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  • In this presentation I will be exploring 6 current methods of communication and 6 technologies that support these. For each method I will give a definition, give some examples of where each are used, give the advantages and disadvantages for each and explain the uses and/or impacts at The Gym.

    In this first section will study 6 methods of communication that are being used now in the Information Age.

    If you have any questions throughout the presentation then please do ask and I will endeavour to answer them the best I can.
  • Desc - Written, Printed, drawn or typed onto paper - Graphs and text
    Ex. - Business Letter, Newsletter, Reports, Legal Docs, Advertising, Leaflets, Posters
    Advantages - No Equipment needed, No Scrolling, Ability to ‘hold’, Easier to read / preferred, Legality, no special training
    Disadvantages - Easy to loose / hard to file, Hard to search/filter, Much more space, Hard to update, Harder to backup, Can’t easily send ‘copy’, Once damaged lost forever. Spelling / typos / mis communication with hand written
    Uses @ The Gym - Currently use Business letter, newsletters, application form, info sheet, general notes and receipts for members. In future more and more stuff will move electronic, with cheaper screens and iPad type machines so The Gym will need to embrace this. Some documents such as receipts, some bills, contracts and other forms are required by law to be in paper form, to avoid easy alterations and mass reproduction.
    All data kept must comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.
    Technologies: Printing Press, Ball Point Pens, Typewriters, Computer Printers & Personal/Professional Computers
  • Desc - Anything communicated via a screen, computer, TV, mobile screen, electronic scrolling
    Ex. - Electronic PDFs, Newsletters, Keynotes, Websites, Written and Graphical documents, any information on a screen, train time tables, PDAs, iPod screens etc.
    Advantages - Content is so diverse. You can put nearly anything you want on a computer screen and change it almost instantly. Much larger audience as many people can see one screen, and people can be watching screens all over the world. Editing ease, and working from home on documents with people form all over the world.
    Disadvantages - Cost of Equipment, Specialist training and software, requires power, updates all the time, security issues, can be easily changed / hacked, Health issues
    Uses @ The Gym - Electronic App Form, Website, Letter Templates & House-Styles, MailMerge for letter, This Keynote! any television screens and computer or electronically generated.
    Impacts - In the future more could be used inThe Gym for music/TV, help next to machines, member information, more website work such as membership payments online, fitness videos, continue to use for DTP and email purposes.
    Technologies: Personal Computers & Touch Screens

  • Desc - Mail distributed by electronic means from one computer user to another via a network
    Attachments - Allows sending of files to accompany email content - documents & multimedia.
    Advantages - Instant, saved and viewed when convenient, international, mass email, accessibility from anywhere, no postal strikes & FREE!
    Disadvantages - Requires internet connection & basic eqp, malware and viruses, junk, bouncing allows hacking and modification, misunderstanding & can’t send real objects (yet!).
    Uses - Form from website, questions / comments from members, could be used to email information out such as a newsletter or marketing info, as well as any official business that may be done via email for a quicker version of paper based mail.
    Technologies: Internet, WAP, personal computers, mobile phones.
  • Desc - An information system on the Internet that allows documents to be connected, viewed, searched and navigated between using Hypertext links.
    Standard Usage - groups of ‘webpages’ linked together with a template make a ‘website’. Accessed by anyone in the world who ‘searches’ or visits direct.
    Advantages - 24/7 presence for company, allows people to view info in time and place that suits them, E-Commerce, international, very cheap for bandwidth and domain.
    Disadvantages - Requires internet connection & basic eqp, as technology advances need a fast computer (Flash etc.), no controls over content, bad code / hackers / viruses, lots of inaccurate information and anyone can publish stuff.
    Use @ The Gym - Gym website with information, videos, forms, maps, (see website Unit), use for articles and research for other communications.
    Technologies: Internet, WAP, personal computers, mobile phones.

  • Desc - Series of Digital media files, audio and video, released episodically thru iTunes or RSS (XML) over the internet, which began to grip the market in late 2004
    Advantages - Dead easy to use, perfect for iPod, follow a topic and keep up to date, Great for research / learning, Great for companies and communication firms getting into people’s hands.
    Disadvantages - Requires technology, Accessibility issues: Large file size for long videos, creators need some good kit (or a Mac), Copyright issues (music/video) and some MP3/4 players wont play industry standard iTunes formats.
    Use @ The Gym - Workout sessions, news updates, health programmes, diet help, news updates and much more!
    Technologies: Audio & Video, Internet, RSS & iPods!
  • Desc - System for transmitting images, videos and sound that are reproduced on screens, chiefly used for education, entertainment, information and advertisement.
    Advantages - Mass-market coverage, low cost per exposure, combines all media types, good for information and education.
    Disadvantages - High costs, Hard to control what kids watch, addiction, mass advertisement, people rely on as first hand info when it’s all got an agenda depending on the medium, lack of exercise, lack of real world contact, only take info in and not required to engage brain.
    Use @ The Gym - Advertisement on local-TV, music videos / movies on during workout sessions, use for workout sessions in groups and interactive short-tv snippets with a piece of equipment in the Gym.
    Technologies: Audio & Video, Compression, Broadcast Equipment & Televisions / Screens / Personal Computers.
  • We live in the technology age. Since the beginning of the 20th century, wars, in the form of World Wars, the Cold War and the Space Race, have led to the personalisation and mass availability of new technologies that have been developed.

    Many of the current methods of communication wouldn’t be available without much of this technology. In this section I will be studying some of the technologies behind the communications.
  • The internet is a international network of computers that grew from the US Government’s computer network in the 1960’s. Since then anyone with a single computer, or network of computers, can connect to the network and begin to share data. Now all public and private services are online, many educational and military sectors have their areas of the internet. Major media companies have high capacity, high speed connections that make up the backbone of the internet.
    Standard Usage: World Wide Web, Instant Messenger, File Transfer Protocol, Peer2Peer, Mobile Connections, eCommerce, Advertising, Social Networking, Collaboration, Remote access & Virtual Private Network.
    Advantages: Mass Communication, Information treasure trove & sharing, Entertainment, huge range of e-services including ECommerce.
    Disadvantages: Personal Information Theft, Spamming, PC Viruses, Pornography and a platform for international cyber-crime and physical criminals to meet and plan.
  • Touch-screens allows computer interaction using the screen as the only input device.

    They started being used for educational and simple ‘powerpoint’ & ‘spreadsheet’ type uses as well as being used for specially designed operations such as in supermarkets. When Apple released iPhone and iPod Touch there was a revolution in how touch screen technology was used. With iPad there will be even more amazing advances in terms of what this technology can do.

    Advantages: Less space needed, no mouse or keyboard needed, less easy vandalism or theft, greater diversity and easy configuration to exactly what you need.
    Disadvantages: Hard to select small things if you’ve got big fingers, electric shocks sometimes, obscuring of the screen, cost more than standard screens and require the apps being run to be able to handle touch screen and multi-touch inputs.
    Uses at The Gym: Treadmills and other equipment have them built in, we could use them in the foyer for interactive information points, allow for forms to be filled in and have videos and sound playing with them.
  • Sony based optical disc storage medium which supersedes standard DVDs, first released April 2003. Either 25 or 50GB disks used for high definition video, PS3 games and other data storage. Theoretically up to 100TB @ 54MByte/s. Blue-violet laser is used to read the disk wavelength of 405nm compared to 650nm standard DVD - allows for much more data.
    Advantages: Mandatory Managed Copy, Much higher quality video & sound. Can store many hours of Standard Quality video and audio, leading to whole seasons of TV shows on 1 disk. Backward compatible & Cutting edge technology that everyone wants!
    Disadvantages: Cost of the DVDs and previously the cost of the players. 50GB disks can only hold around 4 hours of HD video - not much more than standard DVD. Need the equipment to run it. Lack of support with big movie companies and computer companies.
    Use @ The Gym: Backup of company data, storage of workout and instructional videos. Could have projectors or large TVs running BR for music videos / movies.
  • Total transformation of personal communication. Wirelessly keep in touch with family, friends and business.

    Now they’re used for calls, texts, email, web connection, playing games, watching movies, playing music, taking pictures, simple apps and more complicated apps for everything!

    Advantages: Portable communication with the world, phonebook, notes and storage, MP3/Media player, GPRS/GPS, Anywhere & Anytime.
    Disadvantages: Require lots of charging, costs, easily lost & damaged, no getting away from work.

    Uses @ The Gym: Text updates and daily messages to members, use for fitness regimes, keep the managers and senior staff in contact.
  • The process of encoding information using few bits and therefore taking up less space. Compressed data communication only works when the sender and receiver have the same encoding scheme.

    Standard Usage: Video & Audio compression for use in other communications, file compression through email, data compression in standard file formats such as PDF

    Advantages: Less disk space, faster reading and writing, faster file transfer, can’t break up files for part transfer, allows streaming of video and audio, gets rid of unneeded quality for devices (iPod don’t need 1080p)

    Disadvantages: Added complication, errors in encoding, takes time both packing and unpacking, requires computers with ability to read the encoded file.
  • Personal computers have changed the planet. A Personal Computer is a general-purpose computer that’s designed to be useful for an individual. Starting in the 1970s and advancing thru the 80s and 90s until the 00s when desktop computers invaded everyones homes and schools. Into the 21st Century

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