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Election 2012 poll closing times


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Here is the time of Poll Closings for Key Sytates to Watch Tonight. Follow me on Facebook beginning at 6:30 pm. Let your friends know and share my page.

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Election 2012 poll closing times

  1. 1. Election Night 2012
  2. 2. Key State Poll Closing Times All Times CentralVirginia 6:00 pmOhio 6:30 pmNorth Carolina 6:30 pmPennsylvania 7:00 pmFlorida 7:00 pmNew Hampshire 7:30Wisconsin 8:00 Michigan 8:00Colorado 8:00 Iowa 9:00 Nevada 9:00
  3. 3. Virginia Polls Close at 6:00 PM This should be the first state that reports. Apath to victory for Romney includes Virginia.If this state goes Obama then a Romney winnarrows drastically.Polling says that Romney should win thisstate by 2+ points.
  4. 4. Ohio & North Carolina Polls Close at 6:30Don’t expect to hear Ohio’s results until 8:00or later. This is a bellwether state, if Romneywins it will be a good night for TeamRomney. Current polling is TiedNorth Carolina should be called very early.This state should go Romney by 4 points.
  5. 5. Florida & Pennsylvania Polls Close at 7:00These two states will tell us a lot. Florida should bea win for Romney. A late call on this state willshow a weakness for team Romney or a nationalmedia who isn’t willing to face the facts. Romneyshould win by a minimum of 3%.If Pennsylvania goes Red it will be a huge nightfor Romney. Mitt has closed an 8 point gap in 7days and the Big Mo is on Romney’s side. I’m notlooking for a win, but if he wins PA then getpractice these words “President Mitt Romney”.
  6. 6. News Hampshire Polls Close at 7:30This is not a big state but it’s an important state.The NH 4 electoral votes may become a factor ina tight, tight race. Romney was winning this stateby 2 points pre-Hurricane Sandy. It seems theChristie bear hug hurt this state and Romney is -1.If the big Mo is back for Romney we will see it inthe Granite State.
  7. 7. Wisconsin, Michigan and Colorado Polls will Close at 8:00• Wisconsin is ground zero for Republican advancements. If Romney/Ryan win here then look to Ohio for the lock.• Michigan is a long, long shot but close is good and shows that Romney is attracting blue collar.• Colorado is a keystone to a Romney victory. He can do it without CO but would be tough. Current Polling: Romney +2.
  8. 8. Iowa & Nevada Polls Close at 9:00• Nevada should go Obama. Romney has never been able to break 47% in the polls. If Romney wins this state it will be one of the most discussed polling miscues of the 2012 election.• Iowa is necessary for a Romney victory.