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Mediacoms presentation to GSK on Mobile

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  • Big picture
  • 107 minutes are spent online (UKOM Feb)32 minutes on mobile (Comscore MMM) (Understimate as doesnt include mobile wifi usage)139 minutes spent on the internet per day – 23% are spent on a mobile Yet mobile spend is only 1% of online
  • 14% have used a coupon but 29% would happily accept them via mobileKey insight from the researchDevelop a comprehensive cross-channel strategy as mobile shoppers use their phones in-store, online and via mobile website and apps to research and make purchase decisions. Have a mobile-optimized website so consumers can easily complete their goals.Incorporate location based products and services and make it easy for mobile customers to reach you because local information seeking is common among smartphone users and they are most ready to act on the information they find. Be found via mobile search as consumers regularly use their phones to find and act on information.Implement an integrated mobile ads marketing strategy as people use their smartphones while consuming other media and are influenced by it. Ensure your mobile ads are engaging and appear prominently as a majority of mobile users notice mobile ads and take action on them.
  • of apps downloaded in 2010 were used only once
  • Source: Comscore 3 month rolling average28% growth in mobile internet users in 2008
  • 107 minutes are spent online (UKOM Feb)32 minutes on mobile (Comscore MMM) (Understimate as doesnt include mobile wifi usage)139 minutes spent on the internet per day – 23% are spent on a mobile Yet mobile spend is only 1% of online
  • Android – Much bigger presence than 2010, over 100 developers showing off their Android focused technologyBadges at each Android stand, a set is now on eBay, starting price of £900!They had a slide, a smoothie machine and a huge amount of visitors over took Apple this month in the UK purchase of handsetsGoogle again appear to be setting the standard as they have been on the web with search
  • Morgan Stanley is predicting this rise in penetration will lead to mobile search overtaking desktop in 2013. Most mobile searches are concentrated in the morning before work and then again in the evening when people are not in front of a PC. Mobile is also a far more time-sensitive channel. Google research has shown that the average time between initial customer research and purchase is a month on the desktop but just an hour on mobile.
  • Google includes 2.8m of YouTube
  • YouTube mobile is the second largest video destination on the internet, behind it’s online web cousin, with almost 3 million visitors each month.Mobile Video viewing has increased by 114% over the last 12 monthsRecent Nielsen 3 Screen research showed mobile video engagers spend 27 minutes more watching video on their phone versus TV (3hr 10 vs. 3hr 37).Clickable pre-roll has been found to be very responsive, with tap through rates as high as 7%
  • YuMe (Formerly Appealing Media) have cornered the market in the UK, with 70m impressions being served a monthTheir ads run against premium publisher content like ESPN, .The Sun, Heat, Digital Spy and IPCYouTube have only recently launched a mobile product, despite millions of users visiting the mobile site, this is restricted to the Android app during the betaThey hope to roll out the very successful online skippable pre-roll product across the site in 2012YuMe currently offer the only clickable product
  • Location targeted ads can be specifically delivered to a consumer based on their proximity to a retail location or point of interest.Not just a way of delivering vouchers or driving footfall, it can be used to optimise to affluent postcodes or connect with other media channels like outdoorMazda used location and Facebook Places to promote a 20% off offer for the MX-5Due to the relevance of the targeting response rates are frequently around 1% and even as high as 12%
  • Making multiple interactive elements possible in one ad format.Interaction rates and dwell times are high, with results from recent Nielsen research returning average dwell times of 60 seconds.This can lead to rich overlays, where intrusive ads overlay across editorial and offer game like interactive elements.A recent Thor campaign had users ‘smashing’ the ad with Thor’s hammer
  • Awareness = Purchased products seen on social networks, browser ads or (for smartphones) special offers sent to the mobileAwareness and purchase figures based on total pop. = 802. Research figures based on those who researched their products before purchase = 510
  • Mediacom mobile and gsk

    1. 1. Some major mobile headlines 25 million monthly mobile browsers -  Over half of the web audience  +17m 25+ year olds 22% of UK internet browsers only access the web via mobile  And 23% of other consumers online time is spent on mobile 15 - 29% of vertical based search is now from a mobile device 51% of the UK use a smartphone  Android now beats iPhone with 6.3m devices Consumers spend longer engaging with Facebook mobile than online
    2. 2. Research from Google and IPsos shows mobile is anessential tool for consumers 74% use their phone with other media  49% whilst listening to music 45% of smartphone users, use their phone while in store  21% changed their mind about a purchase in store due to phone research 34% have already made purchases on their phone
    3. 3. A quick look at the Size of the marketplace
    4. 4. Consumers are buying more smartphonesthan PCs… 22% of UK web users only access via mobile Source: Pc VS Smartphone Chart: Rbc Capital Markets ESTIMATES
    5. 5. 2008 was the year of the mobile, we’re nowin the age of mobile20,000,00015,000,00010,000,000 5,000,000 20m mobile internet users August 2008 + 32% y-o-y 0Mobile web users, browse for an average of 35 times, for 10 minutes a visit
    6. 6. 23% of online time is spent on mobile Source: Comscore GSMA/MMM 22% of UK web users only access via mobile
    7. 7. Android is bigger than ever, and hasovertaken Apple
    8. 8. Mobile search is growing at the same rate asearly desktop search
    9. 9. And Facebook is close behind Google, as the2nd top mobile destination And is more frequently visited on mobile versus online, and for longer. It is not yet possible to advertise on Facebook mobile
    10. 10. Mobile Search is taking large volumes oftraditional online search Percentage of overall queries that are mobile 35.0% 29.6% 30.0% 25.0% 20.0% 16.8% 15.5% 15.4% 14.9% 15.0% 10.0% 5.0% 0.0% Restaurants Autos Consumer Electronics Fiance And Insurance Finance and Travel Insurance
    11. 11. But it’s not just the young un’s who areusing the mobileOnline Mobile Population The web 14,000 12,000 10,000 Audience (000) 8,000 6,000 4,000 2,000 0 Male Female 13-17 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55+ Demographic 23.9 million adults 13+ in the UK use the mobile web
    12. 12. Mobile browsing is expected to exceeddesktop by 2014
    13. 13. 83.0mTotal mobile market 2010 A 116% rise 37.9mTotal mobile market 2009
    14. 14. And UK Mobile Advertising revenues are expected to reach £1bn by 2015 FirstPartner UK Mobile Advertising Forecast 2011-2015 1,200,000 £992m 1,000,000 £767m 800,000 Video £ (000s) Search 600,000 £498m Mobile Internet (Banners) MMS/SMS Push Advertising 400,000 £294m Games £142m 200,000 0 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Copyright FirstPartner2011FirstPartner Copyright FirstPartner 2011
    15. 15. TextHow the display market is split Mobile Premium Traditional Networks and Networks Publishers and DSPs Portals
    16. 16. 3 key mobile trends for 2012 Video Location Rich Media What is working best in the mobile space and where is the growth?
    17. 17. Video
    18. 18. Behind social media usage, video is thesecond largest use of the mobile web 2011 +114% 2010
    19. 19. There are only a few buying points formobile 70 million impressions a month Over 4 million visitors, via 3G a month
    20. 20. Location
    21. 21. Location offers precise targeting and personalisation toour media that no other channel can offer Response rates between 5% and 12%!
    22. 22. Targeted rich display, with directions to nearestcinema Location is also possible with display, though volume can be small, useful as a push mechanism, while check-in or SMS is best used to pull
    23. 23. Rich media
    24. 24. The advent of HTML5 means that mobile finally has away to deliver rich display creative 60 seconds dwell times
    25. 25. HTML5 has also allowed for rich microsite destinationsthat offer immersive content to engagers *Negotiable
    26. 26. 3 trends that will develop further in 2012 Dual- Tags The Cloud screen
    27. 27. Connecting TV with mobile
    28. 28. NFC will begin to find its feet, but QR will beutilised further, more intelligently
    29. 29. As smartphone penetration rises, along withubiquitous Wi-Fi, cloud based solutions will beeven widespread
    30. 30. Recent IAB research on the strength ofPC, mobile and tablets through the purchasecycle
    31. 31. Smartphones are used at every stage of the purchaseprocess Recall of Internet research Purchase: • Physical products product/brand: conducted: • Services / tickets• Social Networks • Research (site visits) • Digital downloads• Display adverts • Search provided separately Awareness Research Purchase Purchase 80% 78% PC 52% 54% 45% 38% 34% of respondents use their Smartphone smartphone in store Awareness, Research and Purchase Base (unweighted): All respondents (n=789)
    32. 32. Whilst PCs are primarily used for the purchase of physical products.Tablet purchases sit between PC and smartphone trends andsmartphones still feature heavily Purchase Gap Analysis90% 78%80% PC 69%70% 63%60% 55%50% Tablet 47% 39% 44%40% 43% 28%30% Smartphone20%10% 0% Physical item Service or ticket Digital download F1.a. How frequently, if at all, have you used your mobile / smartphone to purchase something in one of the following ways? F4.a. How frequently, if at all, have you used your PC/ laptop/ netbook to purchase something in one of the following ways? Base: Those that access mobile internet (n=672), Those that access PC internet (n=789), Tablet users (n=152)
    33. 33. Key takeouts from the research1. Both mobile and online are used from awareness to research to purchase. Providing a seamless experience across both platforms counts as good customer service.2. Half of those following up adverts on smartphones, are sent there by TV. All TV activity should have a mobile call to action.3. Over a third of respondents use their smartphone in store. Retailers that optimise for, rather than fight, this will be the long term winners.4. Smartphone users are twice as likely to follow up on a product on mobile compared to in store.5. Tablet owners spend 4 ½ hours a week browsing and shopping. Retailers can drive incremental sales by creating a rich environment on tablets to engage shoppers.
    34. 34. We will help you start planning and preparing forthe evolution of mobile
    35. 35. Thank you,any questions?