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  2. 2.  We had to pick a institution which woulddistribute our film.With our film being ahorror genre , we diced from our research ofhorror films. Find films just like ours and seewho distrusted their films , to use for our film
  3. 3. Our chosen institution andwhy…Paramount Pictures :- Paranormal Activity was a major film that wegot the idea from for our film.We felt like weneeded a top company distributor for our filmto gain recognition as we havent got any mainstream actors for our film.And paranormalactivity was a such a successes in how it wasdisrupted though marketing .We felt thatparamount pictures could crate the sameimpact which they done for paranormalactivity for ‘Apartment 6’ .On the openingweekend they made around £3,593,762 on boxoffice , therefore the distributor made a goodimpact to help get the public to watch this filmand we feel with have our film havingsimilarities and same genre , this can work justas good.
  4. 4. Paranormal activity The way that Paranormal activity was marketed was that Mr. Greenstein saidthe focus throughout has been to sell "ParanormalActivity" as an experiencerather than just a movie. Instead in there trailers , they didn’t show the mainhorror scenes in most adverts , they wanted to build suspense and they showedpeoples reactions when they done mid night screenings in los angels for apreview. Instead of showing the main parts , and just people reaction , this keptthe audience on the edge of there seats and made them all want to join in withthat experience. By the end of the weekend, Then they waned ti create a viral buss , so paramount on Oct. 5 stated that thefilm would receive a wide release once it hits 1 million demands on its Eventfulpage.The "Demand" ticker had surpassed 860,000 by mid-afternoon Friday,nearly triple the amount of demands logged 72 hours prior, with "ParanormalActivity" becoming a recurring trending topic onTwitter during the midnighthour for several consecutive weeknights.A sponsoredTwitteraccount,@TweetYourScream, already has over 4,700 followers, and a Facebookpage currently reaches more than 47,000 fans whove been uploading their videoreactions to the film. They went for a viral campaign , and as you can tell from the statistics that itcertainly has worked and the help of word from mouth telling everyone a boutthe ‘experience’ that they had , got everyone involved about this film.
  5. 5.  Paranormal activity was a success and the‘experience ‘ idea worked tremendously well.With our film similar to this , we feel thatfrom the results of paranormal activity , thatparamount could do the same job forapartment 6 if not even better.Therefore , wechosen Paramount as our distributor.