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  • Clients buy from individuals they like, but it certainly doesn’t hurt if sales representatives know how to sell themselves. Success in sales is built on nothing more than knowledge of self-marketing fundamentals, delivered with a genuine attitude and passion for what you are selling, and the desire to help your clients succeed.The following pointers will prove very useful in marketing yourself to your clients and prospective clients with minimal marketing experience.
  • In your own community: Join civic organizations that support a cause you believe in. Don’t just join something for the sake of a resume builder. Remember, being a genuine humanitarian is your best seller! It also lets your fellow business acquaintances; partners and community members know you care!
  • Join the Chamber: As a single independent sales representative, your membership dues are very reasonable and member services far outweigh the expense of belonging. However, make certain to weigh the ROI against the number of solid “A” clients in that particular city in which the Chamber serves.
  • Social Media: Open a LinkedIn account to connect with potential clients and like-minded professionals who are more than willing to help via networking.
  • Networking: This is one of the most important tools you could ever use in sales! Getting connected through business networking groups such as; BNI International ( and LeTip International ( are imperative to your success! Other after-hours events and social gatherings such as golf tournaments, holiday socials, charity shows, auctions, are also important. For some other quick tips go to: ( for a free e-book download.
  • Hold your own ‘lunch and learn” program: Rent a simple show room at a hotel or your grocer’s meeting room for a nominal fee and invite your clients to a “show and tell.” This is a perfect time to educate our clients regarding new products and its uses in the industry. Further, they can freely share with you important events and projects coming up.
  • Utilize your local media (Free Exposure): Write your own press releases or send a simple outline of your accomplishment to your newspaper. You get to control the story content and your newspaper reporter will appreciate it, as it saves them time in having to craft the release.
  • Continuing education: Your industry association ( has free education that you can participate in during shows and on line. There is a certification process that provides credits towards certification. In addition to educating yourself about your client’s organization, its customers and market trends, educate in yourself with public speaking and writing classes, as well as up-to-date technology and communication courses to effectively channel your own message. Never assume that what worked a few years ago will work today. Always stay current with education and new marketing trends.
  • Partnering and bartering: The “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” concept is considered old school, but it still works. The co-op and partnership approach saves time and money. Remember, two heads are better than one, and your clients will praise you for being so resourceful.
  • Point them to the website: There are a number of marketing tools to boast your ability to take care of your client. Make certain to show them Newton’s cutting-edge ecommerce and sales programs.
  • Sell more to your existing clients: This especially proves valuable when you take good care of your buyer in one department, and they are more than willing to refer you to another. Buyers are closely connected in an organization or corporation, and they quickly spread good (or bad) news about vendors. Remember to offer revenue-builders such as corporate, training, safety, recognition and event programs.
  • Ask for referrals: Your clients assume you are taken care of with a sufficient customer base. Always, always ask for referrals. Take it a step further and develop a fun referral program with customer appreciation gift drawings (using samples gathered earlier in the year). Do this during the first part of the last quarter so you can boost holiday sales.
  • Always remember your business cards and sales collateral: Many times you will be asked for a business card and an idea catalog when attending events – or even while on vacation. Always be prepared for potential clients.
  • Additional methods for consideration: Help host and/or sponsor special eventsBe a guest speaker at civic club meetingsShare ideas and misc. information with othersTake on leadership or committee roles in professional organizationsAttend conferences and continuing education eventsWrite articles for company or professional publications
  • Marketing yourself

    1. 1. Marketing Yourself Presented by Dan Livengood
    2. 2. In Your Community• Join civic organizations & causes• Be genuine• Shows care for community
    3. 3. Join the Chamber• Member services• Consider potential clients
    4. 4. Social Media• Find your clients or colleagues – LinkedIn – Facebook – Twitter – Google +• Connect with them• Join the conversations
    5. 5. Networking• Connect through networking groups – BNI International ( – LeTip International (• Attend after-hours Events• Be involved
    6. 6. Hold a ‘Lunch and Learn’• Invite clients to “Show & Tell”• Educate clients on new products• Discuss client events and projects
    7. 7. Utilize Your Local Media• Write press releases• Distribute to local media outlets• You control story
    8. 8. Continuing Education• Use industry associations – Sessions at shows – Online resources – Certification• Business skills – Public Speaking – Writing – Techology
    9. 9. Partnering & Bartering• “Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”• Co-op or partner• Saves time and Money
    10. 10. Point them to the website• Utilize Newton website: –• Use Newton as “partner”• Explanation of YOUR capabilities
    11. 11. Sell more to your existing clients• Referrals to additional buyers• Word of mouth• Differentiate offering• Utilize Newton program
    12. 12. Ask for Referrals• Always ask• Develop Referral Program• Use samples for drawings
    13. 13. Remember Your Sales Collateral• Be Prepared – Events – Vacation• Keep Handy – Business cards – Catalogs – Brochures
    14. 14. Additional tips• Help host and/or sponsor special events• Be a guest speaker at civic club meetings• Share ideas and misc. information with others• Take on leadership or committee roles in professional organizations• Attend conferences and continuing education events• Write articles for company or professional publications