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  1. 1. Trees Responsible choices for the next 100 years
  2. 2. Quote "as beautiful as trees are, we must not lose sight of the fact that there is a limited place for them in golf.“ - Donald Ross
  3. 3. Trees Pros • Frames greens and fairways • Strategic to shot choice • Habitat for animals • Safety, blocks errant shots • Beauty • Separates holes • Sense of history (plant program since the early 20’s) • Park like setting Cons • Large water consumption • Expensive maintenance • Turf weakening and intrusion • Blocks sunlight, even more critical in winter • Reduced air circulation • Blocks views (ie. 2,10) • Encroaches on hole design
  4. 4. Important tree evaluation • Does the tree help or hurt the playability of the golf course? • Does the tree slow course playing time? • Does the tree provide safety to golfers or buildings by blocking errant shots? • Does the tree obscure a scenic view or the golfer's need to see the green? • Is it a desirable tree species? • What is the value of the tree? • How long may the tree live? • How healthy is the tree? • How fast does the tree grow? • Does the tree create turf maintenance problems? • Does the tree contribute to the artistic landscape of the golf course? • Does the tree need attention: pruning, thinning, moving, removal, disease or insect treatment, fertilization.
  5. 5. Tree facts • Tree can roots can radiate 150% of the height of the tree, and typically 50 feet in every direction • Trees are dominant to grass and steal nutrients, water, and sunlight from other turf
  6. 6. Bottom line • Must have a tree master plan • Trees are expensive to maintain • Trees consume a lot of water • Sequoyah has been overplanted • Eucalyptus trees should all go • The overall inventory should be reduced • Some trees to be replanted (desirable species)
  7. 7. Resources • m/