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Marketing Concepts- Production, Social, Exchange, Selling, Product and Holistic Marketing Concepts


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Marketing Concepts- Production, Social, Exchange, Selling, Product and Holistic Marketing Concepts

  1. 1. Marketing Concepts
  2. 2. Marketing Concepts Definition Marketing concepts can be defined as the marketing philosophies by which a firm’s goal can be best achieved through identification and satisfaction of the customers’ stated and unstated needs and wants. Meaning Companies adopt different philosophies in relation to marketing of their products. Some claim that they are customer oriented and others say that they offer value to their customers. Still others say that they treat their customers as kings. These philosophies in relation to marketing are known as marketing concepts.
  3. 3. Types of Marketing Concepts Traditional Concepts • Exchange Concept: The Exchange concept holds that the exchange of a product between the seller and the buyer is the central idea of marketing. • Production Concept: The production concept holds that the consumer prefer the goods which are easily available at lower prices. Therefore, it is necessary to produce in large quantities at lower costs. • Product Concept: It is a belief of the management that consumers favour the products of superior quality, better performance and innovative features. Therefore, successful marketing requires continuous product planning and development and improvement in quality standards.
  4. 4. • Selling Concept: This concept assumes that consumers will not buy goods voluntarily unless the seller undertakes a large scale selling and promotional efforts.
  5. 5. Modern Concepts • Marketing Concept: This is the modern concept of marketing or marketing philosophy. This concept holds that the primary task of a business firm is to study the needs, desires and the preferences of the potential consumers and produce goods which are actually needed by the consumers. When an organisation practices the marketing concept, all it’s activities are directed to satisfy the consumer. • Social Concepts: According to this concept, the task of management is to identify and satisfy consumer wants, in conformity with social interests. Firms should not only consider consumer wants and profits but also society interests while making their marketing decision.
  6. 6. • Holistic Marketing Concept: Holistic marketing concept is a new marketing concept. Holistic marketing recognizes that “everything matters” with marketing- and that a broad, integrated perspective is often necessary. There are four components of holistic marketing concept. They are… • Relationship marketing • Integrated marketing • Internal marketing • Social responsibility marketing
  7. 7. Features of Modern Marketing Concepts • The consumer is the key. Therefore the satisfaction of consumer is the prime object of an enterprise. • A business enterprise has dual objectives of customer satisfaction and profit maximisation. Profit is a by-product of supplying what the customer wants. • Needs and wants of customers must be identified properly and deeply before starting production. • Goods must be produced according to these needs and wants. In other words, these needs and wants must be converted into goods and services. • All the resources of production must be utilized to their best extent so that the cost of production may be minimized.
  8. 8. • Every activity of an enterprise must start with the customer and end with the satisfaction of customer. • Customers are classified into groups in the basis of income, life-style, education, age, volume of purchase etc(called market segmentation) and the firm chooses one of the segments or classes of customers for presenting its product or service. This selected segment is called target market. • Another feature of modern concept of marketing is integrative marketing. It seeks to co-ordinate various marketing functions such as advertising personnel, finance, selling, product management etc for the ultimate objective of customer satisfaction. • Modern marketing concept emphasizes the role of information as the key to both customer satisfaction and profitability.
  9. 9. Comparison between Selling and Marketing Concept
  10. 10. Difference between Traditional and Modern Concept Traditional Concept 1. Focus is on product only 2. Objective is profit maximisation 3. Short-term oriented 4. Less promotional activities 5. Narrow concept Modern Concept 1. Focus is on customers’ needs and wants 2. Objective is customer satisfaction and customer delight 3. Long term oriented 4. Sustained promotional activities 5. Border concept
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