. Suggested Solutions c. Personal Relations: Integration with the Company Personnel Attendance and Punctuality Interest and Commitment5 RECOMMENDATIONS 21 Potential of Company as a Training Ground a. Availability and Appropriateness of Facilities, Tools, Machinery and Equipment b. Company Personnel Cooperation Assessment to the Duration of Training 22 Proposed Revisions for the Improvement of the Training Program Advised to Future Student-Trainee APPENDICES Appendix A. Curriculum Vitae Appendix B. OJT Pre-Interview Ranking Appendix B. Endorsement Letter Appendix C. Parent’s Waiver and Consent Appendix D. Certification of Completion Appendix E. Evaluation Sheet for OJT Appendix F. Daily Time Record Appendix G. Company Location Map Appendix H. OJT Photos Appendix I. Compiled Documentation and Presentation on DVD