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A web presence for the non technical


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A presentation on how to make a unique, inexpensive, simple, and effective website for your small business. We use Wordpress as a platform to host, register and map domain.

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A web presence for the non technical

  1. 1. A Web Presence For The Non-Technical DAN LEWIS ENFOCUS
  2. 2. Background Dan Lewis Education • BS Mathematics from Saint Michael’s College • Spring 2010 • MS Technology Entrepreneurship from ND • August 2012 Background • Attention USA: Data Analytics • enFocus • NOT A WEB DEVELOPER
  3. 3. Why Are We Here?
  4. 4. Why Are We Here? We are here to talk WEBSITES for your businesses!
  5. 5. Why Do You Need A Website Dan is hungry and wants a View Burger because he has heard that they are the best in town….. He opens his computer to Google the establishment…..
  6. 6. Why Do You Need A Website Yelp and Google Plus results….
  7. 7. Why Do You Need A Website THERE IS NO WEBSITE!!
  8. 8. Why Do You Need A Website • Over 2 Billion internet users. • 70% use every day
  9. 9. Why Do You Need A Website • Our country has the greatest usage of the internet.
  10. 10. Why Do You Need A Website • Nearly 60% use for shopping. • Over 60% use for (cheese- burger) research
  11. 11. Why Do You Need A Website • Basically everyone uses the internet for searching (cheese- burgers) on Google.
  12. 12. Why Do You Need A Website Brand • Your website is your primary digital identity and online presence • Allows you to stand out from the crowd • Allows you to express your brand • Products, Events, Announcements, Culture • Allows for online discovery Communication • Keeps your customers informed • Customer feedback mechanism
  13. 13. How are we going to make a website? First, I reiterate – I am not a developer • I want you to know that you can do this • Having a website does not need to be expensive or difficult to create/maintain We are going to dive in to 1 way that you can have a slick, effective and inexpensive website for your company. • We will be using Wordpress • This requires: • Creating a free Wordpress site - > Offers free hosting for our purposes • Purchasing and mapping a domain
  14. 14. What is a Domain Name? Google says: A series of alphanumeric strings separated by periods, such as, serving as an address for a computer network… Simply put, a domain name is like your address on the internet. You can purchase one through a domain registrar. • An organization or commercial entity that manages the reservation of internet domain names. –Wikipedia • GoDaddy, NameCheap,, Worpress offers a Domain Registrar service
  15. 15. Hosting and Mapping Overly simplified…. Domain Name: Address Other Website Location Hosted in a location a server: At Wordpress Other Website Location Your Website Location Other Website Location
  16. 16. Mapping Your External Domain to Wordpress If you use an external Domain Registrar such as GoDaddy there are simple steps to mapping that domain name to your Wordpress site here…. Wordpress has great tutorials.
  17. 17. Okay – Now the Good Stuff!
  18. 18. Where to Begin… What to we need for a website? • A Home page • Contact Information • An About Us page • Other general information • For a store it could be products, links to ecommerce markets, hours of operation. Benchmarking: Look at other websites for companies like yours for inspiration
  19. 19. For The View Tavern The Home page • Design Items: Company Logo and Slogan • This will be the Wordpress content feed • A few posts worth of content (copy and images and/or videos) About Us • Company History, Hours of Operation, Contact US • Address and phone number Specials: List of Specials Menu: Digital files
  20. 20. Ready to Go? Go to Create an account for you business.
  21. 21. Ready to Go? Enter your information Then verify your account through the email they send you.
  22. 22. The Dashboard Your control panel • Access at the top right corner • Home to: • Store • Posting • Pages • Appearance • And More…
  23. 23. Appearance: Themes Your Look and Feel Tons of themes for free Choose one that is: • Good with logo • Reflects company style • Looks good
  24. 24. Appearance: Header Depending on the theme you chose you may insert a header image at the top of the website. A banner photo of your business or a logo will do just fine. Go to Header in your dashboard and upload your file. Play with image sizes to find one that works best with your theme • Paint works fine to change image size.
  25. 25. Appearance: Widgets Widgets are additional features available on your website. • Calendars • Blog Statistics • Calendar • Archives • Etc • Each widget gives a brief description of the feature.
  26. 26. Appearance: Widgets Drag the widgets you want included and add information required for the widget In this example we are adding a Facebook Like Box
  27. 27. Pages: What Pages Do I Need? The Home page About Us Contact US Specials: List of Specials Menu: Digital files
  28. 28. Pages: HomePage: Your First Post Posting allows you to share the most up-to-date information about your company. Feature: Products, Sales, Events, Company Updates, etc We are posting about The View Tavern’s Becky Burger
  29. 29. Pages: Contact Us Most businesses need a ‘Contact Us’ page. Add a page Add name, address, and phone number as text Then, Add Contact Form
  30. 30. Pages: Contact Us Customize your fields Adjust where email notifications are sent Allows people to send you feedback to a desired email
  31. 31. Pages: Contact Us Click ‘Publish’
  32. 32. Pages: Menu Page Requirements: Menu in digital file format You may want to add a note before your menu
  33. 33. Pages: Menu Page Click ‘Select Files’ Select File in Dialogue box Click Open
  34. 34. Pages: Menu Page Select the file Adjust file information: • Title • Size • Description • Etc Select ‘insert into page’ On the next page you can add text, customize, or just select ‘Publish’ to activate the page.
  35. 35. Pages: Specials or Deals A bar or restaurant may have specials so I made a Specials page for The View Tavern. Map out your specials or sales and enter as text Include media (photos or videos) if you have them to support the specials!
  36. 36. The Store There are many features you can purchase: • Hosting Space • Custom Designs • Removing Advertisements • Business Packages
  37. 37. Purchasing and Mapping a Domain We only need to add a domain and map it…
  38. 38. Purchasing and Mapping a Domain Choose the Domain name you want • Make it simple • Make it something people will remember • Avoid hyphens
  39. 39. Purchasing and Mapping a Domain Entering Registrant information • Contact info for domain name • Private registration is available at a cost
  40. 40. Purchasing and Mapping a Domain • Cheap and easy • Purchasing domain and mapping all at once
  41. 41. Purchasing and Mapping a Domain Choose your new domain as the primary address for your site
  42. 42. Congratulations: You Did It!!!
  43. 43. Updating It's actually better to have no website at all than to have one that makes your business look bad. Read more: Keeping your website up-to-date is crucial This serves as a means to keep your customers up on what’s happening with your business There are Android and IOS apps for Wordpress Share updates on: ◦ Events ◦ Sales ◦ Business Changes ◦ Culture Updates
  44. 44. Future Considerations Now that you are a ROCKSTAR with your new website what can you do next? Search Engine Optimization Social Media Integration Analytics Wordpress Development: for a more complex website Branding: Logos, Slogans and Color Schemes E-Commerce
  45. 45. Thanks and Questions Dan Lewis, enFocus Senior Fellow,