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2012 WA Realtor EdCon - Internet Marketing Presentation


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Dan Keller, Seattle Mortgage Banker presented Internet Marketing Strategies at the WA Realtors Ed.Con Event in Oct 2012. Dan Keller -

(425) 350-7136

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2012 WA Realtor EdCon - Internet Marketing Presentation

  1. 1. internet marketing strategies Instructor: Dan Keller Morning Breakout Session Option #1 9:30am
  2. 2. What You’re Learning Today You will learn the best strategies forgenerating new business TODAY using the internet. Strategies that top internetmarketers have mastered over the past few years.
  3. 3. Recent Study: NAR - “Over 88% of all buyers and sellers begin their research online.”So - The best way to be found today is online
  4. 4. If you know how to send and receive an e-mail, then you are qualified to be an internet marketer.Controlling what a total stranger reads aboutyou is as easy as sending an email, but more valuable than you will ever know!
  5. 5. [LOVE THIS]
  6. 6. Two Keys To Owning and Controlling Your Brand/Name are: Blogging/Video Social Media Sites
  7. 7. Top 4 Internet Marketing Strategies #1
  8. 8. Five Keys to A Good CL Ad1. Attention grabbing headline2. Image with a strong CTA (call to action)3. Property info w/ link to lead capture property page4. Another CTA5. Upload at least one photo of the home
  9. 9. 1. Heading 2. Image 3. Property link info 4. Another CTA 5. Image w/ CL uploader
  10. 10. Top 4 Internet Marketing Strategies #2- pay per click- set daily budget- focus on audience- ROI is better than Google Ads- The success of your ad is dependent on the landing page
  11. 11. Top 4 Internet Marketing Strategies #3- The success of your ad is dependent on the landing page
  12. 12. Top 4 Internet Marketing Strategies #4- run the ad in Youtube- doesn’t even need to be you in the video- just give them what they want... INFO!- must have a conversion page to send them to from video
  13. 13. Top Four “Must Have” Online Platforms for Real Estate Agents(1) Yelp/Google Places(2) Social Media - Facebook and LinkedIn(3) Youtube(4) Wordpress
  14. 14. Print Marketing - Is It Still Worth It?Dan Keller - 2012 over $100,000 in closed loan revenue due todirect mail for refinances. NO DIFFERENT THANFARMING FOR SHORT SALES, EXPIRED’S or FSBOS.(1) Mass numbers/data available(2) Conversion ratio higher - mailer w/ web page(3) Tie tech w/ “old school” - (ex: hand written letter)
  15. 15. Four Tips for Converting Buyers/Sellers(1) Content(2) Video (, youtube, vimeo, fb)(3) Items of value - lists, eBook, online search access...(4) Approachability - GIVE THEM YOUR NUMBER! Bewelcoming, INFORM DON’T SELL!
  16. 16. Thank You!Coffee With Keller RE Tech-Support Groupemail me at for more info on meeting times Follow My Mortgage Blog at Dan Keller - (425) 350-7136